Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, January 30, 2017

** January 30, 2017 - PICS!! Elder Buck!, Being Sick, To the Boys,


Comp: Elder Mullen

1 This is what we call Chocolat favoris.. It is heavenly..

2 I was showing Elder Mullen how to tie a full winzer

3 the squad! 

1.. How's your week?  What are the highlights?
2. How are you feeling about things?
3. How's the weather been treating you??
4. Any special message for the boys?
5. What are your successes and/or tender mercies?
6. What made you laugh??
7. Tell me something in French
8. Do you need anything??

I am doing great! I was sick this week as I told you but not things are better and I have some of my energy back! 

I havent yet but I should get it this week if you sent it last week.

Only 17 days man that is crazy! I love additions to the family! 

1- Highlights! Well I will say the highlights and explain in number 2 about me being sick! but I got to go on exchanges this week with the zone leaders and my zone leader currently is.. ELDER BUCK! Whom I love! so I was super ecstatic and we got so much stuff done! That may have been why I got so sick actually because we just went crazy hard and found a bunch of potentials and taught a lot and helped someone move and I probably over did it but it was so nice to see an old friend and work hard! Other than that we had Anne Marie come to church again! She is the sweetest old french lady you will ever meet and she loves the missionaries! I am sure she will be baptized soon. I love her to death! Other than that! We had a world wide missionary broadcast and the missionary schedule changed as well as the key indicators which was really cool! Change is awesome! 

2- I am good! Things are great now! This week was interesting though. Last Sunday my thoat started to hurt and then I woke up monday and my voice was really low and almost gone. Then I started to get really bad headaches and I started too feel really weak. Then I got a pretty bad fever, but up until that point I wasnt really taking any breaks cause I didnt have time but I was starting to get really exhausted. Then around Wednesday I was having chills and I lost my appetite then I had litterally no energy what so ever on top of that I was super congested and couldnt break out my nose. I kept trying to power through with Dayquil and Nyquil then finally I called the Mission nurse friday and she told me to finish what I needed to that night and then just sleep. She told me not to set the alarm and just sleep until I naturally woke up. Well in the end I slept for 16 hours straight haha.. I was so dead. I took it easy the next couple days and if I wasnt teaching I was basically at home resting and sleeping. Elder Mullen took care of me though so we are good now! 

3- It has been pretty nice here actually! It has been a little bit cold this morning was -10 but not bad. It has been snowing and raining and melting. It has been very bi polar but you have to love it! 

4- If there was something that I wanted the boys to know.. I would want them to know how much I love them and how proud I am of them. I wish I could take the rest of my time to just write them each paragraphs on paragraphs but sadly I dont have the time right now. I would be like Alma writing to his sons. I just hope they know how proud I am of them and how hard they work! Who the lord calls he qualifies. Families are a celestial pattern and whatever the Massé family does we do it together. So as I am serving now or as Dad is serving as Bishop and Mom in her calling in the stake. They play a roll in that as well, Heavenly Father needed them to come to our family at this time because of the strength and the support that they would bring us. I feel their love hear and their prayers. They give me a strenght that is not my own and I am a better missionary because of them. Stay strong! and Jacob 6:12 :)

5- Well despite sleeping more than being awake we were still able to teach quite a bit and find a new investigator! He is a bit odd but he is still a child of God. He believes that the earth is flat and that we were lied to by Nasa that the earth is round. But hey we cant all be perfect haha.

6- Hm.. Well have you ever heard of a neti-pot? Well it is pretty gross haha.. but it is the most amazing thing ever when you are sick because it gets everything out of your sinuses. When I got sick the mission nurse told me to go out and buy one so I did and well.. It was pretty funny but gross. You have to stick this nosel in one nostril and basically this hot salt water goes in one nostril and well.. Everything goes out the other nostril! You can only imagine.. When I tried it the first time I choked and got water and nasty stuff everywhere and made a mess. I had to disinfect the bathroom afterwards.. 

7-Oh bien! cette semaine c’était intéressante à dire le moins. Mais Je suis toujours ici alors c'est bien! Donc.. Je sais pas quoi dire! Je t'aime beaucoup! vous êtes le meilleur mère du monde et j'espere que vous allez passez une tres bonne semaine! 

8- I dont think I need anything at the moment!

Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017 New investigators! "The center of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is change. I have really tasted of that fruit on my mission. When you come on a mission and if you let it change you, every good part of you is edified and you become the best parts of everything that you are. Your weaknesses are no longer weaknesses but opportunities and you really become the person that Heavenly Father wants you to be, has prepared you to be, and needs you to be in the future. "

Comp: Elder Mullen

1. How is the work going in your area??
2. What are the highlights of the week?
3. What made you laugh?
4. What are ways you have changed because of your mission?
5. How have you been keeping warm in this weather???  What are the main things you use from the things we bought at home?  Do you wear your Columbia boots?
6. Tell me anything!

