Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017- PICS! Transfers!!!! I'm leaving Laval! Soooo Cold!! Temple,

Laval, Quebec
Comp: Elder Mullen

1. Transfers????  Do you have a new comp? If so, tell me all about him! New area?
2. What were the highlights of your week?
3. Do you have any thoughts for Elliott and Natalie?
4. How are you feeling about things?
5. What have been your successes this week?
6. What made you laugh?
7. How is your health?  Are you still sick?
8. Birthday wishes for Aiden?
9. Tell me anything!

I will try and answer quickly so that you can know! What is going on because I need to go home and finish packing haha.. 

1- Yes I am leaving Laval! I am sad to see it go it was a wonderful ward and I got to see so many amazing miracles! The members were great and I will miss them! I know who he is I have served in his district about a year ago but only for 6 weeks his name is elder carr. Actually I went to EFY with him haha fun fact so we know each other. He is actually currently the assistant to the presient so he is a great missionary I am excited to serve with him! My new area will be in English and it will be on the island it is Montréal east!

2- It was a super good week! We had the opportunity to go to the temple on tuesday and It was so peaceful! I loved it, I love the peace and joy that the temple brings into my life. One of our investigators this week as well whom I love! Said that she would be baptized before I went home and that she would call me to invite me personally to her baptism so I am super excited about that! She has come a long way and she is such a sweet woman! Sunday was nice I had the opportunity to bear my testimony and it was sad to say good bye to the ward but it was nice to feel of their love and support for me! 

3- I am so excited for them! Words cant desribe! I just hope they know that I love them. I am proud of them. I wish them the best in all that they do. Elliott I thank you for everything that you have done for my sister from what I have heard you bring our the best in her and I know that you will make her happy and that is what counts. Natalie I am so excited for you. I cant believe how fast all of this is going. You know I love you and I am so proud of how far you have come! Keep just being you continue to work hard! You two are the best and I am so proud of you! P.S. - dont forget to Cater TACO BELL for me haha. 

4- Things are great! It is weird to leave this area I will be getting my 12th companion in total including the MTC this wednesday which is a lot I am thinking about what I will do to serve and what I will learn from the experiences and opportunities that I am about to have! I am excited! 

5- Hmm.. Well we had the opportunity to find 2 new investigators this week 1 which we put on date immediatly and he should be baptized this transfer.. though I will not be here for it.. so there was that other than that we just worked hard taught many lessons and got in contact with many investigators that we havent been able to see in a while! 

6- I think the thing that made me laugh the hardest this week was Elder Mullen. You know all those canadian stereotypes about how they say funny words and say Eh all the time? Well it is totally true lol.. So Elder Mullen decided to speak this week as a normal canadian and it was hilarious as well as it snowed a bunch this week and he just went crazy! It was like the canadian side of him came out and I have a funny video to show you at the end as an example.

7-I am doing great! I am back to 100% All is well here! Though 2 of the elders in my apartment seem to be getting sick so hopefully they will be okay..

8- Aiden.. Buddy I am so proud of you! I am so excited for you and I cant believe how big you are growing! Stay patient and before you know it I will be right there beside you! Dont miss me too much though I will be home before you know it! Remember distance makes the heart grow fonder! I am so proud to call you my brother! I am so proud at home mature and loving and what good example you are to me and to all your other siblings! Keep up the hard work buddy and know that I love you! 

9-I am excited for what is to come! It will be a fun next 6 months only 4 transfers left.. it is crazy to think home quickly time has been flying by but I am excited and ready to work hard these last 4 transfers there are going to be many amazing experiences I am sure! 

Love you! 

-Elder Massé​

1- We are turning into old men.. Look at that white hair!

2- Love the snow!​​​