Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017 - Transfers!! PICS! "I love Elder Sprague, Elder Tueller and Elder Chambers!​​", cold font water, new missionary training, goals,

Montreal, Quebec
New Comp: Elder Baldobinos

1- Went on an exchange with some elders so here are some pictures! I love Elder Sprague, Elder Tueller and Elder Chambers!​​

1- Elder Tueller.

2- I cleaned the stove with this stuff and it basically chemicaly burned my hands.. but I got through it haha and the stove was clean!

Things are great! This week was transfer planning so it was busy but very humbling! It is amazing to sit down with president for hours and just look at each one of the missionaries think about them and their future what we can do to help them! It is nothing short of amazing! That took the bulk of our time this week so this weeks letter might be a little bit shorter.. I will just send some pictures and videos and probably leave you with that because basically in my other email I described everything haha. 

1- Here is our district. Did I send this to you? I dont remember.. haha

2- This is the care package that president brought when I was sick!

3- this is what happens to your car when it snows in québec

4- I feel weird without my glasses now.. I love Exchanges! 

Well I love you both sorry there wasnt more this week I guess this was the most interesting thing catually one of our recent convert tried to 'quit' the church and go Islamic so he went out and tried to convert and we lost contact with him for a little while well then finally we got a hold of him and he said that being Muslim wasnt for him.. So he asked us to go and take all of the stuff we had aquired so now all of this stuff is in our apartment and we are not totally sure what to do with it.

5- All the things we acquired..​


1. What were the highlights/successes of the week?
2. What made you laugh?
3. What are some things you are focusing on for zone conferences?
4. What are some of the things you teach to the new missionaries that come in?
5. What have you been thinking about??
6. What is this week going to look like for you?

1- Hmm.. well we had some investigators come to church which was super exciting! transfers are this week and I will be receiving a new companion which is also exciting because I have known him for a very long time! Umm We got the chance to go to a baptism and we brought an investigator! Also there was a cool experience at church where a man decided randomly to walk into the church. All 3 sets of missionaries were on him in a heart beat haha. I am sure there is more but that is all I have for now!

2- Oh man.. Let me think.. This week was very busy! Hm I think something funny but sad was at a baptism that happened this week! We showed up and we noticed that the 2 missionaries having the baptism were trying to heat up giant pots of water. We were slightly confused but basically this is what happened. They had used all the hot water filling the font and it was fine, BUT they didnt plug the plug all the way so the water drained.. Well now there is no more hot water only cold water so they are trying to fill the font pot by pot with hot water so that the soon to be recent convert doesnt freeze to death! Well they did what they could but in the end the water was heating in time so they had to fill it with cold water and lets just say that when nicholas was baptized he definitely felt something! He is younger though 20ish so we had a good laugh about it later! It was still an amazing experience though!

3- We are really focusing on how to help people progress. It is interesting every person in the world is either growing closer to God or distancing themselves from him every moment. Us too even as members of the church are in the same boat so we need to know what we can do to constantly grow closer to him and have a greater conversion! So we have been focusing on how we can help the missionaries help the people they are teaching! There is always something that we can do to help! 

4- I love teaching the new missionaries! We tell them how amazing they are because they truly are amazing! Each one is so special! They bring so much to the table! So we help them realize that they were really called here for a reason by a prophet of God! That they are not alone! Those first couple of days are a blur though so we try not to overload them but 2 other things that are mentioned are about Companionship unity and Vision! We want them to make goals for what they want to do to change and become better!

5- I have been thinking about goals a lot! President is really keen on his missionaries knowing 2 things. 1- how to make goals and 2 - how to accomplish goals. So I have been really thinking about goals for the rest of my mission! What I want to accomplish and what I want to do to change before I go home! I have high expectations for what my life will look like after my mission but the only way that will be possible is with energy, focus, and faith! 

6- Haha this week will be pretty fun! I am getting a new companion this week! Elder Baldobinos! I love him so much! He is one of my favorite missionaries in the field so I am so excited to serve with him! We came out together so things are going to be great! But here is what our week should look like! Tuesday we will go to the Airport with President and pick up the new missionaries! I am super excited! I love new missionaries! We will spend the day with them help them get everything figured out and eat dinner with them! Then Wednesday we will have transfers we will help train the new missionaries and make sure that everyone gets to their new area safely. I will get my new companion! Then Thursday we will take the dying missionaries to the airport and then planning a training for Friday because we have zone conference Friday! On the South shore in Longeuil! Then Saturday and Sunday is General conference! So this week will be pretty busy! I am excited though!

Well I love you! 

-Avec Amour Elder Massé

Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017 - #2!! Pics!! "it says in preach my gospel the more you learn and use the atonement the greater your desire increases to share it with others. "

1Here are some pictures from the temple that I never sent when we got to go!

2-I love when the temple grounds are covered in snow!

