Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

February 23, 2017- pics! "Life is good I am happy and I dont think there is much more than that! I am just very humbled to have this opportunity to serve and it has been quite the experience so far! I am excited for what is to come! "

Montreal, Quebec
Comp: Elder Carr

1- Flores family

2- Riverin Family

3- Tremblay Family

4- Anne Marie!​

I wont have time to respond to all of these questions sorry time is short.. as you know but know that I love you and that I am thinking of you

1- It was really good! It was just extremely busy haha, I cannot think of very many other weeks where I have been this busy things were just crazy preparing for 5 zone conferences and an MLC for the following week so in doing that we didnt even have time for a p-day haha but now worries! It has been an adventure! 

2- I got to go back to Ottawa I got to see half the mission it was a lot of fun! we have been giving a lot of training's and it has been very humbling to pray and listen and seek after the will of the Lord for the different missionaries! IT has been amazing though

3- Haha.. that is a great questions I am still figuring them out as they go, but we get to go to the airport and great the new missionaries, we get to train them the next day and then say goodbye to the departing missionaries and take them to the airport, we get to train at zone conferences and make many calls, the list goes on and on! There is a lot of administrative stuff as well but I dont have time to write about all of that haha..

4- Not yet! But I will this next week! I will get to go up to Quebec city and that will be so fun! It is like mini-Paris so I am excited to see what it is like! 

5- I dont haha... sadly though there is a big desk with 2 computers and we are on them all the time! The first 2 days we spent more time at the mission office than at the apartment I am living at! I think I have been to the mission office almost every day! I think this is due to zone conferences this week and so the work load has been quite large.

6- Oh man.. I have been learning so much! It is such an amazing opportunity to be around President and Sister Phillips and I love them so much! As well as Caleb their son! They are absolutely extraordinary and I love spending time with them they are always teaching me things in everything that they do! They are so amazing! 

7- He is so amazing! I have had the opportunity to serve around Elder Carr before and he is a total stud! He is like my twin brother except he is 6 foot 3.. We have learned a lot from each other already and I am excited for what is to come! He is already like my best friend and I love him to death! \

8- Life is good I am happy and I dont think there is much more than that! I am just very humbled to have this opportunity to serve and it has been quite the experience so far! I am excited for what is to come! 

WEll I love you!

-Elder Massé

1. How was your week?
2. What did you do this week?
3. What are some of your duties as AP?
4. Have you been to any new places in the mission?
5. Do you have your own desk/computer at the mission office? How much time do you spend there?
6. What insights have you gained?
7.  Tell me about your new comp
8. Tell me anything!


Feb 21st: Hey so I am super busy and I dont know if I will really have time for emails this week.. I have about 15 minutes so I will do my best to let you know khow things are going but there are just no computers available and we are in the middle of zone conferences so things are kind of crazy haha.. but I am happy and healthy! 

 I have not had the opportunity to go anywhere new yet but! We are in the middle of zone conferences so next week I will have the chance! I will get the chance to go up to Quebec city which will be really cool I haven't had the opportunity to go up that far yet and I am excited to see what it is like! I am told that it is like  a little piece of Europe in Canada so we will see! I will send pictures! I got to go back to Ottawa on monday though which was nice it was like going back home I spent so much time there.. 

I dont have a desk at the mission office though there is a desk with 2 computers that are open to missionaries to use for various reasons and I have used it more in the past week than I would care to count haha.. There is quite a bit of administrative stuff we do so we are in the office quite a bit! 

I think since last Wednesday there hasnt been a day that I havent seen him.. We are always correlating and talking it is a little bit different though because this is zone conference week so I am seeing him more than normal.. at least I think maybe it is always like this, but it is nice to be in the mission home again there is always a sweet spirit there and I love President and Sister Phillips so much it is like being around you and dad all the time! They also have a now 17 year old son as of today who is such a stud! I love him to death and it has been fun to get to know him better! 

Did I tell you that I got to drop elder Rosenlof off at the airport last thursday? I got to spent 2 days with him more or less because he was finishing his mission and it was nice to see him again I hadnt had the chance to really see throughout my mission except for last week.