1- AWESOME! Things have been so crazy in this area since I got here! Both with Elder Shakepeare and Elder Mullen we have been killing it and seeing so many miracles! We taught over 20 lessons this week and we hit the standards of excellence which is always a good thing to do! We currently have 4 people on date and things are going! We have a really good relationship with all the ward council members and we have had the wonderful opportunity to help them out in many ways! We are currently teaching every religion you can possible think of.. Messicanic Jew, Budhist, Catholic, Protestant, Jehovas Witness, Christian, Evangelist, Atheist. Just name it haha we are teaching a lot and it has been wonderful!

2- This week hm.. Well we found a lot of new investigators in miraculous ways! I will share one of them with you! Monday after preparation day we had a fixed plan very specific because we know that the more specific we are with our planning the more room there is for miracles to occur anyways that night we were going to go teach some people and do some finding. Well we realized we were out of gas so it put a little dent into the time but it was fine, but here is where the miracles comes into play. I felt the impression that we needed to go somewhere. Somewhere that we had not planned to go that night. I knew the place. I had a feeling we needed to go visit someone in that area but I didnt know who it was. Well it turned out that on exchanges Elder Mullen and Elder Evans had gotten a potential in that area and she said that we could come back Sunday night but in the end they had forgotten about it in the exchange of information and the business of the day. Well it wasnt Sunday night, but I felt like we she go to that area and basically scrap everything that we had planned the night before so what did we do.. We left! Well we show up and we knock on the door and we look in and it is completely empty. There is nothing in the apartment, Elder Mullen assured me that it was the right address. Well a man came to the door, I asked for the lady that they had contacted and he said that she had moved out that day. I didn't get it! I thought we were supposed to go there! I had felt it! Well I asked if he had her number or an address but he had nothing. Well I was about to walk away because this man had tattoos, there was a cigarette hanging from his mouth and he didnt look like the friendlest of fellows. Well the missionary part of my took courage and I started talking to him I figured if the girl just moved out he must be moving in. So I asked him if he was and he said yes. He said he was moving in that night and he said he had al ready payed people to do the job. Well I offered to help him move that night and I wouldnt take no for an answer. He asked where our work clothing was because we were still in white shirts and ties and I said that we were wearing them! Again he became more astonished and asked why we were here and what we were playing. Perfect missionary introducion we got to explain a little bit before the truck showed up. Awesome! Well this giant 36 foot truck shows up and 3 old, cranky men jump out, looking tired and worn, all smoking and cussing and they didnt look like they were in a good mood. They were confused why we were there, but they were tired so they accepted out help. Well in the end we helped them move for 3 hours and we saved them. They had been working that morning since 11am and they were exhausted when they showed up and we were there they thought it was a complete miracle. They kept calling us angels and how much they appreciated what we were doing. They said they had never seen something so kind and had never seen young people like us doing things like this. 1 by 1 each of the 3 men from the truck and man moving in came and talked to us about why we were really here and we got to share testimony of our divine calling and why we help others. It was amazing! They really wouldnt have been able to do it without us. They were so exhausted we helped them in a time when they really needed it and they really believed we were sent to them by God that night. Thankfully I have a 6foot 2 280 pound companion and we were able to go crazy and move almost everything. In the end they tried to pay each of us 40 dollars in cash. We refused, they asked what we wanted? I smiled and asked for 2 things one that each one of them would listen to the special message about Jesus Christ and I asked if we could take a photo. They all agree. We got their numbers and we took a photo together. Elder Mullen and I walked away that night feeling accomplished for having done what the Lords needed us to do that day. I am grateful for that prompting and that we listend to it. Later that week we taught some of them and they became new investigators. Heavenly Father watches over his children and he puts us in their paths at the exact moment when they need us, God lives and he loves his children. 

3- Everything makes me laugh! Elder Mullen is a hilarious guy! We work hard and laugh together while doing it! umm.. Well I mean It was pretty funny this morning when I woke up and my voice was like 2 octaves lower. Everyone in the apartment was laughing and they all talked in deep voices to copy me haha. 