3-again there is no way that that can be good for you..

4- we each ate 32 ounces of poutine.. it was too much..

5- I love Elder Mullen!

Montreal, Quebec
Comp: Elder Carr
1.       What are some of your favorite things about being an AP?
2.       What places did you travel this week?
3.       How much time do you spend in the mission office, mission home, or traveling with President & his wife?  Does President have an office at home like President Samuelian did?
4.       Spiritual experiences or quote?
5.       What have you learned about yourself lately?
6. Tell me anything!

1- I love serving everyone! It is very humbling and I love getting to know every single missionary and having the opportunity to personal minister to them! My only goal is to just make everyone feel loved and make sure they are happy and in the  right place! So serving is definitely the most amazing thing. It is nice to also learn a lot from President Phillips, he is such an inspired man and definitely a father figure. He is very kind and patient and he teaches us alot! As well as Sister Phillips! They are just so amazing and I love every second that I get to be around them!
2- We went up to quebec city which was nice it took us 4 hours to get there haha.. We use so many klicks! I hope after all this I will have become a pro at driving in the snow! I am already a pretty good driver so we will have to see! Especially with the giant storm on wednedsay everyone was sliding around and getting stuck. The weather was crazy!

3- Definitely on a regular basis! We just need to make sure we are on the same page but when it isnt transfer planning week or zone conferences it is a normal amount! We are in the mission office pretty frequently as well there is a lot of administrative work that we do! But we try to be quick and efficient so that we can really get down to work and help people! He does! It is within walking distance from out apartment which is really nice! It is a very nice home! 

4- What comes to my mind is fruit tasting! It has been a topic that President Phillips has focuses a lot on lately. We know from Elder Bednar that the fruit is the blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and as it says in preach my gospel the more you learn and use the atonement the greater your desire increases to share it with others. When we taste the fruit we want to share it others! Just as Lehi did he tasted the fruit then immediatly wanted his family to taste it as well! But what I learned this week pertaining to that subject is attributes to the sons of Mosiah and alma the younger. When they all finally get back together what happens? They are beyond happy. They are so joyous that they have all grown in the faith and stayed strong to their beliefs. They tasted the fruit together and as Ammon later describes he fins joy in the success of his brethren. I have really come to know that that is true. As we see the people around us succeed and grow and stay faithful we grow and experience that with them. That is why the family is central to the gospel. So that we have people to share the fruit with and grow with. I look forward to the day where I will get to share some of the fruit I have tasted with my fellows servants of God who are in the field as we speak but also for the wonderfully sweet opportunity that I will have to share it with my family. With you and Dad, Camdeyn, Natalie, Aiden, Devin. We will have all grown and it will be amazing to see that growth!

5- Man I have learned so much lately.. I think the biggest thing that has been reiterated over and over again throughout my mission is that the gospel has really brought me more joy than anything else.. It is interesting to think about what might be in the future from here on out. The one thing that I am sure though is that whatever I do the gospel has to be at the head of it all. I know that I will never truly be happy in this life unless I am actively participating in the work of the Lord. It has brought me an immense joy and it has made me a better person in every way possible! I have changed a lot but it has not been on my own merit but because I have applied the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life, used the Atonement for the better and served others around me! So much has changed and I look forward to what else will!

6- Things are just great here! this is going to be a good week I am sure of it! We have MLC coming up which should be really good! I am looking forward to that and just what is to come! Couldnt be happier! 

love you have a great week!

-Elder Massé

March 20, 2017- Pics!! "This week was great!"

Montreal, Quebec
Comp: Elder Carr

1- Companion taking pictures..

2- This is what we cal Chocolat Favoris. We are definitely going there when you come.

3- This was a call we had with an investigator... We only talked for about a minute.. he wouldnt stop talking!

4- There is no way that this can be healthy for you..

5- Natalie would know what this is.. If she doesnt the next picture might help!

6- Balut.. We will be having it again this week.

This week was great! The weather has been crazy! Things were really nice. It honestly felt like spring we were almost going to take the winter tires of our car. It was getting hot outside. Spring was right around the corner. Then we had this freak storm on wednesday and it dumped on us.. for 2 days straight There was like 3 feet of snow outside at the end of it all. We started exchanges before the storm and because of the conditions we couldnt unexchange so I didnt see my companion for 2 days haha. Luckily! We had so many opportunities to serve! I was with Elder Roubicek and we just went outside with a shovel and a think to cleat the car off and helped people for 6 hours! I have never shoveled so much snow, and helped cars get out! I am a pro at it now haha. It was very rewarding though there were many people that couldnt help themselves and they were in dire need of help and we showed up in the right place at the right time! For example there was a single mother with 2 young children trying to get home and she couldnt get her car unstuck. A single father trying to get home to his children. A father trying to get his new born baby to the hospital! And so much more. We walked down this street and there were probably 6 cars that were stuck and people everywhere! We went one by one and helped every single on of them by the time we finished it was dark. I hadnt work wool socks or boots that day and I only had a lighter jacket on. I hadnt expected to stay out for so long but there was just so many people that needed help so we endured the cold and went and ministed 1 by 1. My feet were frozen at the end I couldnt feel them haha, but my heart felt warm knowing that I helped every single person that had come across my path that day. It was an amazing day and since we have taught multiple of those people. 

