Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016 - Pic Transfers!! Elder Dalmasi, MLC, drive to Montreal, saying good-bye, soccer, ping pong,

Comp: Elder Dalmasi 
Zone Leader

Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward

1- so ended up not going on the mini mission thing it didnt work out so yeah.. sadly but! I got to be with elder DALMASI! Which is a super cool story because he emailed me when he was in the MTC and I was in the field and he read my blog etc. So I finally got to be with him so it was soo fun! I have never laughed so hard in my life. He is probably one of the funniest elders in the mission. 

I will be getting my official new comp this wednesday and his name is... ELDER SEELOS! from kaysville utah which is really funny because that is where elder Nilson was from but! I also came into the field with Elder Seelos so he was in the MTC with me but he was learning french and I was learning spanish but I am so excited to be him! He is a really hard working missionary so I am happy! This is the best part though I get to drive to Montreal and pick him up because we wil be going to MLC thursday so I will get to see the 27 new missionaries that are coming in this week! SO EXCITED I am so happy! It will be so cool! I will have to tell you about it next week! 

2.. Elder Dalmasi haha..

3- Being with elder Seelos this transfer is going to be awesome! Especially with 27 new missionaries! 

4- Just finding and teaching also participating in the confirmation of Devon was pretty amazing! 

5- I dont think right now.. got your letter and I loved it but I dont have time to fully tell you how much I appreciate it right now..

6- Well It was sad saying goodbye to elder Chou but I got to drive him to Montreal which was nice and get a really long goodbye I basically just hung out with dying missionaries for like 4 hours while I waited for the missionaries to finish a special meeting they had so that was super fun we played some soccer and ping pong. It was an extremely memorable day I had to say goodbye to some of my favorite missionaries of all time though so that was sad but I know they are off to bigger and better things!  sorry for all the typos and stuff I am emailing like a mad man ..

7- I love you and sorry this one is so short.. you will probably be the only one this week that gets a long email..

LOVE YOU! Have a great week! 

-Elder Massé

1. How are you?!?!  Hows it going with the "mini mission"?!?!  Did you get your new comp yet... or is that next week?!?!  Do you know who your new comp is?  Will you be going to a different area?
2. What is something that made you laugh/ was super fun?
3.  What are you looking forward to?
4. Tender mercy or a spiritual moment that stands out?
5. Do you have any questions for me?
6. What were some of your favorite things that happened this week?
7. Tell me anything!

Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2106 - pics! Cheesecake! Baptism! ER, Companion 16 year old priest - mini mission,

Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward

Comp: Elder Chou (Texas)
Zone Leader

1. What were your favorite things that happened this week?
2. What's something you love about being a missionary?
3. Do you have favorite places to go/visit in your mission?
4. What were your successes this week?
5. Do you have a favorite time of the day/activity as a missionary?
6. What are you thinking about lately?
7. Tell me something in French!
8. Tell me anything!!

okay this one will have to be quick. It is elder chous last p-day so we are trying to speed things up.. 

1- I think going on 3 exchanges with3 dying missionaries was pretty amazing! I am so untrunkable now haha.. also there was a baptism! What more could you ask for? 

2- I love the opportunity to serve everyone I meet and love the people I serve. as well as to know my savior. 

3- I love ottawa! and of course montreal! 

4- well a baptism is a pretty good success haha.. 

5- all the time! I like the moments where I get to spend time with my companions and get to know them etc. 

6- honestly just goals and what I want to accomplish before I leave

7- je t'aime beacoup! Sorry I have like no time haha.. 

8- well yeah I think you heard about this week, but my companion will be dying this week so I will be going with a 16 year old priest for a week because he wants to serve a mini mission then I will get my new companion the following week so I am excited to train/kill a priest haha it will bve such a blast! Also I brought one of the elders that I went on exchanges with to the emergency room because he choked on some food.. haha. funny story. It was nuts! 

Anyways love you so much! 

Devons baptism

eating at a buffet afterwards! 

cheesecake I made this week! 

Love you! 

Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016 - pics!- ZC, "It is through the spirit that we will testify of the truthfulness of the gospel and it is how God speaks through us to his children. It has been amazing studying the importance of it. Also how it relates to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Basically all throughout our life we will have the need to repent and as we exercise faith in Jesus christ and repent of our sins accessing the atonement of Jesus Christ and listen to the promptings of of the spirit telling us what we should do to change and become better we really become converted as we continue this process throughout our lives."

