Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25, 2016 - New Comp! Elder Chou! Transfers! Pics!

So the first one is with the primary! We got to teach in their and they loved us! Of course we love them too! 

Last trip to Montreal on the bus! 

This is the squad or.. Exchanges with the assistants haha. 

This is on Mount Royal in Montreal super beautiful sight! 

This is.. Just something cool in montreal I forgot the name.. 

Some of my favorite Elders! 

Anyways i think that is good for this week love you! 

Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward
Comp: Elder Chou (Texas)
Zone Leader

1- hmm. Well I have a new companion.. There is a new elder in our apartment and well life is as good as ever I dont know if there is too much else new to report on! Things are as good as ever just really busy all the time like usual! We will be driving to Montreal again tomorrow we will have driven like 4000 klicks by the time this month is over haha. Lots of practice!

2- So his name is elder Chou he is from texas and he is a total boss! his mom is from Taiwan and his dad from china and he speaks Mandarin. He is a super good cook and an extremely hard worker! He is just the best to be around we really compliment each other and we have just been working so hard these last couple days it has been awesome! He is about my height, really good sense of humor! Has an extremely strong testimony of the gospel and we just have loads of fun together! What can I say more? :D 

3- haha I dont even know it is all just super vague at this point. Transfers were really crazy because we had like 14 missionaries leaving and 12 coming in and I had to help coordinate and drive and make sure that everyone got home safe and a lot of it was by myself haha. So that was pretty crazy I was pretty tired after that day we were so busy that we had to cancel our dinner appointment because we didnt have time to go eat with them. Sorry this week wasnt too exciting just lots of packing and recieving new missionaries and cleaning. Very very busy.

4- laugh - having 2 new missionaries in our apartment makes for quite the adventures we have been able to grow and learn together these past couple days and it has been a blast so we have obvious ly passing the time joyously dont know if I could pinpoint a single instance where I laughed though haha. Cried? Seeing elder nilson leave was pretty sad. I didnt quite cry but if we would have had more time to say goodbye I might have. we got up at 4:30 that morning so my eyes were kind of tired as well.

5- haha. Well do you want french or quebecois? lol non c'est bien.. alors je t'aime beacoup ma mere tu es le meilleur et j'esperes que vous avez passé une tres belle semaine! apart de ca.. je ne sais pas. c'est bien plus facile a parler quand il y a quelque chose que je peux dire en reponse. tu peux fair quelque chose avec Google translate et je peux repondre mais c'est a toi a decider haha. 

6- Well Brian is back on date and Devon is going to get her interview this week so those are two things that are super amazing! We should have 2 baptisms coming up and so I am really excited for that we have been working really hard with them so I am excited to see what will happen when they are baptized and how they will further change! 

7- Well almost everyday we sing in french.. I sang in church with a couple missionaries like 3 weeks ago but other than that just little things here and there in the apartment. Well I mean 179 in the french hymn book is always a classic cant go wrong with that one but I think I just like singing the hymns more in french now haha. So basically all my favorite hymns in english are now my favorite in french! 

8- Life is good It has just been really hot so I am sweating constantly but all is well! Had a crazy busy week with elder nilson leaving and elder chou coming in there is no senior companion with zone leaders but when a new missionary comes in you do have to lead the area for a while because the other missionary doesnt know what is going on so I have been very busy with that setting up lessons etc. Just the usual stuff. This week was really just a by the book week. Everything went very smoothly all the fundamentals were performed but it definitely wasnt too exciting sadly. Sorry! 

I think that is it for this week! 
Elder Masse

1. What's new?!?!?  How are things?
2. Tell me all about your new comp AND HIS NAME!  LOL  Where's he from?  What's great about him?  
3. What was the craziest, unusual or outrageous happening this week?
4. What made you laugh and cry?
5. Tell me something in French! 
6. What are your successes as of late?
7. Have you sang lately?  I really miss hearing your beautiful voice!  What's your favorite?
8. Tell me anything! 

Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016 - Transfers! Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward Comp: Elder Jared Nilson (Kaysville, UT) Zone Leader

Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward
Comp: Elder Jared Nilson (Kaysville, UT)

Zone Leader

1. What do you do for the first hour you wake up?
2. Do you generally come home for lunch or ??
3. How many miles do you get a month as a ZL? 
4. What happened this week that you don't want to forget!!!
5. What are you looking forward to?
6. What have you been thinking about lately?
7. Spiritual experience, fav quote?
8. What made you laugh and cry?