Other than that things are good! We will be doing transfer planning this week and it will be my first time I am excited  but nervous at the same time. I am very grateful for my mission president he is a very wise man and he knows what he is doing as well as my companion so I will be learning from the best! I am in good hands! 

Other than that.. Hm. I am learning Spanish again I am hoping to be functional by the time that I get home it would be so useful and I would love to be tri lingual I am pretty good at reading but I am lacking in speaking. It is so similar to french though reading it easy!

Hmm what else. Life is just great I am happy! I have a thick sweater on it is still brisk outside and I am looking forward to what is to come! 

I will try to attach some photos!

Love you have a great week!

-Elder Massé

Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017- Pics! "we had the trainers meeting for the new missionaries that was pretty amazing as well!"

1- Got to see Renée!

2- This is Quebec city! it is not the best video in the world but you go over this Hill and there are then lights everywhere it is so beautiful!

3- this is the farthest north I have been look how close we were to maine! only 2 hours.

4- Another view with the 3 main cities of the mission​

Montreal, Quebec
Comp: Elder Carr

A good letter to both of you is long over due. I feel like I have been lacking a little bit in my family responsibilities these last couple weeks have been busy and a little chaotic so I have been as stable in taking pictures and writing and doing those other things that I need to do on a regular basis. I said that I would write some hand written letters and I will! I will make sure they are done and sent this week so that you can know how things are going and feel the love and appreciation that I have for you! 

This last week was good! It has been quite the adventure here in Montreal I really do love it. It is honestly one of the best places in the entire world I think. I cannot think of very many other places in the world where I can walk down the street and speak to 10 different people in 10 different languages. Sometimes 1 person in 4 different languages. I love to speak to people in French, English, Spanish, Creole. For people to speak 4 or 5 languages here is so normal they think nothing of it. There are so many cultures and people that everyone is used to it. I feel the culture here running in my blood and as I walk the streets it feels like I am meant to be here. I know I am supposed to be here. I can feel it.

To add to some of the things I did this week. I had the opportunity to go back to Ottawa! We had an exchange with the zone leaders and I got to go back into my own area! It was like going back home I can describe how amazing it felt to walk in those streets again and to see all of my recent converts. I will never forget what it was like to here Reneé's voice again. She helped change my mission I saw the Atonement of Jesus Christ transform her life and in turn it changed mine. I told the zone leaders not to tell her I was coming because I wanted it to be a surprise but in the end we couldnt get a hold of her so I was worried I would miss her! So I called her and left a message and said that I was in town! A couple hours later she called and I will never forget what happened! Elder Lan responded because I was driving and She said " Did I miss him? Is he gone? Is it too late?" All I said was Hello Reneé and she started to cry. It was a very tender moment for me. I almost cried too! We then went and saw her and all of my other recent converts in Ottawa and it was amazing! It was so nice to see them! There were many miracles on that exchange.

I also got to go on an exchange this week with Elder Buck and it was so fun! I feel that Elder Buck knows me and I know him more than almost any other missionary! I love him so much and we saw some pretty amazing miracles on our exchange as well! There was a man in a wheelchair that we went and taught and in the middle of the lesson I felt impressed to ask him if he had felt the grace of God in his life. He said no. We had planned on teaching the Word of Wisdom but after that we changed the entire lesson around and taught about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and Grace and Mercy and at the end he committed to be baptized. The spirit was so strong and we were all fighting back tears at the end! I gave him a hug as we left and he thanked me. 

Other than that this week we had the trainers meeting for the new missionaries that was pretty amazing as well! I was asked to train on Companionship Unity and I was so excited! As you know though we are quite busy and so I didnt have time to prepare my training until the night before it was going to happen! So I sat and pondered and I tried to think of some things but nothing would come.. I didnt know what I was missing! I looked at all the trainers and the trainees and thought what they needed but nothing would go down on paper! I went to bed with not much that night and I prayed fervently that night to know what I could do to help them. 3 words came to my head. Love, help, and edify. I woke up the next morning and it took me 15 minutes to plan my training based on those 3 characteristics. I knew the scriptures and everything that went a long and I felt impressed to use the 'spoken word' Article that Dad had shared with me the week earlier. I read it for everyone and gave everyone a copy before they left. It was again another tender mercy from the Lord. I was very appreciative. It was so nice to see the new missionaries too! I got to see Elder Seelos and a couple of other Elders and Sisters whom I love dearly!