1- This is Elder Bird he is the man and he was the one that went to school wth elder nilson! 
2- This is what happens when you have a fast sunday as a missionary. 4 chili cheese dogs.. 
3- old district photo

Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward

Comp: Elder Chou (Texas)
Zone Leader

1- That is so crazy. I think nature is running out of things that it can do to us. What even happened where was he and how did he react? I really cant believe it though it is quite the story! 

2- Everything is beautiful here ( though it is a little hot )  I am loving life and at this point my mission has become part of my life as of now everything I do is just normal i have adjusted and it is no longer waking up and being a missionary but it is waking up and being me and sharing the gospel with everyone and having fun and smiling and laughing and passing the time in good company.

3- It was a super good week! Quite stressful at some points because it was zone conference this week which took a lot of energy out of me. Basically in preparation every living breathing moment was spent just setting up appointments and interviews and planning for our training. Making sure there was food and everyone knew about it! It was quite the week with that going on! I also gave 2 baptismal interviews this week for 2 young  boys 14, and  9 in a family of 5 that was baptized this week. They were from haiti and president came all the way from montreal to see it because of their extraordinary story! They had been investigating the church for like 5 years and they are just now being baptized! It was amazing to see it all really! Other than that. this was elder chous last sunday because there is a broadcast this next sunday so this is his last full week and it is going to be very busy.. 

4- I have been studying a lot out of chapter 4. This is honestly probably the most important chapter in PMG when it comes down to it. It is through the spirit that we really accomplish everything in missionary work. It is through the spirit that we will testify of the truthfulness of the gospel and it is how God speaks through us to his children. It has been amazing studying the importance of it. Also how it relates to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Basically all throughout our life we will have the need to repent and as we exercise faith in Jesus christ and repent of our sins accessing the atonement of Jesus Christ and listen to the promptings of of the spirit telling us what we should do to change and become better we really become converted as we continue this process throughout our lives.

5- Favorite ward member.. honestly two of my favorite families in the ward are the grahams whom you are friends with on facebook as well as the von scheels! They are a young couple in our ward both about 22 but he was recently called to be the Elders quorum president he served his mission in Greece! They are so cool and they invite us over all the time and they are just on our level and they have  become friends really! I am super tight with them! Eating? I have no idea basically Elder chou looks at what we have makes the most amazing meal you can ever think of with all of it and then we live happily ever after it is pretty great! I would say he is probably the best chef in the entire mission.. 

6- Honestly after everything that happens through the week it means a lot to me to just sit down and play a board game with the other elders in our apartment and hang out and just talk and laugh. Not worry about anything and just take the time to get to know one another and grow closer! When we dont do that we go out and eat together or go down town and shop and site see! All super fun things! 

7- Well there is an investigator in our area who has been investigating the church for about 9 months now and she passed her basptismal interview officially and she should be getting baptized this weeked or the next so that has definitely been an amazing tender mercy from the lord we have been trying really hard to focus our attention on her and just help her progress and accept the gospel into her life and I think all our efforts will finally pay off in the next couple of weeks! 

Well I think that is all for this week! love you! 

1. What do you think of Aiden's snake bite?!?!
    2.Tell me anything!  
3. How was your week? What were the highlights?
4. What are you studying in Preach my Gospel lately?
5. What have you been eating... who house have you eaten at... favorite ward members?
6. What are some of your fav things to do on P-Day?
7. Tender mercies?  Moments you don't want to forget?

Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016- Pictures! Riding the Bus. Creole, Zone Training, The City!

1- Missionary work can be pretty tiring.. 

2- MY DESK! 

3- I dont remember what the first picture was.. 

4- Amazing sunset when proselyting with elder chou!

5- 2 of my companions in this one! 

6 - MLC! Elder Udave!!! 

Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward

Comp: Elder Chou (Texas)
Zone Leader

1. How are you??
2. How do you feel about almost hitting your year mark?
3. What made you laugh/ cry this week
4. What are your successes?
5. What were your favorite things that happened?
6. Tell me anything!

