Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26, 2016 - Best week of my mission so far!! Pics! Kinder eggs, Bro Graham, Obedience,

1- us Opening the kinder eggs! 

2- All the kinder eggs we got..

3- Does this car look familiar?

Elder Seelos (Kaysville, Utah)

Zone Leader
Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward

It was a super good week! probably one of the best of my mission... honestly dads letter was amazing.
It was just a succsessful week, no stress, general conference is coming up I get to go to montreal this week! I couldnt ask for anything greater! 

Did I tell you about that tender mercy? If I had to pick one person in the ward that remind me of you and dad it would be the Grahams. They are honestly my favorite family in the ward. They remind me of home. Something crazy that happened this week as well is that brother Graham was set apart as the new bishop in our ward. He was the 1st councilor in the stake presidency so it was unusual but it happened. Even though I was not there for the moment when Dad became the bishop it was a big tender mercy to see it right in front of me as I got to see brother Graham become the bishop. It was like seeing dad up on the pulpit again. It was a beautiful experience.
He will be taking the picture and sending it to you tonight so I will make sure I look good haha. Okay sounds good I will give all the info to the Grahams.

1- Honestly It was just a great week! It was just an effective week we got so much done! We found 3 new families this week which was so cool! 2 of them were from Cameroon and they spoke English! So I will get the opportunity to teach them I will keep you updated on their progress. Other favorite parts.. Well definitely exchanges! That is always amazing! I got to do a baptismal interview this week for a man that will be baptized next weekend. Seeing the bishopric change this sunday was also a very cool experience! Other than that things just went really well! 

2- I Have been thinking a lot about obedience! As missionaries we say quite often obedience brings blessings but exact obedience brings miracles. The more obedient we are the blessings we qualify for and this concept of obedience applies to everyone all throughout their lives. As we have real intent and we are obedient we grow are faith. We enact the Atonement of Jesus Christ into our lives. We live the Gospel Of Jesus Christ in our lives. This life is a time to be tested to see if we will be obedient to the commandments. So much of what we do comes down to just how we live each day in trying to follow the savior. So I have been thinking about what I can do to follow the savior more in my life. What I can do to increase my obedience.

3- Finding people and teaching defnitely are 2 big ones that I noticed from this last week. We have really been emphasizing the need for teaching and finding to be on a constant rise or at least consistent one with another so we have been really trying to do that and It has been working! We have been teaching a lot of lessons but also we have been able to find a lot of people as we have been teaching and it has been a miracle to meet so many new people. I teach people from all over the world. So many different cultures are combined here. I cannot wait for you to get a little taste of it when you come here! 

4- What do I not love about him? He is my best friend. I get to hang out with my best friend each day and do everything with him. I get to teach the gospel, laugh, change peoples lives. It is the greatest! He is so chill all the time. He is a really hard worker but he is extremely patient and loving! We mess with each other all the time and we just do it all together! I have not once been stressed out since I have been with him. We have been able to get through everything together without any problems whatsoever whenever there is something that comes up we just council together and we get through it. I love him! 

5- I will do my best haha.. yes I will Have you ever heard of a kinder egg? Well I think it was 2 weeks ago we found this fake money in the closet that goes to a store called candian tire. Well it turns out that this fake money actually counts as real currency so waht did we do? We spent it all on kinder eggs! Which are these little chocolate eggs you can fit them in your fist but they have little toys inside of them and they are super cool! They are illegal in the United states but I will try and send you some and it should be fine haha.  

6- I honestly still smile all the time! I just love life and everything about it and there is nothing greater than being a missionary! I smiled when it rained and when it was 4 degrees during the night but I still had the window open and the fan on high. ( my companion likes the cold though so it is okay) I laughed at church.. There is this little primary kid and I love him to death but every time he sees us his sole purpose is to just kick us and to attack us and we cant do anything about it lol. So I laughed as he attacked my companion and then I ran as he chased after me. In the end it all worked out haha. I think he is growing on me haha.

7- These was super good! Dont know what else I can say..I think something funny this week or maybe it was 2 weeks ago I dont know I am losing track of time. Basically we were having a lesson and we were doing it outside and this homeless man walked up to us and started talking to us. He was drunk.. great lol.. So we were kind and talked back to him and I asked him if he was alright and he may have said the greatest line I have ever heard . " Boy look into my eyes I am bordering perfection! " It really appeared so the man was old probably in his 60's with a really long beard and tattered clothing but his name is Casey and he is a pretty cool guy haha. The people you meet as a missionary.. 

Anyways love you have a great week! 

-Elder Massé

1. What were your favorite parts of the week?
2. What are you thinking about lately?
3. What successes are you having?
4. Tell me something you love about your companion
5. Are you going to send some pics?
6. What made you smile/laugh?
7. Tell me anything!!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sept 19, 2016 - Zone Training! Short email...

Elder Seelos (Kaysville, Utah)

Zone Leader
Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward

I am doing super well though! This week was awesome full of a lot of stuff! It was zone training so of course I was extremely busy. Also this was the 6th one that I have planned for as a zone leader haha. I have done a lot here. 

sorry I have to go but I will do my best to respond.