In short! though this is not a very short email things are going great! I feel like I am progressing in the gospel. I have had moment on my mission where I have felt like I have really hit some dead ends. I felt like there was nothing else for me. Each time I am sure it was my pride but each time I pondered and prayed and asked what I could do to become better. Each time I found another door to the gospel that I had never seen before! It was amazing! Recently coming to Montreal I feel the same way! My spanish has been getting better things have just been working out and I have been learning so much! I am so happy! 

Other funny things to know.. Elder Carr and I are known as the most organized and clean elders in the misson. You could eat off the floor. Our apartment is so clean. You both would be proud! 
Funny story when I was cleaning the bathroom I mixed some bleach with some ammonia at least I think those are the 2 things but I basically made mustard gas and I was scrubbing the tub and it got hard to breathe and my eyes started watering and my skin turned red and was itchy haha. Not fun but it worked out the tub was clean. I left and got a fan and took a breather outside so I didnt die! 

Other than that life is just amazing! we knocked an apartment building this last week and the 5 doors that responded were from 5 different countries how cool is that? There are times where we litterally cannot communicate at all with people because they dont speak french, english, or spanish. haha Cambodians, people from Shrilanka, the middle east, all sorts of places in Africa and South America! It is so cool! The entire world is here! 

Anyways know that I love you both dearly you are amazing and I love everything that you do and I appreciate you very much I talk about you often. have an amazing week!

Avec Amour Elder Massé

I will get more pictures next week!

Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017 - Zone Conferences, Being Sick, Recent Converts, " I have loved my mission so much! It has changed my life!"

Montreal, Quebec
Comp: Elder Carr

1- This last week was good! I actually got pretty sick on Monday I didnt mention that Friday and I didnt really have time to take care of it until Thursday because we had stuff to do so it took me out for a couple days. I again slept a ridiculous ammount I think I got the Flu or something not sure what it was but it wasnt fun haha. Luckily Elder Carr is amazing and he took good care of me! I love him he is a great companion! Other than the finishing up zone conferences was a lot fun! There was a baptism in Mont St Hilaire which was exciting! It was just a good week! Today the whole Phillips family is in town so we went and played basketball with 2 of the sons! They all played including Elder Carr Varsity Basketball so it was an interesting couple of games but I held my own surprisingly and it was a lot of fun! President Phillips even came over and shot a few shots! I love him to death he is such an amazing mission president!

2- Because of zone conferences and me be sick and everything going on we didnt have time to buy groceries really or do everything we needed to besides emails and other administrative stuff that I could do without passing out! But The point being! President and Sister Phillips came by the apartment while I was sick and gave me a carepackage full of fresh fruit and bread and a couple other things that we needed and it was so nice! I will never forget the joy that I felt that day! They are truly amazing and if there is one thing I will never forget it is that President and Sister Phillips truly love their missionaries.

3- So the one on the right was Mathieu! He is a recent convert and he is so funny! I love him so much he makes our lives interesting! The one on the left is Pierre he is a less active that we had actually just met that day but we asked him to join in the photo with us! He walked into church and sat down and we went and talked to him and spent the day with him! He was very kind and he should be coming more consistently now! He is from Cameroon and he had an amazing french accent, but he was perfectly bilingual as well.

4- I have loved my mission so much! It has changed my life! It has made me happier than anything else in the entire world I wouldnt trade it for anything.. I wish I could just stay and be here forever! I wish I could live the rest of my life and just do missionary work all the time! I would just need enough money to maintain myself! It would totally work and I know that I would be so happy! But I know God has a will for me and I will accept that will but if only right? 

5- Everything! Elder Carr is so funny we joke around and mess with each other a lot! I love him to death sorry no time! only 30 seconds! 

6- There are so many things! I have an entire book devoted to the things that I have learned from him and his trainings! He knows so much and he is so kind and loving when he teaches I love being around him! Specifically this week.. I would say the importance of being aware! It is such an important principle to learn and it effects the rest of our lives! I wish I could expound upon it more but I am running out of time! 

7- I am.. I suppose you could say I practice it all the time but I have been trying more lately to practice my Spanish before I go home! I want to be at least functional before I go home.. so we will see! I have a little ways to go! 

Love you! Have a great week!

-Elder Massé

1. What are the highlights of your week?
2. What is something that happened that you don't want to forget?
3. Who were the men in the picture that was sent on Sunday?
4. Tell me about your thoughts on your mission and personal progression to this point
5. What made you laugh?
6. What is something you learned from President this week?
7. Are you still working on your French?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 2, 2017 - pic! I love this quote by Thomas S Monson I think I quoted it right it says - “When we deal in generalities, we will rarely succeed. When we deal in specifics, we will rarely see failure. When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement will accelerate.”

