Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Welcome to the Canada Montréal Mission! - Email from Mission - July 16, 2015

Dear Elder Massé:
Welcome to the Canada  Montréal Mission!  We are anxious to meet you, to get to know you, and to labor with you in this great mission.  Let us share with you a little about the wonderful journey you are about to undertake.
As you continue to prepare for your mission, please review the information you received with your call.  Also, please read the attachments carefully and fill in the needed information.  Please print out and mail to us the following completed forms and pictures:
1.  New missionary information sheet (attached)
 CMM Vehicle contract (attached)
3.  Personal Driving Record (attached)
4.  Motor Vehicle Report (an official copy of your driving record, to be obtained by you from the agency that issued your driver's license)
5.  A photocopy of both sides of your driver's license
**Please be sure your driver's license will NOT expire while you are serving!
An information sheet regarding airport procedure for visas at the Montréal airport is also attached.  Please read this very carefully and have your visa stamped correctly.
The first page will help us know you better.  Please be complete in your responses.  Items 2-4 will help us determine if you qualify to drive a church-owned car (available to missionaries in some areas).  To qualify as a driver, you will need an International Driver's Permit (IDP).  International missionaries need to get this before entering the MTC.  For USA missionaries this is done at the MTC 10 days before you leave for the mission field. The cost is $15.00 including pictures.  They are valid for one year, so you must renew a year into your mission.  Please bring a completed application and one signed picture (Sisters) or two signed pictures (Elders) for the second IDP with you.  These will be saved in your file until renewal time.  (Pictures are available at the MTC for $1.00 each, but you have to ask.)  Missionaries are often expected to drive during their mission.  Therefore, it is important that you have a valid State Drivers’ license for the duration of your mission before entering the MTC.  Many states no longer allow renewals by mail or internet.
Please make all possible school arrangements before leaving home.  Take the ACT, decide which classes to take, get applications, etc.  These things are often difficult to do in the mission field.  Eliminate as many distractions as possible before coming so your focus can be totally on your mission.
Mission Facts:
Montréal, Quebec City and Ottawa are our largest cities.  However, our mission covers the entire province of Quebec, an area of Ontario around Ottawa and part of the Northwest Territories.  About nine million people from many different countries live within our boundaries.  Much of Quebec has a European feel with a distinct culture and unique traffic laws.  French and English are predominant, but over 77 other languages are  spoken.  The Mission Office stocks The Book of Mormon in dozens of languages.  Your fellow missionaries come from many different Countries.  Almost any language background you have will help you with missionary work here.
Church units are concentrated in Southern Québec and Ontario.  There are over 9,000 members in four stakes, including French, English, Spanish and Mandarin speaking wards and branches.  You will teach the gospel in at least two of these languages.
The members here have a growing enthusiasm for missionary work.  The missionaries of the Canada Montréal Mission are known to be obedient, diligent, hard-working missionaries.  They have earned the respect and trust of the members as spiritual servants of God.  You will benefit from this good reputation, and add to it.  Helping investigators draw near to Jesus Christ and create strong relationships with active Church members is central to long-term conversion and retention.  Missionary work here focuses on these goals.
Important Addresses (keep these close by as you travel):
Canada Montréal Mission Office
470 Rue
 Gilford, Suite 300
Montréal, QC H2J 1N3
Phone:  (514) 731-0612
President's Cell:  (514) 865-8503
President and Sister Patrick
85 Avenue Henley
Ville Mont-Royal, QC  H3P  1V5
Phone:  (514) 342-2243 (home)
Sister Patrick's Cell:  (514) 449-0470
If there is an emergency and parents need to contact their missionary, please call President or Sister Patrick, or lastly, the mission office at (514) 731-0612.  An e-mail can be sent to President Patrick at vppatrick@aol.com or a text to President or Sister Patrick on their cell phones.
Mail and Packages:
Mail is an important part of a missionary's life.  Mail is best sent to the office at the above address.  Mail sent to the office will be distributed at zone conferences or other such occasions.  The full name, address, and postal code should be included on everything sent.
In Canada, the Postal Service will not deliver packages if addressee is absent.  Packages are returned to the Post Office and held for eight (8) days, after which they are returned to the sender. If mail is sent to an apartment and transfers are in progress, mail can be lost forever! And, mainly for safety reasons, we do not label apartment mailboxes with missionaries’ names. For this reason, we recommend sending packages to the Mission Office addressed to the attention of the individual missionary.  Please be sure to include the missionary's full name since in many instances, we have more than one missionary with the same last name.  We recommend sending packages through the regular mail.  When parents, friends or family send packages, used items should be marked "USED" to avoid tax.  New items valued at $50 U.S. are generally duty free if marked as "GIFT". Anything over that value is taxed at a rate of 16%, plus a $5 fee for any item on which duty or tax is required.  This must be paid on receipt of the package.  Note:  Other delivery vendors, such as: (UPS, FED EX, & DHL) all use brokerages to clear packages with Canadian Customs.  If you choose to use these private vendors, a substantial fee will be charged before any duty.  If we receive packages which require payment of fees, these fees must be paid by the missionary receiving the package.  We cannot accept COD packages.
Quebec experiences the extremes:  hot and humid and also cold and snowy.  Please be equipped for both.  If you are arriving in winter, please be sure to bring a warm coat, hat, ski-type gloves, and a warm scarf with you as specified in your call letter.  If you are arriving in summer, then bring about $300 to purchase winter items here.  Funds must be in Canadian dollars.
For Your Arrival in the Field:
Please have your overnight necessities in your carry-on bag or someplace easily accessible for your first night at the mission home.
Thank you for your willingness to serve the Lord in this important way.  Serving a mission is a great blessing and a privilege.  The Lord has called you on His errand, and you have qualified yourself for the work through your desires and willingness to live according to His laws.  This is a wonderful opportunity to draw close to Him as you serve His children.  We look forward to your arrival in Montréal.
Warmest Regards,
President Victor P. Patrick & Sister Elizabeth F. Patrick


Sister Jewell
Canada Montréal Mission