Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Friday, August 28, 2015

August 28th -Week Two MTC! 10th Day! Love my comps, I'm the most organized and tidy elder, diction, blessings, haircut, mail!, "You are saying goodbye to your young men and in return you are getting men of god."

Area: MTC Provo
Elder Vanaquer (from Lille, France) -going to Montreal
Elder Hopkins (from Colorado) - going to Florida

elder stepp is on the floor elder tuthill on the left elder hopkins in the middle and elder vanaquer on the right. Also which bed do you think is mine.. yeah the one that is spotless haha

This is what my journal looks like.. sometimes this is just 1 days worth

most of my studying material still stuff missing though always busy

the teal is my mission.....

I am trying to send you pictures we only have time to do it on p-day and i have the thing for it i am having trouble just opening the files! I am sure that i will figure it out though. 

this computer doesnt capitalize or autocorrect anything and I am trying to type fast so sorry for all the mistakes in the email! but!! 

1.What was the best part of your week?
2.  What does it feel like to be a missionary?
3. What made you laugh?
4. What's awesome about your comps?
5. Tell me something in Spanish or something you learned...
6. Anything you want me to send you?  

My week was amazing as always I cannot believe that this is the 10th day how can that be..! The time goes by so slow but then time also flies by. I spend 10+ hours in the classroom each day studying the scriptures, or preparing for lessons ( we teach 2 investigators ) we taught 2 lessons to one investigator and 4 lessons to another one this week. So we are always studying something! also language study that a big thing too! 

The language is coming fairly easy I already know how the structure works because of french I just need the vocabulary which i am good at! again because of french so i am constantly in the english to spanish dictionary just writing down useful words that I use in my day to day life! 

Yeah it was a huge surprise to see elder Nash that was a super cool moment we only had like 5 minutes to talk but I am glad you have at least 1 picture of me I have a bunch for you but I am working on It!

 I should have brought my planner with me because there are so many things that happened this week. There is no way that I will be able to remember them all! But I will tell you as much as I can remember. I will do this at the end of letter after I read through and respond to all your paragraphs. 

 I am working out really hard too we only go to the weight room! I have gotten more mail than everyone else in my district combined and I love it thank you so much! it is so nice to receive letters everyday! so after I write in my journal I make sure to write a letter so everyone's letters should be on the way! You guys are amazing! 

The stickers! yes never forget those but don't focus on them too much I am where I am supposed to be and i wouldn't want you worrying about me too much this is your time to go have fun with the two little boys! How have the little boys been holding up? I sent them letters! they should be there in a day or two they seem so sad in their letters I hope that they are having an amazing time! 

yeah i am thankful too be a missionary too haha! there is always so much love all the time! yesterday my companions had a prompting that all the elders in our dorms should give each other blessings so we did we each gave each other blessings of comfort. He felt that we should do it every sunday starting the following week and we all agreed. We thought it would be a good way to exercise our priesthood authority and really bring comfort to the each other. I absolutely adore everyone in our district! they are all such sweet spirits and we get along so well!

Thats really funny that you guys are doing that! I am sure that all is well though! this is just part of life! You are saying goodbye to your young men and in return you are getting men of god. 

You will always be my missionary mom! I am glad you have something to talk about though! always keep yourself busy this helps distract from the chaotic world!

Good I am glad I am excited to see how strong Cam is when I get back! we will have to have a wrestling match! When is school starting for the boys? are they excited? how are things going with the house?

It is absolutely beautiful here I couldnt ask for anything better! i am so excited for the winter in montreal though! there is 1 other spanish montreal elder here but he already knows spanish so he is learning french. Then there are like 10 other elder that are also going to montreal but they are just regular french speaking elders!

The temple was amazing as always! I got to see another new video so there is only 1 that I haven't seen now! WOO! The temple here is beautiful the portland temple will always have a place in my heart though.

Thank you mother you give me so much support I couldnt ask for anything more life here is so great and I love it! well here is just some more info about companions and what happened this week.

- Elder Vanaquer! I love him so much he is 20 years old obviously speaks fluent french and english and honestly he understands me better than anyone he is so chill! I love him so much he brings me so much joy he has a sweet spirit about him and he really relates to me a lot. we are so similar in so many ways. He is so helpful to my french and i know that God put us together for a reason! Sometimes he is the only person that understands what i am thinking. this is so nice! He is so charitable and sweet and funny and i couldnt ask for a better companion! Also I learned the importance of diction this week because elder stepp who is in our district one night said ' brushing my teeth is such a hassle ' and elder vanaquer thought that he has sad brushing my teeth is such an ***hole.. and he repeated it and I dont think i have laughed so hard in my life. I love him so much

- Elder hopkins! oh man he really is one of the reasons I am sane! he is just a jokester and he is always laughing and smiling and he really just adds the sweetest spirit everyday! He is always making us smile and laugh and I am so glad that he is here to help lift us up! plus its always nice to speak a little bit of english every once in a while and he gives me that opportunity I am thankful for his outgoing attitude and conviction of the gospel he is a really good teacher. 

my week! as always it was amazing! its always full of so many spiritual experiences! last saturday.. I can remember that far sorry! but sunday was amazing! it was nice to not be in the classroom for 10 hours we went to sacrament meeting and priesthood and I got to watch an amazing talk by elder bednar called the character of christ it is one of the most amazing talks i have ever heard and right before it a member of the 70 spoke to the missionaries and this again was one of the most amazing talks I had ever heard and he did the whole thing led by the spirit he couldnt think of what to say so he went of the spirit and it was amazing!
monday.. I think was just regular I am not totally sure that seems like an eternity ago!
tuesday we had another devotional at night and a member of the 70 talked to us this was again so amazing! 
wednesday was a normal teaching and 10 hour classroom day and so was thursday!

then today was p-day so we woke up at 6;15 - we always do this because we have warm showers and extra time to study in the morning it is really nice! and we ate breakfast then went to the temple after the temple we studied for like an hour and a half then went to lunch then after that we worked out, did some comp study, wrote and sent letters went to the store! we have been all over the place!

i scheduled a time to get a haircut because I have some of the longest hair in the MTc haha.. or from what I have seen I have not really seen anyone with longer hair than me so it is time to forget my old self and become a missionary of GOD! we also washed clothes and we will have more personal study later along with language study! we are always doing something! ALWAYS! we also have 3 more hours in the classroom today and dinner. then we will have district meeting planning session. we will go to our dorms i write a letter and write in my journal then go to bed at 10;30. This is my day for p-day! I will have to send you one next week of a normal day! 
umm.. other than this i need soap I am almost already out I go through a lot faster than i thought.. and if you could send more of those protein bars that would be nice but not necessary other than that I think I have everything I need this is the life!

Also 2 more things you will appreciate I am definitely the most organized and tidy elder in our district if not our zone haha.. everything is spotless and completely organized and I am always on time and perfectly obedient to everything. The 2 hermanas ( sisters ) in our district also said that they thought I would get married first because out of everyone I seemed the most mature and just 'fatherlike' which I thought was funny! it was nice though anyways! this should suffice!! love you so much mom ( and everyone else reading this!) love you until next week!

- Elder Masse'