Montreal, Quebec
Comp: Elder Carr

Sorry we got called away so I had to stop doing emails and go help some people out so I will finish up this email and then I will talk to you next week! I promise that as time progresses that emails and everything will get more consistent! But it was a wonderful missionary opportunity so it was worth it!

1- It was really fun to see all the missionaries! We had 3 zone conferences and an MLC in one week so I saw over half the mission! There are such wonderful missionaries here! I got to drive all the way up to quebec city which was pretty amazing! It is a very beautiful drive and it is the other part of the mission that I haven't had the chance to see yet! I got to see Elder Seelos again for the first time in a couple months and talk to him about everything that happened in Ottawa after I left! It was amazing! 

2- Everything always comes back to the fundamentals! Just like in construction when building a house you have to have a solid foundation so we have really been digging deep and getting good at the little things! Making sure that we are experiencing the fruits of our labors! That we are having spiritual experiences and recognizing them! That we see the Atonement of Jesus Christ working in our lives. Using the Book of Mormon and Commitment making and keeping are also 2 really big topics. There is always more than we can do to help others! That is a big lesson that I have learned on my mission sometimes people just need a little push in the right direction or a helping hand and we can give it! We just have to love them enough to help them. 

3- It is like marriage! Does a man and a woman in a marriage each give 50 percent so that it equals 100? Maybe 60-40? Nope! They both give 100%! They give everything that they have, they give it all! It is a similar thing we both just work as hard as we can all the time in whatever we are doing and it works out! We know what needs to be done so we do it! Elder Carr and I are great friends and we work really well together so it all works out smoothly! 

4- There is always time during the day to find and teach! Sometimes it is difficult but you have to be good at planning and prioritizing! If you are going to fill up a jar with oranges, kiwis, plums and rice! What do you start with? Well the biggest! Meaning the oranges then you fill it with the kiwis and the plums and the rice last of all. If you start with the rice you wont have enough room in the jar to fit everything else. It is a similar principle we identify what is most important we start on that then me move to the next task and the next until they are all complete! So in the same way we make time for what matters because we still do need to find so we plan for it and we do it! 

5- Everything is great! Life is good! I am adjusting well it has been 2 weeks now but it doesnt feel like it has been that long! With zone conferences over it is a straight shot from here I think I have everything figured out! I am excited to continue to learn I have learned so much in 2 weeks I didnt know I could actually retain that much information I have been learning many useful skills! 

6- Anything in the future I guess you could say! I am just excited for what is next I have loved what has happened I love what is currently going on so I am sure that the future from here on out is only better and brighter I have a lot to learn and I have the next 6 months to do it! I am excited to see what changes I can make and what I can learn in the coming weeks and months! 

7-I love this quote by Thomas S Monson I think I quoted it right it says -           

“When we deal in generalities, we will rarely succeed.

When we deal in specifics, we will rarely see failure.

When performance is measured, performance improves.

When performance is measured and reported, the rate of

improvement will accelerate.”

In whatever we do we need to be specific! Especially in our goals, and just like it says in the scriptures there is "a time and a place for every season under heaven" everything has a purpose and a time and we as beings created in the image of God must be driven by a similar principle. We need to be a specific purpose driven people. In knowing what we are doing and where we are going God can then put people into our paths and miracles will come with ever footstep if we are pressing forward in the path that we know He would want us to take!

Well I love you mother! You are amazing and I appreciate everything you do! 

I love you! 

-Elder Massé

1. What was your favorite things that happened this week?
2. What are the things that are being taught at Zone Conf and emphasized?
3. How do you balance responsibilities with your companion?
4. Are you able to still find to proselyte and teach?
5. How are you feeling about things?
6. What are you looking forward too?
7. Thought or quote???

Monday, February 20, 2017

February 23, 2017- pics! "Life is good I am happy and I dont think there is much more than that! I am just very humbled to have this opportunity to serve and it has been quite the experience so far! I am excited for what is to come! "

Montreal, Quebec
Comp: Elder Carr

1- Flores family

2- Riverin Family

3- Tremblay Family

4- Anne Marie!​

I wont have time to respond to all of these questions sorry time is short.. as you know but know that I love you and that I am thinking of you

1- It was really good! It was just extremely busy haha, I cannot think of very many other weeks where I have been this busy things were just crazy preparing for 5 zone conferences and an MLC for the following week so in doing that we didnt even have time for a p-day haha but now worries! It has been an adventure! 

2- I got to go back to Ottawa I got to see half the mission it was a lot of fun! we have been giving a lot of training's and it has been very humbling to pray and listen and seek after the will of the Lord for the different missionaries! IT has been amazing though

3- Haha.. that is a great questions I am still figuring them out as they go, but we get to go to the airport and great the new missionaries, we get to train them the next day and then say goodbye to the departing missionaries and take them to the airport, we get to train at zone conferences and make many calls, the list goes on and on! There is a lot of administrative stuff as well but I dont have time to write about all of that haha..

