Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015 - Week three in Montreal!! "I also just don't have any fear because why would I ?" "if I see something weird or if something scares me I usually go and just do it! cause I'm a servant of the lord! I am obedient and the lord is on my side "

Elder Rosenlof (trainer) & Elder Masse in Montreal!

Area: Mont-St-Hilaire (near St Hyacinthe), Quebec, Canada 
Trainer: Elder Ross Rosenlof (from California/Utah)
Language: French

1- My weeks are always amazing jammed full of just amazing spiritual experiences and interesting events! I went on exchanged with Elder Cichos who is a new elder and we went and had to teach in french.. and let me tell you haha.. WOW.. but we got through it! We taught and testifies and laughed at our mistakes and we did a pretty good job if i do say so myself! I also got to drive!! which was crazy awesome and i only turned down a one way street like twice haha.. they have slightly different traffic rules here and they are kind of confusing.. But we survived!
 IT ALSO SNOWED! WOO It didnt stick sadly but every morning when i wake up i go see what temperature it is and when i went out it was -2 and snowing! yeah thats right haha this morning it was -5! Its getting alot colder and it has been hailing and just all sorts of crazy stuff! I am so great I smile all the time and an older lady looked at me and said " c'est Cute" haha because I had no idea what was going on because the conversation was in french but i just smiled and acted like i knew what was happening haha.. So yes I am so happy! and I am super healthy work out every morning and eat right for the most part! Healthy as could be!

2- This week.. A LOT of people haha. there are alot of less active people in our area so we visited alot of them! But also investigators and just.. countless amounts of people we have like 3 main areas so during weekly planning we decide where we are going to go and who we will visit and just yeah i don't think i have enough time to answer that haha. But one particularly interesting was Mark - he is an " investigator" who speaks English and we talked to him for like an hour and half one lesson this week.. It was when elder Cichos and I were together and yeah we basically taught him every missionary lesson haha.. 

3- Umm.. definitely Mark was a really cool experience! and just that exchange with Cichos because we had to fend for ourselves and it was hard but we did it! Umm the snow the first time it snowed was my 2 month mark so that was also a really cool experience.. Other than this! There are a lot of things in my journal haha. ALSO! we had stake conference this week and we got to have a meeting with a member of the 70 and i shook his hand etc. that was also cool! Another thing was I had a feeling to knock on this door and so I did and yeah.. the man looked through the window and just said no haha.. so guess it was just a trial of faith! but I still had faith none the less! also We ate dinner with this family this week that reminded me alot of home little kids running around and playing the xbox haha home sweet home it made me wonder what you guys were doing while I was just out here walking in the cold lol.

4- haha.. Umm what didnt make me laugh? Mainly this week our exchange because when we got out of our lesson with Jean C. we laughed for like 5 minutes because neither of us could understand him and just it was such a fun experience! It was a big growing point as well I knew that I could talk more than i thought i could after that.

5- umm.. the snow was really cool! and the fall is just so beautiful! I will send you pictures and you will see. Other than that when we go to St Hyacinthe there is always really cool architecture and just so many cool things! 

6- FRENCH haha in order to teach it in french you have to know it in English so I have really honed in on how to teach in English so that I can teach in french and it is going very well I led some lessons this week and attributed a lot to the conversations and I helped in street contacting all these things!

7- Unusual?? umm i don't know haha. I am pretty diligent and just unwavering so if I see something weird or if something scares me I usually go and just do it! cause I'm a servant of the lord! I am obedient and the lord is on my side so I listen to the spirit but I also just don't have any fear because why would I ?  I don't have any fear out here I actually taught training in district meeting and that is what i taught about getting over fears and i talked about the OSM mission slogan and also Peter walking on the water! So anything weird? not particularly this week haah

8 - I have not met any Masse's yet sadly but i am looking! don't worry i will find one eventually!

9- how is the french coming? its a lot better than when i got here haha je sais que mon francais est meilleur que quand j'ai arrive le premier jour de mon mission haha je ne sais pas que tu veux moi a dire 

anyways all is perfect here! Have a good week!

-Elder Masse'

1.        1.  How was your week??  How are you??  How's your health?
2.       2.   Who did you go visit and teach this week?
3.       3.  What happened that you never want to forget?
4.       4.    What made you laugh?
5.       5.  What was the craziest thing you saw?
6.      6.   What have you learned about yourself or gotten better at?
7.       7.  What did you see that was unusual or did you try something new?
8.      8.   Have you met any Masse’s yet?
9.       9.  How is the French coming?  Tell me something in French!