4- The center of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is change. I have really tasted of that fruit on my mission. When you come on a mission and if you let it change you, every good part of you is edified and you become the best parts of everything that you are. Your weaknesses are no longer weaknesses but opportunities and you really become the person that Heavenly Father wants you to be, has prepared you to be, and needs you to be in the future. For me I have really come to know that I am a child of God, I really understand what this means and I understand my divine potential. I really understand and love the scriptures. Not that I didn't love them before but I really treasure them up and I wish I could study them all day. I have become a lot more patient and understanding. I am less competitive and love to praise people for their successes. I am able to cook now! I am much cleaner and organized etc. Haha I am definitely not a perfect person, but I can say that I have changed.

5- Layers! Well I have a down jacket which is really useful because it is really light but very warm! it just depends on how cold it is! I have doubled layered gloves if it gets really cold and under armour, boots, thick wool socks, Everything that I left with at the beginning of my mission I have used! My boots are very useful and nice! They have kept my feet warm and not wet in some pretty crazy situations haha! I appreciate it a lot!  

6- Everything is just dandy! I am loving life and I cant complain about anything! I got the package that you sent me this week haha.. Thank you! I appreciate it! I dont know when you sent it but it is always nice to receive mail haha you are the best! 

Love you! have a great week!

-Elder Massé

Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017 - PICS, Zone Conf! Masse, Bunk Bed Ladder lol, "But I really want to just give it my all before I go home! I only have 4 transfers left after this one and no time to waste. I really want to give my heart these last couple months and give it all over to the Lord, I dont want to come home the same person that I left as. I dont want to have any regrets and I dont want anything that I could have done here to go undone."

Comp: Elder Mullen
Area: Laval, Quebec
District Leader

1- I believe it is august 3rd or something at the moment that week whatever week it is. It will be the first week of August.
2- It was just a good fun week! It was the first full week with Elder Mullen and we went hard on the paint and got work done! We were finding investigators and potentials left and right and by the end of the week we were/are exhausted haha. It is okay though it is totally worth it and it is part of the challenge! We had zone conference which was very inspiring and always fun! Laval traffic is unpredictable in the morning and it starting pretty early so I got up at 5am just to make sure that we were there on time but then we left so early that we skipped all of traffic and we got there an hour and a half in advance haha. No problem though! We used our time wisely while we waited! Other than that we just had a killer week and wirked a lot! 

3- We have been finding a lot of new investigators from all over the world for example this week would is Camaroon, Haiti, france, Quebec, So pretty wide spread but of course all french speaking! So life is super good! We have 3 people on date currently for february so we should be having a baptism here again soon! The work is just really progressing and the ward is awesome!

4- Hmm this week! Well it was wonderful to have zone conference I got to see many missionaries I love and I think that is when I smiled most of all in seeing the success and the love of other missionaries around me! I am so proud of the progression and the hard work that everyone is making! Other than that lets see.. well I laughed a lot when the ladder fell down from our bunk bed and my 280 pound six foot 3 companion couldn't get down from the top bunk.. Pretty amusing we let him down eventually! No things are great! Laughing and smiling all the time!

5- Cette semaine c’était merveilleuse! On a rencontré avec une femme qui vient du France et elle est très formidable! Vraiment elle est le meilleur et je peux parler d'elle pour jamais! Elle est très gentille et géniale elle m'a dit que mon accent c'est très bien et c'est comme je viens de France! Peut-être c'est juste qu'elle est gentille mais toujours c'est une bonne compliment et j'ai fier de la progression que J'ai eu dans ma français. J'ai haute pour la journée ou je peux revenir et parler avec Devin et aussi Lire avec vous! Ce serai très bien!

6- Yeah actually this week I taught a massé and he became a new investigator! It is the father of a member in our ward with the last name of Massé and he is interested in looking at Geneology with me so that is what we will do! We will pull up the family history and talk about it and it will be a great gateway into the church etc! I am excited! 

7- Hm. Well there are broad goals which I have specific ways to measure etc. But I really want to just give it my all before I go home! I only have 4 transfers left after this one and no time to waste. I really want to give my heart these last couple months and give it all over to the Lord, I dont want to come home the same person that I left as. I dont want to have any regrets and I dont want anything that I could have done here to go undone. I want to do it all before I go home! Then continue once I go home! I want to baptized with each one of my companion I am running out of the ammount I will have before the end though haha, I think I will probably only have 1 more area after this one. But overall just return with Honor I dont want there to be doubt in anyones mind that I gave it my all so that is what I plan on doing!

Well think are going great here I got your package this week and it was exactly what I has asked for! You are the best! The Pajamas are super comfy and those socks are super cool!

Love you have a great week!

-Elder Massé

1. What day is your official release day? 
2. What were your favorite parts of the week?
3. What successes are you having?
4. What made you smile/laugh
5. Tell me something in French
6. Have you met more Masse's?  
7. What are some of your goals?