1- Well I get up and pray and depending on the day for that first hour we will be playing tennis if we wake up at 6. Or if we wake up at 6:29 we get up and I walk into the other room and just lift weights and try to lose some of the fat that I have gained from eating poutine haha. Not too much variety. Other than that because we live in a 4 man we take 15 minute showers. Well more like 8 minute showers but a total of 15 minutes in the bathroom in the morning. Eat oatmeal with peanut butter organize, get dressed and prepare for the day! 

2- Yeah usually we are already home. Because we have 3 hours of study we end our studies at 11 and then just eat lunch from 11-12 or sometimes members invite us over for lunch. 

3- haha. Well we have 2500 klicks which is obviously measured in kilometers but as zone leaders we decide who gets how many klick so we could change it but, 2500 is plenty. We make a drive to montreal every month which takes between 500-600 klicks. We use about 100 klicks a day roughly. So I have definitely become a better driver. We are also driving a truck so I have adjusted to that at first it was weird. 

4- hmm.. That is a great question haha. Too many thing. I think one thing that was really cool was our exchange with the assistants in Montreal and just the sites that we got to see while we were proselyting and just an awesome exchange with one of my favorite missionaries! I got to see Elder udave again and everything was just perfect I will try and get you some of the pictures that we took! 

5- Anything really! We just got tranfer calls. Well I made them haha. So I am excited for this upcoming transfer! I am still a zone leader and I will be getting a new companion! He was recently a district leader so I know him pretty well and I am excited to work with him! It is funny because he is a mandarin-french missionary and I am a spanish-french missionary and we are serving in an english area.. what is that haha! He is from the US from texas but yeah he speaks mandarin this is also his last tranfer in the field so I will be killing him! Which is kinda crazy because well.. Second missionary in a row I am killing! Trying not to be trunky is a struggle haha. not really but if i didnt have so much self-motivation etc. I am sure that I would be trunky. But also Elder Buck! Another one of my favorite missionaries who lives in our apartment is training and so I am so excited for that as well! It is going to be super fun to be partially training haha.

6- mmm Not much honestly just excited for the future and what is to come. I think something in particular is the fact the we are sent here to succeed. Heavenly Father loves us and he has called us because we are qualified for this work. He needs our talents and abilities and all that we got to bring salvation to his children. But the one thing in particular about all this is that he has sent us to succeed, but we will only succeed if we follow his will. He has sent us here to find and to baptize and to plant seeds and this is all possible if we just align our will with his.

7- mm. Spiritual experiences this week.. What didnt happen haha? I dont even know this week was really long but really short at the same time haha. Super hard to explain! things that happened.. just everyday has been jam packed with things this entire week was completely planned before we even started it! I think something really cool was that I was sharing a spiritual message and at the end I testified etc. and at the end the member just looked me in the Eyes and thanked me. A true thank you and he said that I reminded him of his son and that I had a talent to share stories and just talk etc. It was a really cool experience! Journal worthy! 

8- Laugh.. Probably my awesome exchange with Elder Critchlow! It was a blast and we got to jsut run around in montreal and have a blast! What more could I ask for? 

Cry.. Well Helping elder Nilson pack is pretty sad.. I havent cried but I may when he leaves I will have to tell you how it goes next week! 

anyways I think that is all for this week love you! 

-Elder Massé

Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016- MLC - Baptism of David, New Mission President,

Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward
Comp: Elder Jared Nilson (Kaysville, UT)
Zone Leader

1. How has your health been?  Your knees?  Your shoulders?  How much do you weigh? What have you been eating?
2. Who are you teaching?
3. What do you love about your new mission president?
4. Tell me 3 things about your apartment and where it is in the city
5. Spiritual experiences or highlights?
6. What made you smile/laugh/cry?
7. Tell me anything!!

It was a super good week! I got a lot done! We got a new mission president, We had MLC ( so I went to montreal ) we had zone training, a baptism in the other ward. It was a super busy week!

I will try! There are some in the mail.. Hopefully you have gotten them by now. I will try and send you some. That is seriously the highlight of this week cant even express in words how cool that is!

1- My health is doing extremely well I eat well, Work out a lot and am strong and healthy. I weigh 165 prefect weight! And all my joints are perfect I haven't had any problems. Well we eat a lot with members so that one is a little difficult to answer but we eat a lot of pasta, a lot of wraps, I have gotten pretty good at little meals. So lots of fruits and vegetable. Grains. The works haha. I dont eat like any candy really or really sweets for that matter. We eat pretty healthy. Dont eat out too much either but when we do we get Shawarma haha. The best thing ever! Lebanese food for days!