1- Teaching and finding new people! 

2- Keeping the sabath day holy and teaching simply

3- Exchanges, and zone training, 

4- Read your scriptures everyday

5- Get them to do stuff they want to work. Put them to work

6- What it means to serve a mission. What I can do to change and cbecome better

7-  I love you! Sorry I have to go.. 

1. Tell me about your favorite experiences this week!
2. What kinds of things did you focus on for zone training?
3. What was the best part of your week?
4. What advice do you have for Cam and Aiden about how to prepare now for a mission?
5. How are the ways you feel a Bishop can best support the missionaries in his ward?
6. What have you been thinking about lately?
7. Tell me anything! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016 - Elder Seelos is the best! This week was full of hard work and miracles! Favorite quotes

 Comp: Elder Seelos (Kaysville, Utah)

Zone Leader
Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward

I am doing super well though! Life is great! Elder Seelos is the best! I dont think I could really ask for anything more! This week was full of hard work and miracles so cant get much better than that! 

1- It is going really well! Our ward has the most recent converts in the stake. If not the most then the second most. It is a very good area to be in, one of the best. 

2-Well specifically for this month we are focusing on keeping the Sabbath day holy and getting investigators to church and helping them understand the why being the Sabbath. As well as teaching repentance and baptizing converts. The gospel of Jesus Christ really defines our lives and we use it everyday as missionaries and members of the church. Our goal recently has been to help other people identify it in their lives and help them live it more fully. 

3- I went on an exchange with elder Dalmasi! It was super fun! He has wanted to train for a long time so.. I became his new missionaries for the day. I took on the name Elder Miller ( haha.. Just felt right.. ) and I let him train me the entire day. I acted like I didnt know anything and I stopped speaking with a nice french accent and went super anglaphone and it was so fun! He may be having second thoughts about training now.. haha. Hopefully not but he did a great job! I remember trying to contact a women who only spoke chinese.. That was funny. We didnt speak any of the same languages but I had a chinese planner with me and I tried to communicate through it and well.. I tried haha.. It was pretty amusing, but in the end she has no idea what I was talking about.  

4- That is super good! I would keep that up. I would just say that no matter what if you eat too much of anything it is not good for you. Everything has to be done in moderation. There is a certain pattern that he can follow while he is training and tapering etc. but.. honestly I cant remember.. I know that george does though maybe he could help you out? I wish I could help but I dont remember all of my swimming food facts etc. I remember some days I would just carb out and eat like 6 potatoes and an entire boc of pasta, but then there are days when you just eat nothing but protein.. He will have to mix and match! but roughly he could do somthing like 2500 to 3000 calories diet. 30%  protein, 20% fat, 50% Carbs and get him vitamins so that he gets all his vitamins each day. 

5 - that is a great question I love the people here because they come from all over the world. It is a true mixing pot. Usually missionaries go out and they teach the world but here the world comes to us and we teach them. Everyone of every shape, size, color, and race. That is what I love about the people here. There of course are canadian stereotypes but on the same block you could have someone from every single continent. I love this place because there is no other place in the entire world like it. There is no where in the world where you can go to a place and just by crossing a river have the language and culture change almost instantly. Signs everything. It is so cool. Ottawa has changed my life and it honestly one of the coolest places I have every been to in my entire life. Definitely here and parliament and montreal there are a lot of things! 

6- Fav quote.. Here are some really amazing mark twain quotes that I like 1- Do something everyday that you dont want to do; this is the golden rule for acquiring the habit of doing your duty without pain. 2- Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of a joy you must have somebody to divide it with. 3- Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the lowliness, sail away from the safe harbor, and catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Scriptures - I think something I have come to appreciate is ether 12:4 and the conversion story of alma in chapter 36. 1 because those who believe in God can hope for a better world. When I hear that I think of how loving God is and I think of our divine potential of what we can become. When I think of the conversion of alma and that nothing could have been as harsh as his pain but at the same time that nothing could have been as exquisite as his peace and joy it reminds me of The atonement of Jesus Christ everything that is unfair baout this life can be made up for because of the atonement of Jesus Christ. I have come to know him on my mission. Nothing can take that away from me or the peace that I feel as I choose to follow him as one of his disciples.  Tender Mercy - I think some tender mercy's came this week in just having things work out where we least expected them. Having a lesson cancel, but because of that having enough time to pass by someone that we wouldn't have been able to see had we not left at that moment. This happen with an investigator we had been trying to see for 3 weeks. We couldnt get a hold of him. He has lost our phone and so that was definitely the miracles of the week.

Have a great week! 

-Elder Massé

1. How is the work in your area going?  

2.  What is the mission focusing on?                                   
3.  What were your favorite things that happened this week?

4. Do you have advice for Cam on swimming?  
5. What's something you love about the people there, the place, something you want us to see when we come there eventually?
6. Fav quote, scripture, thought, tender mercy or moment?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sept 5, 2016- New Comp! Elder Seelos

New Comp:
Elder Seelos (Kaysville, Utah)

Zone Leader
Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward

1- elder bird and I! He is from kaysville and one of my favorite Elders! 