My day is great! It is like 1 degree outside and sunny so it is sweater weather haha! 

Yes I still cannot eat sea food.. I have tried on my mission actually I even tried sushi! But I threw up haha so I just stopped trying! 

That is so cool! Man I love aaron I havent heard about him in a while! 

I dont think I need anything currently I have so much stuff haha I might send 1 more big box of stuff home before I come home so it would probably happen when I leave this area.

I am great! Things have been going really well here and I am looking forward to the future! I am not sure what it holds but I think these last 4 transfers especially will be crazy awesome! My trainer and my sisters are both going home this transfer so I am really becoming an old missionary..

I am not too far ahead of you I am in alma chapter 38 I think it is when alma is taking to his sons! I have always appreciated this part of the book of mormon and it has always been inspiring everything that he says in fact one of my favorite scriptures is in that part of the book of mormon it is Alma 38:5

 And now my son, Shiblon, would that ye should remember, that as much as 
ye shall put your trust in God even so much ye shall be delivered out of your trials, 
and your troublesand your afflictions, and ye shall be lifted up at the last day
The more we trust in god the more we will be delivered interesting how that works! But it is such a wonderful promise!

Well I love you! Have a great week!

Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017 - Pics! New Comp! I love Elder Shakespear, Elder Mullen is a stud, "Life is good! Couldn`t be happier!"

New Comp!
Elder Mullen (from Calgary Alberta Canada)
Laval, Quebec
French Speaking

1- Elder Shakespear and I ​

​ 2- Did I send you this video al ready I dont remember it was cold haha. 
3- This is Elder Lazo Elder Chicos got sick so he spent the whole day in the apartment going back and forth ot the dinner table and eating food haha.. 

Yeah it was cold. Like-35 or so haha. Elder Shakespear is hilarious he really became one of my best friends I miss him! Currently I am with Elder Mullen he is also a stud though so all is well!

Awesome! I cant wait to go back and see how much of a stud camdeyn is at swimming I will have to race him! I will be out of shape so he will probably win.. Haha that is awesome! Keep inviting them over I am sure that they love it!

1- He is a stud so like I said ( I think ) He was the MTC companion of Elder Shakespear so again he is young and he is awesome! He is from Calgary Alberta. So he is canadian and everyone here loves canadians! We have been working hard and having a blast as usual so all is well I couldnt ask for anything more than I already have! 

2- So he is on the BYU rugby team who is one of the best in the nation so yes he is a giant.. 6 foot 3 290 pounds.. so to say the least he can hold his own. He has been out for about 5 months now he is a super confident and fun missionary! He loves to work and we have been getting a lot done! He has a good balance though he is one of the funniest companions I have had so far on my mission! <

3- Hm.. We are doing pretting good with finding lots of new investigators that is usually a struggle that we have in the mission but we have just been rocking it! are current difficulty is getting ni contact with all of them! With holidays and christmas/New years everyone has been gone so it has been a little difficult to teach lessons other than that everything here is Golden!

4- Not really well kinda.. When there is a bunch of snow and freezing rain it takes us longer to drive places which is basically the only time weather affects the work. Or people cancel and dont come to church because of the road conditions. So not too much, and as for us we go out no matter what temperature it is haha.. Good thing we have a bunch of layers! 

5- ben le.. Alors, qu'est-ce que je peux dire de plus.. toutes les choses vont très bien à le moment! la vie c'est simplement parfait. Dehors il fait foid mais à cause de vous ma mère j'ai pas fois vous m'avez donné toutes les choses que j'ai besoin. Pas juste les Vêtements mais si vous regarder toutes les choses que je possède c'est grâce à vous que je les ai. Merci beaucoup et je t'aime!   

6- There are so many awesome families here! I dont know if I ould name all of them but I love the bishop and his family he is young and we have a lot of fun being in his ward. I am sure it is similar to how the missionaries must feel there he is young and chill and wants to just get work done! That is the Tremblay family. Other than him we have the estrades who come from Haiti they are just so funny and sister Estrade is exactly like you! She is so funny and she always almost gives the missionaries hugs because we remind her of her son who just got back from his mission. The Riverin family is awesome! We will go visit all of these families when you get here and you will get to attach names with faces!

7- Hm.. Well getting Elder Mullen of course was an adventure! Going through the metros with him was funny imagine a 6 foot 3 280 rugby player holding 3 suitcases in an enclosed space surrounded by people. It was a funny image! Other than that well Elder Mullen sleep walks and talks and so one time I woke up to him holding a fan in front of my face and telling me to grab the Pamphlet and teach someone the doctrine and I was so confused then everyone elder woke up and we had a good laugh about it.

