Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, November 16, 2015

Nov 16, 2015 - "Today is my 90th day as a missionary" "You get to decide who you want to be and when you finally decide that it changes you for the rest of your life. I am living the life that I want to be living now." Week 7 in Montreal! "bonjour ma mere ca va? je suis ici"

Area: Mont-St-Hilaire (near St Hyacinthe), Quebec, Canada 
Trainer: Elder Ross Rosenlof
Language: French

bonjour ma mere ca va? je suis ici   je pense que tu peux mettre les deux ensemble et faire "bonjour"

1- Haha.. those are 2 completely different people now. To be honest I dont know if I was truly ready to leave home at that time. Everyone talks so much about how much they want to leave and how they are ready to move on and I said this too but I dont think i was really ready. The boy that showed up the MTC was missing home, and he didnt know heavenly fathers plan for him. Its hard to describe what the difference is. It felt like just yesterday but, it has been an eternity. I have grown up in this short time. today is my 90th day as a missionary. in 90 days I have changed physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally. These changes have only come as I have been put in these difficult circumstances and been forces to decide who I wanted to be. This is the best part of being a missionary. You get to decide who you want to be and when you finally decide that it changes you for the rest of your life. I am living the life that I want to be living now. when I entered the Mtc I was probably more ready than most. I was ready to learn the language I was so so so motivated and I still am. But i think i was relying more on myself than anyone else. Now i have learned to put it into the hands of the lord and just go where he wants me to go. My life has changed because of my mission.

2- Yes i feel successful. Success is a personal measurement that cannot be based upon the merits and achievements of others. Otherwise you will never feel successful and you will always ask yourself why you aren't better. I did everything I possible could this week. I worked with my heart might mind and strength i was exhausted! And it was so wonderful so wonderful to finally kneel at my bedside and say " i did it I got through the day, heavenly father please give me a good nights rest so that I can do it all over again tomorrow." then i do. Everyday. This week i found people that havent been contacted in 3+ years who have just been lost and now they are found because we made that extra effort. It was a great week.

3- Haha thats a funny question because in district meeting the question was asked " what makes you happy?" and when it got to me they said " What doesnt make you happy??" because I am always cheerful here! Always smiling.. but specifically? Umm I always smile well.. I always smile i can't think of something specifically right!

4- My district is comprised of 8 missionaries 2 sisters and elders and it is actually super big comparatively. It is almost half our zone.. and I LOVE THEM ALL! the sisters are the best and I love all the other missionaries half our district is being trained and we all just love each other and we laugh and we talk about what we can do to support each other and our district is really a family! I adore them! Umm well define how close? because no one will ever be as close as John, Gordon and I but i mean we are pretty tight and we laugh and just make jokes etc. We only see them once a week so.. Yeah but I love them to death!

5- Umm that is a good question.. You may have to ask  them haha! But i believe they see this dedicated missionary who really knows his purpose and is always willing to work hard. They notice how cheerful and optimistic I am and they can see that I really have a love for this people and many ideas on what we can do to help raise them up.

6- I realized this week that there is an underlining principle so to say that governs everything. It goes as follows : If you want a certain result you have to put in the right ingredients for that result. An apple seed that has been planted, watered, fertilized, and raised correctly will not grow into an orange tree. The correct ingredients mixed together create the wanted result of an apple tree. This same principle is applicable to everything. If you want more happiness in your life all you have to do is put the " ingredients" for happiness into your life and you will be happy. You can apply this to missionary work and literally everything spiritual and physical. While at the same time you can look at yourself and see this same result. You are the result of ingredients. You are the result of several experiences in the past that have put you where you are now. The most defining and biggest ingredient for me is my family. because of them I am who i am. My merits, my achievements, where I am is a result of you, of dad, devin natalie camdeyn and aiden. Nothing could have prepared me more than seeing the hard work, dedication, love, optimism etc. that was provided for our family. Everything I am is because of how my family influenced me and I will always be thankful for that. 

7- umm.. Thats a great question..Characteristic of a missionary in quebec? well he has to be prepared for the cold! Something funny in general is all the little quirky things that the people say here! and when people try and speak english. it doesnt always go well haha like someone said " whatever turns you on " .. I dont think he understood what he was saying.. But they always through in the canadian " Eh" but in french its " Lo ' for instance bien- lo or other stuff.. it makes it hard to understand and they really do say eh.. like all the time! 

8- Thats hard haha what do you want?  je sais que...... ma mere est le mieux. est le plus belle.  (Mom's note:  he gets extra brownie points for that!!!)

Well thats just about it this week i thought a lot about peace and I have come to realize that peace doesnt come from the absence of things going on. This is what I thought it to be. No peace comes differently for each person and everyone finds peace in different things and activities. But the true source of peace will always be Jesus Christ and so I truly have found peace on my mission,. Life may be hectic and hard and crazy at times but I am still at peace. Love you! have a good week!
-Elder Masse'

1.  How do you see yourself differently now than when you first got in the mission field?
2. What were your successes this week?  Do you feel successful?
3. What made you smile?
4. How is your district?  Have you made friends with other missionaries?  How close are the other missionaries to you in proximity?
5. How do others see you?
6. What is one way that being a Masse and growing up in our home, help prepare you for a mission?
7. What is something fun about being a missionary in Quebec?
8. Tell me something in French!!!