4- Not yet! But I will this next week! I will get to go up to Quebec city and that will be so fun! It is like mini-Paris so I am excited to see what it is like! 

5- I dont haha... sadly though there is a big desk with 2 computers and we are on them all the time! The first 2 days we spent more time at the mission office than at the apartment I am living at! I think I have been to the mission office almost every day! I think this is due to zone conferences this week and so the work load has been quite large.

6- Oh man.. I have been learning so much! It is such an amazing opportunity to be around President and Sister Phillips and I love them so much! As well as Caleb their son! They are absolutely extraordinary and I love spending time with them they are always teaching me things in everything that they do! They are so amazing! 

7- He is so amazing! I have had the opportunity to serve around Elder Carr before and he is a total stud! He is like my twin brother except he is 6 foot 3.. We have learned a lot from each other already and I am excited for what is to come! He is already like my best friend and I love him to death! \

8- Life is good I am happy and I dont think there is much more than that! I am just very humbled to have this opportunity to serve and it has been quite the experience so far! I am excited for what is to come! 

WEll I love you!

-Elder Massé

1. How was your week?
2. What did you do this week?
3. What are some of your duties as AP?
4. Have you been to any new places in the mission?
5. Do you have your own desk/computer at the mission office? How much time do you spend there?
6. What insights have you gained?
7.  Tell me about your new comp
8. Tell me anything!


Feb 21st: Hey so I am super busy and I dont know if I will really have time for emails this week.. I have about 15 minutes so I will do my best to let you know khow things are going but there are just no computers available and we are in the middle of zone conferences so things are kind of crazy haha.. but I am happy and healthy! 

 I have not had the opportunity to go anywhere new yet but! We are in the middle of zone conferences so next week I will have the chance! I will get the chance to go up to Quebec city which will be really cool I haven't had the opportunity to go up that far yet and I am excited to see what it is like! I am told that it is like  a little piece of Europe in Canada so we will see! I will send pictures! I got to go back to Ottawa on monday though which was nice it was like going back home I spent so much time there.. 

I dont have a desk at the mission office though there is a desk with 2 computers that are open to missionaries to use for various reasons and I have used it more in the past week than I would care to count haha.. There is quite a bit of administrative stuff we do so we are in the office quite a bit! 

I think since last Wednesday there hasnt been a day that I havent seen him.. We are always correlating and talking it is a little bit different though because this is zone conference week so I am seeing him more than normal.. at least I think maybe it is always like this, but it is nice to be in the mission home again there is always a sweet spirit there and I love President and Sister Phillips so much it is like being around you and dad all the time! They also have a now 17 year old son as of today who is such a stud! I love him to death and it has been fun to get to know him better! 

Did I tell you that I got to drop elder Rosenlof off at the airport last thursday? I got to spent 2 days with him more or less because he was finishing his mission and it was nice to see him again I hadnt had the chance to really see throughout my mission except for last week.

Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017- PICS! Transfers!!!! I'm leaving Laval! Soooo Cold!! Temple,

Laval, Quebec
Comp: Elder Mullen

1. Transfers????  Do you have a new comp? If so, tell me all about him! New area?
2. What were the highlights of your week?
3. Do you have any thoughts for Elliott and Natalie?
4. How are you feeling about things?
5. What have been your successes this week?
6. What made you laugh?
7. How is your health?  Are you still sick?
8. Birthday wishes for Aiden?
9. Tell me anything!

I will try and answer quickly so that you can know! What is going on because I need to go home and finish packing haha.. 

1- Yes I am leaving Laval! I am sad to see it go it was a wonderful ward and I got to see so many amazing miracles! The members were great and I will miss them! I know who he is I have served in his district about a year ago but only for 6 weeks his name is elder carr. Actually I went to EFY with him haha fun fact so we know each other. He is actually currently the assistant to the presient so he is a great missionary I am excited to serve with him! My new area will be in English and it will be on the island it is Montréal east!

2- It was a super good week! We had the opportunity to go to the temple on tuesday and It was so peaceful! I loved it, I love the peace and joy that the temple brings into my life. One of our investigators this week as well whom I love! Said that she would be baptized before I went home and that she would call me to invite me personally to her baptism so I am super excited about that! She has come a long way and she is such a sweet woman! Sunday was nice I had the opportunity to bear my testimony and it was sad to say good bye to the ward but it was nice to feel of their love and support for me! 