1- I am doing very well. There is a lot of stuff going on over here with zone conferences coming up so our schedules have been a bit crazy! But I have gotten very good at managing my time and prioritizing so all is well! Things are going super well over here and I am very happy I just wish it wasnt so hot.. there were like two days this week it was 35 degrees which is really hot for where we are.. too hot.. 

2- It doesnt feel real I can still remember the 1st day perfectly and I feel that not much time has passed since the 1st day but an entire year has almost gone by which frightens me I dont want to see the next year go by with no changes so in the end it just motivates me to work a lot harder for what I want. I still cant believe it though..

3- laugh? hmm.. that is a good one.. These was a blur. I dont even remember half the things that happened. It has been very long so I am trying to just relax to do and prepare for what is to come with zone conference. I think the hardest I laughed this week was probably during exchanges I had two exchanges this week and they were both amazing. One of them was with an elder that actually went to school with elder nilson so we got to talk a lot and it was nice to learn and see how a new missionary works. That night we just played games together and had a blast what can I say more? Cry-- I dont think there was anything that made my cry this week that I can think of... Sorry! 

4- I think this weeks successes came in the little moments where we were just exactly obeident and we got a lot of work done despite the fact that we were so busy with a lot of administrative zone leader stuff. We have been doing lots and lots of planning for zone conference so things have been quite busy but we were able to find some new investigators this week and I was finally given the opportunity to go down town and work in the big city! That was really cool! It was cool talking to people on the bus and things like that. We found a lot of potentials and it was a really good day!

5- Favorite thing? well we got onto a bus and I went and sat down next to two women speaking creole and starting talking to them. I dont speak very much creole but it was enough to start a conversation then switch it over to french, but the cool thing was what was happening with Elder Dixon in the back ( we were on exchanges ) He started talking to this guy and he just seemed so Golden from the start. We got off at the same stop and we talked to him for almost have an hour on the street. We told him about the book of mormon and the restoration of the bible and basically taught the entire first lesson and he believed it all and loved it! I think my favorite part was when he talked about "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold" He said it just made sense and that he had always wondered about that. We answered questions to his soul and he accepted us and the book of mormon and it was just an amazing encounter! It was exactly how I would expect every single person to react if they heard the truthfulness of the gospel and it is what happened that day. It was an amazing thing to see.

6- hmm well I really feel like there wasnt too much that happened this week. like really this was a week of lots of driving and running around and planning things. the 2 most exciting things were probably exchanges which bore a lot of success in regards to finding people and teaching people! This week was a perfect example of just a by the book week. Nothing extraordinary just a lot of work that got done and feelins successful after getting through all of it.

I dont think I will need that hair gel I asked you for so dont worry about that. Other than that I may send a package home soon with some goodies and souvenirs in it. It will probably be a lot cheaper than the other 2 boxes I sent I found a way to send flat rate boxes through using a member so I will try and get that to you. Other than that life is just normal. Busy as ever well more busy that normal haha. So trying to just relax and stay frosty! I found the momon version of settlers of Catan which is called something like Zarahemla. So I am sure we will be playing that soon! I will tell you how it goes! Elder Chou and I are having a blast and I am still using a lot of french! Anyways love you so much have a great week!

-Elder Massé

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 2, 2016 - MLC, what I'm thankful for, Zone Leader, " I knew then and I know now even more that we will never be asked or given anything that we are not able to handle or endure and that has made everything in my mission all worth it and so much easier to bear."

Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward

Comp: Elder Chou (Texas)
Zone Leader

1- in litterally every way shape and form. It has demanded a lot of me physically, mentally, and a lot spiritually. I supposed doing 4 moves in a week, planning a zone conference, and being in a personal meeting with the president of a mission his councilors, the stake president and his councilors can change you in all those ways. Of course there is more I have done.. much more but those are just a couple of examples.! I dont even know what else to say. I have just gained so much perspective on the gospel and what it means to be a missionary as well as the fruits of working hard. It has been so much fun and I have changed who I am! 