8- Life is good! Couldn`t be happier! The work is going well and I am sure that many of the people that we have found recently will be baptized! We found this woman on thursday and I think and we committed her to coming to church she is from France and has such a beautiful accent! She loves the missionaries and we have been having so much fun teaching her! I am confident she will be baptized she already said she has no problem with it and she goes on and on about how much she loves us haha. 

Love you have a great week!

-Elder Massé

1. How are things with your new comp?
2. Tell me some things about your new comp!
3. What successes/challenges are you having in this area?
4. Has the weather been affecting the work?  We look everyday and see how frigid it is in Laval!! 
5. Tell me something in French!
6. Who are some of your favorite people/families in Laval?
7. What made you laugh??
8. Tell me anything!

Monday, January 2, 2017

January 2, 2017 -Happy New Year! New Comp! Elder Mullen!

Comp: Elder Mullen (Canada)
Area: Laval, Quebec
French Speaking
District Leader

Hello ma mere! This week was awesome! We go transfer calls I think I forgot to tell you that we were getting those.. So I will be staying in Laval but Elder Shakespear will be leaving and going to another ward.. I am sad to see him go he is such an amazing missionary and we really had so much fun together! It is funny because he and his MTC companion are switching places so I will be getting his companion from the MTC his name is Elder Mullen and he is from Canada not sure which part I think Alberta but I am super Excited it will be another adventure!

1- There wasn't anything too special we taught and we tracted a lot! At the end of the day we went to a dinner appointment with this family that currently has a missionary in Switzerland I think.. He will be coming home in 3 weeks! They love the missionaries and they feed us often but it was nice to be in a wonderful home all warm especially when it was freezing and snowing outside but it was also super fun to go back out after the dinner appointment! Nothing too special though! Just lots of goal setting. The 1st of January though is a Haitian holiday I think it is their independence so they make this AMAZING soup! And they stay up all night eating it so sunday night we got to go to a hatian families home and have some of the soup and it was so good!

2- I cant name all of them but I really want to take a picture each day, each week I want to send home a hand written letter to the family, I want to really take the time to get to know my scriptures before I end my mission. I just want to work hard and go out with a bang! 

3-this week! Well I will be looking forward to my new companion though I will be sad to see Elder Shakespear go! Other than that we will be teaching and finding a lot and the holiday will be over so people will have more time to meet with us! You dont know how many times people told us to wait until after the holidays.. so I am excited to really get back to working with them! 

4- I make calls every sunday nighy, I lead and organize district meetings, I conduct companion exchanges with the other elders in the district and I seek to uplift, edify and inspire the other missionaries in my district!

5- I really like this set of scriptures in Romans  
Romans 14:16-19
16 Let not then your good be evil spoken of:
17 For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousnessand peaceand joy in the Holy Ghost.
18 For he that in these things serveth Christ is acceptable to God, and approved of men.
19 Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peaceand things wherewith one may edify another.

This life is in preparation for the next ( alma 34:32 ) we have the kingdom of God on this earth being established so that we can prepare to meet God in the next life. I love that in this process of preparing that we are meant to seek after the things that edify and uplift us and make us better. Not by following the things of the world but by doing works of righteousness and seeking after the Joy that comes from following the example of our Saviour Jesus Christ and having the company of the Holy Ghost. There is a quote that I have really come to love on my mission and I would have to find out who said it and I will probably misquote it slightly because my memory isnt perfect but he says essentially. " I know that our Heavenly Father is Joyous and loving because that is how I feel when I feel his spirit " Is is fitting that what we feel as we feel of his spirit is directly correlated to his nature. So we must do all that we can to seek after those things in this life because that is our goal to become like him and to rise to perfection. This gospel is the way to do that it truly brings peace and love. We establish it on the earth and we share it through our service and having charity towards others. If we truly love people we will share the gospel with them and seek to edify them.

6- I dont think I have any at the moment. How long will everyone be staying at the house? Is everyone still there or are the gone now?

7- Life is just so good I am excited for a fresh start and to have a new companion to help out and make into a better missionary life couldn't be better! 

Love you have a great week!

-Elder Massé

1.  What did you do for New Years??  Any special traditions?  Could you see fireworks from your apartment?
2.  What are some of your new years resolutions?
3. What are you looking forward to this week?
4. What are some of your duties as district leader?
5.  Quote, thought, or scripture?
6. Do you have any questions for us?
7. Tell me anything!!