2- We are teaching consistantly really 3 people two of which are francophone but speak English fluently. The other person we are teaching is from the Dominican Republic and she is awesome too! All 3 of them are awesome I love them all. first one is Brian and he is 72 he is the one that called us about being baptized he has a baptismal date for this week but it may be moved. He is a boss and he loves the Gospel and will totally be baptized! The 2nd is Dominique she is a  younger mother of 2 children and she is also doing pretty well! We just helped her move and she is in love with us! She loves our church and the missionaries so she is very fun to teach and be with. the 3rd is Devon from Dominican Republic. She has been taught for a little while now but I feel that she will be baptized soon she is doing very well and is super easy to love! All of them are awesome!

3- Oh my gosh he is seriously the best! I cant even describe how much I love him already even from the 1st interview I could tell that I was going to love President Phillips. He reminds me of Dad in a lot of ways, but straight from the start he just felt like someone I could trust and love, and he is! He is already a father figure! I am excited for what is to come with him. I got to talk to him quite a bit last week due to zone training and I know that he is called of God and that he is meant to be here. I love how funny he is but also serious and spiritual he is when he needs to be. He also has so much love I cant even tell you. He just emanates is and it makes you want to be around him! He is the best!

4- Well it is in Gatineau Gatineau so still in quebec. As far as direction go it would be north of the city of Ottawa if I am not mistaken. It is a 4 and a half I think very nice for 4 missionaries. We just reorganized the whole apartment! There is a couch and a nice table. The bathroom and the kitchen are rather small but it is plenty for what we need and use it for.. Umm.. Other than that. I dont know. We have 2 extra small mattresses so when we do exchanges with the other elder we get them and all sleep in the same room it is fun haha. We put 2 fans in the window and just freeze it out like back home. Old habits die hard.. we have a bunk bed and our study desks are in the same room as our bedroom because besides proselyting all day all we do is study and sleep! That is pretty much it..

5- I think something really cool was the Baptism of david this week. his conversion story is really cool! We were on exchanges and It was elder Nilson and Elder Gentillon. It was there birthday and they decided to just go to this one restaurant for no reason and they saw this man sitting in a wheel chair and he was eating and elder Nilson felt prompted to talk to him.. Well normally we dont do that because well they are eating and it is not the best thing to do. interrupt someone well they are eating etc. Just not the place. But he got the spiritual impression so he went for it! And well the rest is history we all got to help teach him and he was just the man! I am so proud He bore his testimony at the end and I almost cried!

6- Smile - I GOT TO SEE ELDER UDAVE again! That was super cool as well as ELDER SMITH!!! They are both currently serving as zone leaders so when I went to MLC I got to see them both and it was basically the best day of my life because they are super far away and Elder Smith is leaving this next week so that will be the last time I see him for a while. I thought I wasnt going to be able to see him again.

Laugh - Definitely the first time I saw Elder Udave again. We just instantly starting messing with eachother and having fun and it was nice to see him again! what else.. I have no Idea. I am smiling all the time haha. The first time I saw president Phillips? He gave me a huge hug and AH! It was the best!

Cry- When I said goodbye to elder smith that was pretty sad.. ! I knew that it would be alright though I thing the coolest thing though is what he had left me. There is this super cool electronic french dictionary that has been in the mission for like 10 years that has been passed down from Elder to Elder and what did Elder Smith give me before he left.. he gave it to me. I couldnt believe it. It was seriously so cool and it is such an useful tool for learning french! That was really cool!

7- Life is good I am happy and healthy and Elder nilson is dieing soon.. Pretty sad. So I know for sure that I will get a new companion next week so I will tell you all about it!

Love you have a great week!

-Elder Massé

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016 - "MY WEEK WAS AWESOME!" Happy Birthday Camdeyn!, Helping other move!, A cool miracle, " God doesn't give us what we cant handle, God helps us handle what we are given."

Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward
Comp: Elder Jared Nilson (Kaysville, UT)
Zone Leader

