Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016- Busy! President Patrick is leaving, We play Tennis or live weights, Saw a bunch of wild animals!

Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward
Comp: Elder Jared Nilson (Kaysville, UT)
Zone Leader

1. What did you do this week??  
2. What made you laugh/cry?
3. How is your health?  What do you do to exercise?
4. What do your district meeting look like?  How about P-Days?  Do you end up wearing your suit all day, or p-day clothes?
5. Stand out spiritual experiences or tender mercies?
6. Anything you need?  (I have some extra pants for you if you want me to send them)
7. What happened this week you don't want to forget! 
8. Questions for me?  Are you going to send me a pic or two?

It seems like I have run out of time and I feel bad that I wasn't able to email.. I know I said I would but then I got caught up in Presidents final email and talking to devin so i will respond as much as I can now then I will write you a letter with all the responses and some pictures in it! Hope that that will suffice! 

1- Great week really busy everyone is moving so things have been super crazy! Glad that I am not supoer scrawny though I am able to help a lot! 

2- cry? Well president patrick is leaving this week so that is pretty sad but I will have a new mission president so that is exciting! 

3- I am 100%, sometimes we play tennis and other times we lift weights and just work out in the apartment. I usually always get a good work out in. 

4- I only wear my suit to district meeting and zone meeting really. As well as chuch. P-day clothes rarely because we are almost always out doing somethings. District meeting usually have a training, or 2. white handbook moment, trumpet moment, miracle moment, etc. I can explain that one more later.

5- Just being here! mm.. I think something cool was during the week a man just randomly called us that we didnt know and asked us to come teach him! That was way cool as well! 

6- mm.. not quite yet. I dont think I need anything.. I will be ready to ask for them though soon probably when I go into my next area. but not quite yet. as well as the hard drive would be nice but I could get that today. 

7- mm we drove an hour and half north with our bishop and worked on this international school for the entire day it was so cool! They had all these wild animals. 12 birds of prey including a bald eagle. Horses, I saw 20 mushing dogs full grown super strong and very obedient I got to play with them etc. It was way cool! as well as gosling etc. It is a less active man but he lets us come up and do service everyone once in a while it was sooo cool! 

8- I will in the letter.. sorry! 

Sorry that that is all for this week but know that I love you! and I hiope you have a great week 

-Elder Massé