Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thanksgiving in Canada! October 13, 2015 "I dont think i have smiled more in my entire life haha" "I am so excited for the cold and the snow because well. The field will truly be white and ready to harvest!! WHOO! "

 tag! picture with the temple and with dads tag. Okay i will try and figure out my camera for next week 

last time with gordon!

walking from the temple for the last time


Area: Mont-St-Hilaire (near St Hyacinthe), Quebec, Canada 
Trainer: Elder Ross Rosenlof 
Language: French

Ma Mere!  Yesterday was Thanksgiving.. so we moved p-day to today! Today being Tuesday.

Okay so 1 - I love you so much mother and yeah its true I am so excited for the cold and the snow because well. The field will truly be white and ready to harvest!! WHOO! and yeah it was so hot yesterday.. I was sweating! It was 25 degrees Celsius.. however hot that is in Fahrenheit haha.. 

1- My ward is the best! it was completely in french and there was so much that i did not understand haha.. the quebecois accent is actually very difficult to understand they talk really nazely and just yeah.. but its coming I am getting more and more used to it! I will get there Elder Rosenlof has been here for 6 months and he understand and speaks very well so this gives me alot of hope haha. There was like 100 people at church i think.. I didnt know most of them but there are a lot that are really active and they all greeted me warmly and very kindly and everyone asks about the name "Masse' " haha EVERYONE. 

2- I have not met any masse's but I am constantly told that I am not the only one and that eventually I should meet someone with the same last name. 

3- Things are great! We get along really well and we are super effective! We are strictly obedient and he is really good about speaking the language and knowing what to do and who to see at what time. He is a great leader. I am his first trainee and already he is just a great elder and he is super warm and patient and I love him so much!

4- umm.. okay my area? well my area is extremely big it goes all the way up to sorel and south of mont st. hilaire it also covers st hyacinthe to the east and i dont know how big it is. there are a couple populated cities and everything is green everywhere! its fall now though so all the colors are changing and its starting to become cold but everything is french and the people just talk non stop.. If you are having a conversation and you ask them a question they will talk for like 30 minutes unless you stop them.. its crazy! but on the other hand if they dont know you they can be pretty cold haha.. 

5- umm. We were in the car and we had like 6 different things fall through.. Nothing we had nothing left. Neither of us knew what to do and the thought came to my head " just say a prayer".. It seemed way to simple haha but I listened and we said a prayer and I felt prompted to look at the ward directory and we went and found like 3 more people to teach and visit with. The lord works mighty miracles. Also another thing was a man got into Elder Rosenlofs and I's face while we were trying to find people. He asked who we were and what we did and we explained and he got into our face and said "I am catholic I was born catholic and I will always be Catholic. What the difference Between you and I ? " -- I wish I could have spoken french fluently then.. I didnt understand what he was saying but i knew he wasnt being kind haha. But we ended up giving out a pass along card but i will not forget that. Its a motivator to learn french i want to be able to answer those questions. 

6- Today? just normal stuff studying, emailing, buying stuff today is not an exciting p -day because well. It was a long week so we are going to just relax and study and hang around the apartment.next weeks will be alot more fun we might go on a hike or something. IT also doesnt help that it looks like its going to rain outside.

7- Umm. Something funny? Jean Charron is a 74 year old man and well old men can be pretty stubborn sometimes he was recording a TV show and well. It just wasnt missionary approved I will leave it at that so we ended up teaching him in the kitchen because He wouldn't turn it off..

8- umm. Maybe so I dont think they have french scriptures at the mission office.. so if you could send a french bible and a 3 triset of french that might be nice.. And always you can send protein stuff ! cause who doesnt want that.. And just letters you have to send it to the mission office then they will send it to our address. So just send it there other than that I am perfect!

 9- Haha I was a missionary thats what i did haha.. No we had a pretty regular day a lot of people were home so we tried to visit as many as possible! We did service for like 4 hours and had an amazing lunch with soeur and frere ochs they made this amazing desert and spaghetti and AH! love the food here its so good! Other than this just a normal day. Oh and we had a dinner appointment with an American family so this was very similar to home SOO MUCH FOOD haha just like home and it was all super good there was 3 families that came so we talked a lot.. Well as much as I could haha because most of it was in french.. But its coming! I am always great! I dont think i have smiled more in my entire life haha.. Church was all in french.. and yeah didnt understand most of it because a lot of people have quebecois accents and they talk so fast so i dont understand alot haha.. But church was good! we talked to a bunch of people and i did actually end up getting alot! but this is the life i am so happy!

Are the boys truly doing okay? I think about them a lot out here. Well as much as time can spare and you and just everyone haha I am always praying for you.

Love you so much have a good week 
-Elder Masse'

1. How was your ward?  How did they receive you? How big is the ward?  Do they do all the talks ect in French?
2. Have you met any Masse's?
3. How are things with your companion?  What's he like?
4. Describe your area to someone who has never been to Montreal
5. What was something you never want to forget that happened this week?
6. What are you doing today for p-day?
7. What's something funny that happened?
8. Do you need anything?  
9. What did you do for Thanksgiving?

Dear Grandma,
For the most part I have been able to get the french materials yes.. but there is always more haha But with the amount I have I have sufficient for my needs. Yes! I get questions all the time about where my name comes from and I am told that there are a lot of Masse's here but I havent seen any yet. umm.. I think it is i think that it is more like english masse but.. not really sure. I will have to figure that out! I really loved Elder Hollands talk about mothers. actually I got to watch them all in English which was really nice but I really did love all of them the Holland talk just comes to mind because I love you and My mother so much and it is true how amazing you both are. haha I am proud! I love you so much grandma and I appreciate your emails and I am sorry this email was a little rushed because I am trying to be exactly obedient! Love you grandma! 
-Elder Masse'