Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Friday, August 21, 2015

First P-day!! AUGUST 21, 2015 - MTC Day 3- "this is the life! I cannot wait to go to montreal. I still have alot of work to do but it is amazing out here", " I can pray and say my testimony in spanish!" "eaten with Gordon quite a few times" "you just have no need to worry about me this is where I am meant to be and i couldnt be happier. "

Area: MTC Provo
Elder Vanaquer (from Lille, France) -going to Montreal
Elder Hopkins (from Colorado) - going to Florida

1.       What part of France is Elder Vanaquer from?
1) Elder Vanaquer is from Lille its in northern france - he is an amazing elder and I love him so much he is an example to me and I love helping him translate from french to english or explaining in french to him. It helps me and it helps us grow closer he misses speaking french all the time so I get to help him with that and I am very grateful! 

2.       Where is Elder Hopkins from?
2) Elder Hopkins is from Colorado! I also love him so much he sadly is not going to Montreal with us he is going to Florida and I will miss him. He is hilarious and Optimistic all the time. He is kind and endearing and a great guy to be around! Our entire dorm is just strictly obedient missionaries and it is awesome! we are very effective missionaries and we do lots of language study together! We are getting good!!! It is so fun it was crazy because in the beginning of my dreams last night people started speaking spanish and I couldnt understand it woke me up actually out of excitement and joy! Later at like 2 am a similar thing happened but it was in French! When I am not speaking Spanish I am speaking french and It is so fun all the time to just be speaking in something that isnt Englsish.

3.       Anything I can send you?
3) I havent really needed anything here. In fact I have stuff I could send home! I definitely dont need 3 suits here especially because its hot so i usually just wear a shirt and tie. 

4.       What’s one of the best things that has happened so far?
4) umm.. Just meeting my companions and studying and working hard towards a common purpose. I can pray and say my testimony in spanish! that was so fun to learn with the other elders. I love just having things to do all the time I love being effective and knowing where I am supposed to be at what time. I have been getting up at 6 which "kinda" gives me hot water the last 2 days it has been cold but c'est la vie. This also gives me extra time to study spanish! When we are not in the classroom or basically doing something on our schedule workshops etc. We are studying. All our free time we use to study the scriptures and especially spanish we practice so hard and we try to memorize phrases and words I have never been so thankful for french in my life! it is so helpful and my accent is not bad! I have been pretty good about switching from spanish and French! It is so fun AHHHH!! cant describe my joy. My branch president went to the same mission I am going to fun fact! he also reminds me of president samuelin alot! He is an amazing guy full of joy. He makes effective missionaries
5.       What made you laugh?
5) Everything makes me laugh I am smiling all the time everyone is kind and loving and they all try and speak in their language we are effective missionaries and serious but we also like to tease each other and laugh when we screw up words or translate incorrectly! everyone here is amazing.

6.       How’s your finger?
6) My finger is great actually it doesnt hurt and I havent had to do anything to it there will be a scar but its okay. It has been good! havent had to use any medical equipment yet!

7.       Has anything been overwhelming?
7) No not really. I havent been stressed out at all I have been calm and orderly and effective IT IS GREAT! this is where I am meant to be and everything just seems normal classes are classes and I love to learn so i am just soaking all of it in. It just seems so normal. It is true that the days are very long it feels like I have been here for so long but it is only the third day. I am getting used to the sleeping schedule and when I woke up this morning I wasnt even tired! WOO! I had a rough start with only 2 hours of sleep on the first day. But all is well! I am used to it and this is my life!

8.       What do you love about the MTC?
8) I love everything about the MTC the food, the people, the language, the classes, the workshop, the teachers. All these people here in common goal and it is just amazing. I dont know how you couldnt love it! it is so organized and perfect I am loving every second. All the advice I have been getting has paid off. It is so wonderful here. 

9.       How is the Spanish coming?
9) again amazing i love it! it is so fun and i cannot wait to learn spanish! i am trying as hard as i can and our class is awesome! our teacher is very kind and wonderful! 

10) not sure what else to say! there are elder here from all over the world!!! OHHHHHHH ALSO!!!! okay so in my district there is an elder named "Elder Hunt" and his brother went to the DRC and he was there from 2013-15 which means he was there when devin was there so i am curious if devin knowns an Elder hunt. He was there when the mission split. so i am just curious he is also the DL he is a great missionary. 

11) in our class there are 11 missionaries 2 going to mexico ( they didnt get their visas so they couldnt leave) So they might leave us soon not sure yet. Then 1 going to florida ( elder Hopkins) vanaquer and I going to montreal then all the other missionaries are going to spain. Our class is awesome and everyone has such amazing testimonies. Most of the people here are 18-19 and so its weird because I am just as old as them but they look so much older! oh elder hopkins is 18. and vanaquer is 20. I am the youngest of the 3. Also i love gordon so much i have eaten with him quite a few times and its always nice to have an old friend here. speaking of which one of the elder in the zone I went to EFY with and jared reed is also here! so that was a very cool surprise. There are some crazy elders here! they are so fun though they tried to scare me the first day by hiding in my closet and jumping at me when i opened it but either due to me or my just massive fatigue the first day they failed haha I just stared at them and laughed. I think I got more joy out of it than they did! 

12) I havent gotten any letters from Camdeyn or Aiden so just tell them I love them so much and they have so much to look forward to. Cam is now the man of the house now so he needs to treat aiden with respect they are brothers now and it is up to them to help raise and take care of eachother. Nothing will help them grow closer than the simple act of being companions.

13) I will try to send you pictures I have a couple but.... I am failing at getting them from my camera to the computer so I will try again. 

14) misc - umm.. Not much else to say it hasnt been to hot because we are inside most of the day but still taking your jacket off is nice.  i Am trying to tell you everything uhhh.. OH! finally saw a new video in the temple and I really liked it. it was very nice to finally see a new video! the temple was beautiful and it was very calming to be there. Other than this.. you just have no need to worry about me this is where I am meant to be and i couldnt be happier. I have been writing loads in my journals about what I have been doing and yeah! all is well! tomorrow i will spend like 10 hours in the classroom so this is really the first day that we are in the classroom for more than like 4 or 5 hours. Not much else i can think of I am going to go switch my laundry now.  this is the life! I cannot wait to go to montreal. I still have alot of work to do but it is amazing out here. love you 

- Elder Masse'