Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Friday, September 4, 2015

September 4, 2015 - "But as usual i am great i love it here and this is where i was meant to be", "I AM GREAT! As always I love it here I love the people and the environment i love being busy! always stuff to do in the MTC or CCM for spanish elder! always happy always smiling! Days are long though of course but its something you get used to.", Dallin H. Oaks devotional, pizza, reading BOM,

its beautiful here i am so excited for montreal! alright last photo love you

I AM GREAT! As always I love it here I love the people and the environment i love being busy! always stuff to do in the MTC or CCM for spanish elder! always happy always smiling! Days are long though of course but its something you get used to.
okay so 

1. - my district is awesome! i love all of them i think i have a picture with everyone so i will send that to you! but there are 11 of us and we are all exact obedience missionaries we have lots of fun but we are also really good at learning and working as a team! I love our district there is 2 sisters and 9 elders. Next week though we will be getting another elder from our zone that has to stay an extra 2 weeks because he has weird transfer dates so when this happens my trio will be getting split up. To my knowledge I will be going with Vanaquer and Elder Hopkins will be Going with the other missionary whose name is elder hunt. Then we will be reunited in our trio for the last week of our adventure here. the sisters are going to mexico, 6 are going to barcelon/madrid spain, 1 to Jacksonville florida and 2 to quebec.

2- Everything makes me laugh! There are so many funny experiences with spanish and the investigators and trying to teach in a foreign language! We were doing a role play and the person was supposed to be a "hard" investigator.. Well we ended up just laughing for 5 minutes because the lesson just went so badly.. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life - it was one of those "you had to be there moments"

3- The craziest thing? I dont know if I have a craziest thing haha.. everything here is chaotic but totally organized.. actually! no the craziest thing was when we had a devotional tuesday night where we have a guest speaker and it ended up being Dallin H. Oaks! that was super cool and at one point I totally could have  just ran and hugged him because he was so close to me. It was pretty sweet! he gave an amazing devotional that went to every MTC in the world and I was there to watch it! pretty sweet!

4 - I learn stuff every day.. so many things i memorize over 25 spanish words a day and like 10 verbs and 5 phrases. Along with trying to memorize scriptures I am constantly constantly studying so I learned more about my purpose and just how to teach better along with how I can improve on my language.

5- I really love everyone in our district! Elder hunt is a 4.0 gpa like me he is the district leader I can relate alot to him and he is really smart. His companion elder Pittman is from Idaho and he has the strongest testimony that you will ever see. Elder Delgado is a really funny tough guy from wyoming that rides bulls and he is super chill and its a blast working out with him we go hard. his companion elder chabot is one of my favorite people ever he is super funny and those two are becoming the zone leaders for the next 3 weeks but chabot always makes me laugh and he is smart and tall and we always mess with each other. Elder tutthill and elder stepp are another companionship - elder tutthill is my twin he studies just as much as i do if not more and he is also pretty reserved but he is also really smart as well he had language background with french and german so studying with him is super useful because we really compliment each others learning techniques. His companion is elder stepp and he is 19 he went to college for a year before he came out here and he is a very mature chill guy I like having discussions with him he is also a tough guy too from texas. then there are the two hermanas heremana lange went to college and she has the best spanish in the class. she knew some before she came out here though. She is also very smart. her companion hermana killborne is the same way both of them are really good at spanish and they are really kind. 

Then of course there is my companionship - elder hopkins always makes me laugh he is the jokester of the class but he also has a really strong testimony of the gospel. He really adds pizzazz to the lives of the missionaries in our district - always makes us laugh and he lightens the mood. I cannot express How much i love both my companions! Elder vanaquer is such a cool elder! he is been to so many places around the world and he and I work super well together we are the exact same person! I love having talks with him! he is 20 and very mature and sometimes he is the only person that keeps me sane as well! he is super funny and he is a really good singer! and a really good dancer he knows how to teach he is good at the language I am so thankful for him! and Me? I am progressing in spanish really fast it comes really easy especially with the french I know - madame didnt just teach me french she taught me how to learn a language and I am so thankful for this I know how the language works and everything I can do to be fluent. I am always so " as long as its effective" and "foco" which means spanish in french I am really good at getting people back on track and I constantly remind everyone of our purpose I am a strictly obedient missionary! 

6) I do! as much as i can be i mean there is always surprises but nothing here has really been too far from what I thought missionary life would be like! the language is easier than i thought it would be! the food is... well its the mtc food haha and its just a blast here I love it! Everything is so organized and you are so busy you dont really have time to think about what you might have done differently or how it doesnt match your expectations you just do it.

7 - ummm.. I dont know!.. the food here repeats alot soooo.. i am partial to say what is my favorite! buuuuuut every friday we get pizza so i am going to count that as my favorite! I love the order of things here 3 meals a day work out and 10 hours in the classroom.. that basically the schedule everyday!

8- again not too much different than i expected everything just seems so normal.. so familiar! already i love my tag! i have 5 of them 2 in spanish 1 in english and 2 in french I love them so much! i already feel weird without it.

9- alright anything well i will tell you about my week and everything that happend umm.. starting last sunday i really started reading the Book of mormon again and in one day i read about 150 pages! i never knew how much you could love the scriptures but i do! its the most amazing book you will ever read i wanted to jsut keep going until i finished it but obviously i didnt have time to do that. i started in 1st nephi and ended in mosiah! 

umm so there was a devotional that day and not only did i lose 1 of my companions when we went to the movie devotional "thing" I lost both of them! so i just went into a trio with someone else in my district and all was well but it was just funny! everyone in my district is getting sick.. well actually everyone in the zone is sick I still have yet to get sick but i hope it doesnt happen i have been feeling fine but we will see! Oh you are supposed to prepare a talk and i took 45 minutes to prepare my talk then i forgot it in the classroom and you are assigned randomly.. oh yeah and it is all supposed to be in spanish so i wrote another talk in 5 minutes in spanish and i was ready to talk but it didnt happen.. buuuut! i know that i can write a talk in spanish rather quickly now! I think that is all for sunday 

monday - oh actually backtrack to last friday! I have given 2 blessings here already and participated in like 10 the priesthood is amazing and it truly does work miracles! We gave an elder in our disctrict a blessing who just felt really really crappy and had the worste headache and as soon as we finished giving him a blessing his headache went away and he started feeling better. Just a cool story!  

 -- Oh i got stuff from you I am always so thankful for this!  nothing else really happened  monday it is always kinda a slow day

tuesdays are always nice because we have the devotionals at night and as i told you before we had an apostle come 
Wednesdays are fun because new missionaries come and you get to hear " welcome to the MTC" next week i will be one of the people that helps out with the new missionaries and this will be fun! 
Thursday ! umm.. again slow day we teach alot and we taught 3 times! all of them were all right the last one was especially good! But as usual i am great i love it here and this is where i was meant to be

- all the time i talk to elder and sisters that are going all around the world and it is just so crazy to me! umm i havent been getting any emails from the boys or dad so make sure that if they are trying that they have the right mailing address! not sure what else to say! i love here it  here that should be enough for this week! i put like 10 letters in the mail so they should be there by now if they arent.. love you guys talk to you soon

- Elder masse'

1.       How are things in your district?

2.       What made you laugh?

3.       What was the craziest thing that happened?

4.       What’s something you learned this week?

5.       Who are some of your favorite people you’ve met?

6.       What’s your favorite food at the MTC?

7.       How is your mission different than you expected?  (or is it?)

8.       Tell me anything!