2- I have a good perspective on what the future will be like. I have specific goals and things that I want to accomplish and knowing what is in it at the end of all this is what helps me to keep going. It inspires me and drives me to work hard and keep going despite any challenges that I might face. Knowing that it will always get better and knowing that I will be blessed for my obedience and diligence just makes it all worth it. You cannot forget the element of heart though. You can be obedient and diligent but not have any heart in what you are doing. You have to align heavenly Fathers will with your own and make the gospel part of who you are and what you do. You have to attach what you are and what you want to become with the desires of your heart and it makes it all worth it and infinitely easier to just keep going.

3- I love the emphasis on being not only a preach my gospel missionary but a handbook 2 ward council member. Our mission does put a lot of time and energy into the now and planting seeds, but really it makes leaders out of young men and women for the future. It gives and teaches us the proper fundamentals so that we aren't just missionaries for 2 years but for the rest of our lives. It has given me an image of who I want to be when I get home in order to help the work of salvation continue wherever I am. I have learned so many things but I think that is one of the biggest things that I love about our culture. As well as exact obedience and things like that but really how to apply everything that we learn for 2 years to the rest of our lives.

4- That is a hard question. I think I was asked a similar question when I had finally received the valedictorian award. I was asked what was the hardest part. I could name specific times in the time frame where it was extremely difficult, but when I look back it seems so minuscule. I knew then and I know now even more that we will never be asked or given anything that we are not able to handle or endure and that has made everything in my mission all worth it and so much easier to bear. I think if I could name a time though it would definitely be at the beginning of my mission where I did not fully comprehend that principle or fully understand my purpose or goals here. Since the day that I have discovered really why I am here and what heavenly father has asked me to do. It has been cloud 9. Everyday is just another adventure and miracle in the scheme of eternal progression and happiness.

5- Yeah that definitely made me smile! Well.. I got to see elder udave again which was absolutely amazing! That is always a treat. I think I really laughed and smiled the most though in the little moments with elder chou. He has an amazing sense of humor and we are always laughing. Litterally all the time we are just laughing and messing with eachother. I wish you could just tape our lives together. I am sure you could make millions off of making a movie out of it. Kinda like the Truman show. 

6- hmm. well my journal will be done at the 28th I think of this month so yeah if you could send me another journal. I was also wondering if you could send me my planner from laval I missed some days and I want to fill them in but I need my planner to remember what we did. It should say on the inside. I only have one planner and it has like red clouds I think on the outside or something. That would be super useful. Umm. Maybe one pair of slacks would be nice as well. are there any other colors besides gray and black? If not.. well it is fine send me the most sturdy pair. But just one. Other than that. If you know my hair gel you could send me a thing of that. That would be nice. Other than that I think I am golden on everything. I will try soon to send you home a mass thing of pictures on a USB I have made like 3 copies of my photos so I wouldnt lose them. You can then take the photos and send back the USB. I think that everything that I have brought though will make it to the rest of my mission. My shoes. shirts, etc. 

7- I am so grateful for the gospel, for Jesus Christ and all that he has done for me, for my family and friends, christlike attributes, rain, storms, snow, a bed to sleep in at night, my companion and the other 2 elder in my apartment, my homies all around the world, so many things. My mission has given me gratitude in all aspects of like, but it has made me appreciate that much more a gospel centered family and true friends. Those 2 things mean more to me than almost anything in the world.

8- Hm.. this week went by really fast but also really slow I cant even believe it all happened it was nuts! We had MLC which was fun and then exchanges with the assistants. We drove 3100 klicks this month that is 100 a day.. so much driving! Ah but it was good! I love being with elder chou it has been so much fun  I can be myself when I am around him and I really appreciate that. Other than that Devon got her baptismal interview I walked around with cigarettes for like 3 hours because I took them ( well he gave them to me cause I invited him to get rid of them ) from him. Other than that.. I dont even know what else. Just crazy zone leader stuff. We have a zone conference coming up and this is a 5 week transfer so things are pretty crazy! But all is well and I am happy! 

Love you have a great week!

-Elder Massé

1. How do you think your calling as ZL has strengthened you?
2. What is something you do to help you keep optimistic?
3. What's something you love about the culture of your mission?
4. What has been the hardest thing about your mission so far?
5. What made you laugh/smile?  ( I sure loved the picture with the primary children!)
6. Do you need me to send you any clothes? pants, shoes ect?  journals?
7. What's something you're grateful for/
8. Tell me anything!