2- visiting a district! Some of my favorite Missionaries! 

3- Look how big that zucchini is.. 

bonjour ma mere je suis ici est-ce que tu es la? 

What did you end up doing for labor day? Was it pretty fun! I would like play by play details on camdeyns swimming career if that is alright.. I really want to know how he is doing. and well swimming is life so I will be able to tell how good he is but by the looks of it he is already a champ. So much potential.. I think you have nothing to worry about haha. I have seriously the best companion in the world and I am always happy. Nothing can throw me down.
My week was SO awesome! I had a blast I will tell you about it in the questions. I did get my heavy package! I was so thankful! That package has everything that I need for the rest of my mission.. Isnt that weird?? 

1- IT WAS AMAZING! It was a really nice drive I got to drive some missionaries there that I was very close to so it was nice to say goodbye etc. At the actual mission office etc. Probably half the mission was there. No joke. There was probably 80-90 people in total so it was insane! I saw every single person that I love and adore! They were all there I got to see elder Vanaquer and Elder Rosenlof and his new trainee! I now have a brother in the mission field! I also got to see elder Udave and Elder Critchlow and spend the most legendary day ever with elder Seelos! ( pronounced seeless  just FYI ) It was so fun! Because we had to stay the night and well it wasnt our area we basically had 12 hours in montreal with nothing to do but eat, plan, and do misisonary work so it was an amazing day! I went to the Banquise which is the best poutine place in montreal and I got the biggest sized poutine they had on the menu and it was a monster.. It was le grand t-rex poutine. It was massive.. but due to pride and my love for food I finished the whole thing in one sitting. Legendary. But honestly probably 2 of the best days in my entire mission. 

2- I dont even know which 3 to say.. There are way to many. 

A- He is the chillest, kindest, most loving, relaxed, awesome, super funny, Elder that I have ever met. It has only been a couple days but it feels like we have been together forever. honestly it is like hanging out with Devin all the time. Or Camdeyn or Aiden. It is just a blast all the time! 

B- He is an absolutely perfectly, flawless person/teacher. He has so much charity and gospel knowledge. He is the bomb in lessons and we have a lot of fun testifying together and teaching together and just letting the time pass by. 

C- He is wicked intelligent and incredibly hard working! He can do it all! We wake up everyday and just hit the ground running we work smart and just get so much done all the time! We have a blast! 

3- I am still in the same area and ward. 4th transfer as a zone leader! Hopefully not the last.. I guess we will see! Crazy thought.. I only have 7 transfers after this one. 

4- I think I am good on everything. As far as worldly things go I have it all! You have been amazing in making sure that I have everything I need je t'aime beacoup! I think what meant most to me is just the fact that you cared and also that you were able to identify any problems even without me having to tell you. Which means you either know me really well or you were prompted by the spirit and I am guessing because I know you pretty well that It was both. So I knew that you cared and also you identified a need that I had and you catered to it and made my day! What more could I ask for? A loving mother far exceeds any other gift in the world. 

5- I think MLC for sure. These past couple days with elder Seelos have been really amazing. Because Elder Buck, Elder Seelos and I all came into the mission field at the same time from the MTC it feels like we are brothers and we have just been having so much fun together! I cant even tell you how amazing it has been! I think that has been the best part of this week just memories that we have made and the time we have passed together! What more can you ask for? 

6- I think one of the most important things that I have learned on my mission about my self and in general is the importance of what I do with my free agency. It is the only gift from God that he cannot take away from. Which gives it a lot of power. It is a very special tool. But what I learned about myself is that I love to learn, progress, work hard and  just keep going. So in relation to knowing more about what I want to do in this life I have learned that If there is ever anything that I want out of life or if there is something that I want to learn. That I have that potential. I just have to take the time and energy and excise my agency. Every person in this world has so much divine potential and I dont want to miss out on what I could become or what I could learn because I am doing things that hinder me from having that potential to become better. Now that may have sounded really confusing but I want you to know that I am typing fast and that it made more sense in my head haha.. Hopefully that is what you were looking for.

7- It was just amazingly uplifting and edifying and I am really grateful for all of the leaders in the mission and it was an awesome experience to just learn and grow :D

8- Life is just great! I couldnt be happier and I am excited to see what the future holds! I know that being with Elder Seelos is going to change me for the better and I am excited to see what will happen this transfer. I am hoping that we get a good amount of time together.. also I can now successfully solve a a rubix cube without any help.  the things you learn on your mission haha.. 

Well I think that is everything.. not too much else that I can think of! Love Y'all! 

-Elder Massé

1.     How was MLC, seeing the 27 new missionaries and driving to Montreal??
2.     Tell me 3 things about Elder Seelos that you love!
3.     You are still in the Champlain Ward, right?  In the same area?
4.     Please let me know when you get your heavy box with the journals.  (Do you need anything?)
5.     What were the highlights of the week?
6.     What’s something you’ve learned about yourself (or as a missionary)?
7.     What were some of the highlights of MLC?
8.     Tell me anything!