3- I am so excited for them! Words cant desribe! I just hope they know that I love them. I am proud of them. I wish them the best in all that they do. Elliott I thank you for everything that you have done for my sister from what I have heard you bring our the best in her and I know that you will make her happy and that is what counts. Natalie I am so excited for you. I cant believe how fast all of this is going. You know I love you and I am so proud of how far you have come! Keep just being you continue to work hard! You two are the best and I am so proud of you! P.S. - dont forget to Cater TACO BELL for me haha. 

4- Things are great! It is weird to leave this area I will be getting my 12th companion in total including the MTC this wednesday which is a lot I am thinking about what I will do to serve and what I will learn from the experiences and opportunities that I am about to have! I am excited! 

5- Hmm.. Well we had the opportunity to find 2 new investigators this week 1 which we put on date immediatly and he should be baptized this transfer.. though I will not be here for it.. so there was that other than that we just worked hard taught many lessons and got in contact with many investigators that we havent been able to see in a while! 

6- I think the thing that made me laugh the hardest this week was Elder Mullen. You know all those canadian stereotypes about how they say funny words and say Eh all the time? Well it is totally true lol.. So Elder Mullen decided to speak this week as a normal canadian and it was hilarious as well as it snowed a bunch this week and he just went crazy! It was like the canadian side of him came out and I have a funny video to show you at the end as an example.

7-I am doing great! I am back to 100% All is well here! Though 2 of the elders in my apartment seem to be getting sick so hopefully they will be okay..

8- Aiden.. Buddy I am so proud of you! I am so excited for you and I cant believe how big you are growing! Stay patient and before you know it I will be right there beside you! Dont miss me too much though I will be home before you know it! Remember distance makes the heart grow fonder! I am so proud to call you my brother! I am so proud at home mature and loving and what good example you are to me and to all your other siblings! Keep up the hard work buddy and know that I love you! 

9-I am excited for what is to come! It will be a fun next 6 months only 4 transfers left.. it is crazy to think home quickly time has been flying by but I am excited and ready to work hard these last 4 transfers there are going to be many amazing experiences I am sure! 

Love you! 

-Elder Massé​

1- We are turning into old men.. Look at that white hair!

2- Love the snow!​​​

Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6, 2017 "We get to go to the temple tommorow", " 2 investigators, NetiPot, speaking Spanish

Laval, Quebec
Comp: Elder Mullen

1- Yeah I am! I am a little congested still but I have my handy dandy NetiPot! It is really gross to use but man does it work.. If you dont know what it is I will have to just send you a picture next week of how it works! 

2- I think one of the coolest things was a baptism yesterday for the Elders we live with we had 2 investigators come to it and there was such a sweet spirit! I had the opportunity to teach the man and let me tell you he was a handful he wanted to know every little thing to the detail and it was hard at times but it all worked out in the end and it was amazing to see him get baptized! President even came to the baptism! It was quite the occasion!

3- Things are great! We will be getting transfer calls this week and it is hard to believe! Time has been going by so quickly.. I am not sure what will happen so I guess we will just have to see next week! So I will get back to you on that one! Other than that life is good things are really progressing here and I love the ward and the people we are teaching they are so cool! It is amazing to see who the Lord has prepared and the amazing opportunity we have to teach such wonderful people! I know that many of them will be baptized It is just a matter of time now so it will likely be next transfer! 

4- Hmm.. We went and visited the Hernandez family this week and ate dinner with them! They are so cool! They are from Mexico so they are trilingual! Well basically their youngest kid needed help and he ran up to Elder Mullen and was asking for his help but he was speaking in Spanish and speaking very fast and loud and it was super funny to see Elder Mullens reaction.. He just looked at me and said I feel so bad! I dont speak spanish and I cant help him! Maybe it was one of those you had to be there moments but when you are in a place with so many languages you find it funny all the mix ups that happen. I forget a lot of words in English haha. Example! Ay! Hier night or Tomorrow matin! Lets go teach les gens. Est-ce que you know..? Too many languages! 

5- I think they are awesome! I think it is an amazing opportunity to help missionaries focus on what matters most! Hm a little bit I think it really helps in making sure that each lesson is more focused on quality than quantity not that we were focused on that but I think it is easy for missionaries to fall into that trap but now it is focused the more important aspects of missionary work. The standards of Excellence we have in our mission focused on those key indicators though so I was already kind of used to focusing on those no that the other dont matter but not that there is less to worry about it is easier to focus! We are getting into specifics and I think we will have very specific improved results with the changes so I am excited!

6- ben le! Toutes est belle et beau.. j'ai fier de natalie and j'ai beacoup aimé le courriel que vous venez de m'envoyer! Je sens le meme choses parfois, la vie c'est pas toujours facile et satan et fort il arrete jamais de travailler dans le tenebre et son but c'est seulment de nous amener vers le mal. Mais je sais que il y a les anges qui sont autour de nous et ils nous protègent. Je les sens chaque jour. 