1- MY WEEK WAS AWESOME! well crazy awesome haha! I cant even describe how like long this week felt but not because it was bad or anything it was just so busy that I was just in a daze the whole week! I moved 4 people this week four days in a row. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday... Crazy right? They were all big moves to so you can guess by the 4th day I was getting pretty sore. I moved like 4 washed 4 dryers. 2 Fridges. 3 Ovens and like me. Haha because there wasnt always a lot of people there so I ended up doing most of the heavy lifting I carried a washer up the 2 flights of stairs on a dolly basically by myself haha. It was super fun though it was nice to work out and to help people! :D Other than that... WE GOT A NEW MISSION PRESIDENT! We have interviews with him today so that should be awesome! I will tell you how that went next week then we have zone training tomorrow which I will be conducting and giving a training so that should be fun as well! Other than that I think A highlight of the week was we helped a man move 16 tons of gravel a couple weeks ago and he invited us to come to his lodge in a couple weeks to have dinner because of all that we had done to help soooo! We did that this week and it was awesome! He was right on a private lake and everything, boats, dock the works. So while he cooked the steaks.. yes super nice meal! We fished off the dock haha. He said we could take the boat out but... obviously we couldn't honestly one of the best memories of my mission right there it was so cool! Then while we were eating dinner there was a giant thunderstorm so we were stranded there for a little while so we just talked about the gospel and played a game haha.! I think that was most of the highlights for this week!

2- Why am I not thankful! I hope that my little man knows that I love him to the moon and back! On this special day my thoughts are turned towards him. It is interesting as you get older. You just get perspective you mature and you look back at your life and you see where you could have done better where you could have improved or worked harder. Then when this happens you see people that are younger than you and you see their potential you see where they can exceed where you may have lacked. Camdeyn right not has that potential. He can be the greatest of us all. He has all the opportunity in the world to be the best at whatever he wants. I love how talented he is and how kind he is and his love and devotion in all the things that he does. I love his charm and hit whit and how smart he is. It is crazy to watch him grow up so fast and I hope he doesnt get too old while I am gone. I am grateful for the past that I have had with him and excited for the future that I get with him. I love you bro. I couldnt ask for a better brother;) Happy Birthday <3 

3- Smile - I think one of my favorite things was moving someone for like 4 or 5 hours out 1 house and into another and at the end of it all she just looked around and couldn't believe that it had all gotten especially in such a short amount of time she was extremely grateful and happy for the help that she had received. 
Laugh - When Elder nilson was fishing probably. He was fishing and he finally got a caught! Super excited and enthusiastically he pulls in really fast and is just ecstatic, and then he pulled out of the water a like 4 inch fish haha..
cry - Probably lifting up a plastic bag on a table and then seeing hundreds of cockroaches scatter all around me. It didnt make me cry, but it was pretty nasty haha.. 

4- I think a very cool success was a miracle that happened this last week. A lot of our investigators have not been progressing as well as we would want them to except for 1. Well the past 2 weeks he fell off the face of the earth and we couldnt find him. He is also living in a temporary residence so they cannot legally tell us if he is there or not anymore so it made things quite complicated.. Well We hadnt seen him in like a week and a half and we were doing weekly planning and we were just praying that we could find him and then set goals as if he would be a part of the week etc. Well we finished up planning that we would get a hold of him then decided to go and do some pass bys because we had some extra time well on our way to the first pass by a block away we found him!!!! He had relapsed which was a little sad, but because of this he just felt ashamed to meet with us. In all of this though we set up another appointment planned to get him to church and just bore our testimonies to him and said that we loved him no matter what and we want to help him. It went really well and he is back on track. That was the miracle of the week probably! 

5- Not too much honestly. I mean elder nilson will be going home soon and I will have to take over the area so I have been thinking about that a little and just preparing as well as the arrival of president phillips I am uper excited for that! well he is here.. but like yeah I am excited to meet him!.. Umm yeah.. Other than that..  I will probably stop there sorry haha.

6- We have been teaching someone from the Dominican which is super cool! A francophone who speaks english, a man from England, a man from scotland. That is basically it haha. I am sure there are more like all the people from Africa but it is so diverse here. Basically if they are not white they come from a different country and half the time they are white they still come from a different country haha. Not to be racist but to be real.. 

7- I have so many quotes it is crazy..  I dont know if I can just pick one though! I will send you the best of this week though it says. " God doesn't give us what we cant handle, God helps us handle what we are given."  I have no idea who said it but they are awesome! 

Anyways well that is about it.. Do you have any other questions for me? I got the hard drive so all is well. Also how much money is on my card? I think I have like 150? Unless I am wrong.. could you check? Also what is the exchange rate right now? Would it be a good time to exchange money? I took some money out when it was like 1.3 which was good if it is still high maybe I will do it again. Anyways love you have a great week! 

-Elder Massé

1.       How was your week?!?!
2.       Why are you thankful Camdeyn is your brother?
3.       What made you smile/laugh/cry?
4.       What were your successes this week?
5.       What have you been thinking about lately?
6.       Who have you been teaching?
7.       Do you have a favorite quote?  Favorite thought?