7-  Hmm.. What else! Well we get to go to the temple tomorrow which will be amazing! I havent gotten to go in a little while so I am excited! I love the peace the temple brings so I am excited to be there again! Other than that it should just be a pretty good week.. Last week of the transfer though so you have to go hard on the paint! 

I love you have a great week!

-Elder Massé

1. Are you feeling any better??
2. What were the highlights of your week?
3. How are you feeling about things?
4. What made you laugh?
5. What do you think of the new key indicators?  Has it changed anything for you in the way you do missionary work??
6. Tell me something in French.  Is the song, "My Saviors Love" in the French hymnal?
7. Tell me anything!!!

Monday, January 30, 2017

** January 30, 2017 - PICS!! Elder Buck!, Being Sick, To the Boys,


Comp: Elder Mullen

1 This is what we call Chocolat favoris.. It is heavenly..

2 I was showing Elder Mullen how to tie a full winzer

3 the squad! 

1.. How's your week?  What are the highlights?
2. How are you feeling about things?
3. How's the weather been treating you??
4. Any special message for the boys?
5. What are your successes and/or tender mercies?
6. What made you laugh??
7. Tell me something in French
8. Do you need anything??

I am doing great! I was sick this week as I told you but not things are better and I have some of my energy back! 

I havent yet but I should get it this week if you sent it last week.

Only 17 days man that is crazy! I love additions to the family! 

1- Highlights! Well I will say the highlights and explain in number 2 about me being sick! but I got to go on exchanges this week with the zone leaders and my zone leader currently is.. ELDER BUCK! Whom I love! so I was super ecstatic and we got so much stuff done! That may have been why I got so sick actually because we just went crazy hard and found a bunch of potentials and taught a lot and helped someone move and I probably over did it but it was so nice to see an old friend and work hard! Other than that we had Anne Marie come to church again! She is the sweetest old french lady you will ever meet and she loves the missionaries! I am sure she will be baptized soon. I love her to death! Other than that! We had a world wide missionary broadcast and the missionary schedule changed as well as the key indicators which was really cool! Change is awesome! 

2- I am good! Things are great now! This week was interesting though. Last Sunday my thoat started to hurt and then I woke up monday and my voice was really low and almost gone. Then I started to get really bad headaches and I started too feel really weak. Then I got a pretty bad fever, but up until that point I wasnt really taking any breaks cause I didnt have time but I was starting to get really exhausted. Then around Wednesday I was having chills and I lost my appetite then I had litterally no energy what so ever on top of that I was super congested and couldnt break out my nose. I kept trying to power through with Dayquil and Nyquil then finally I called the Mission nurse friday and she told me to finish what I needed to that night and then just sleep. She told me not to set the alarm and just sleep until I naturally woke up. Well in the end I slept for 16 hours straight haha.. I was so dead. I took it easy the next couple days and if I wasnt teaching I was basically at home resting and sleeping. Elder Mullen took care of me though so we are good now! 

3- It has been pretty nice here actually! It has been a little bit cold this morning was -10 but not bad. It has been snowing and raining and melting. It has been very bi polar but you have to love it! 

4- If there was something that I wanted the boys to know.. I would want them to know how much I love them and how proud I am of them. I wish I could take the rest of my time to just write them each paragraphs on paragraphs but sadly I dont have the time right now. I would be like Alma writing to his sons. I just hope they know how proud I am of them and how hard they work! Who the lord calls he qualifies. Families are a celestial pattern and whatever the Massé family does we do it together. So as I am serving now or as Dad is serving as Bishop and Mom in her calling in the stake. They play a roll in that as well, Heavenly Father needed them to come to our family at this time because of the strength and the support that they would bring us. I feel their love hear and their prayers. They give me a strenght that is not my own and I am a better missionary because of them. Stay strong! and Jacob 6:12 :)

5- Well despite sleeping more than being awake we were still able to teach quite a bit and find a new investigator! He is a bit odd but he is still a child of God. He believes that the earth is flat and that we were lied to by Nasa that the earth is round. But hey we cant all be perfect haha.

6- Hm.. Well have you ever heard of a neti-pot? Well it is pretty gross haha.. but it is the most amazing thing ever when you are sick because it gets everything out of your sinuses. When I got sick the mission nurse told me to go out and buy one so I did and well.. It was pretty funny but gross. You have to stick this nosel in one nostril and basically this hot salt water goes in one nostril and well.. Everything goes out the other nostril! You can only imagine.. When I tried it the first time I choked and got water and nasty stuff everywhere and made a mess. I had to disinfect the bathroom afterwards.. 

7-Oh bien! cette semaine c’était intéressante à dire le moins. Mais Je suis toujours ici alors c'est bien! Donc.. Je sais pas quoi dire! Je t'aime beaucoup! vous êtes le meilleur mère du monde et j'espere que vous allez passez une tres bonne semaine! 

8- I dont think I need anything at the moment!