Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015 - "when i woke up it was -10 degrees Celsius haha.. it also SNOWED yesterday like no other and it was so awesome! " "i hit 100 days on my mission this week ". "I [am] grateful for...it really came down to 3 principle things Family, Friends, Jesus Christ.


I walked in -4 degree weather for 2 hours haha my glasses fogged up and I could barely move my face haha

Area: Mont-St-Hilaire (near St Hyacinthe), Quebec, Canada 
Trainer: Elder Ross Rosenlof

Language: French

1. What made you laugh this week?
2. What have you been thinking about lately?
3. Tell me what it looks like when you go outside in the morning.  Smells, sights, sounds…
4. Have you heard from John or Gordan?  How are they?
5. What’s  a normal day look like for you?  What did you do this week? Any special plans for p-day?
6. What was one of your favorite things that happened this week?
7. What people have become especially dear to your heart? 

8. Do you need anything?  

Bonjour ma mere!  je suis ici!

this morning when i woke up it was -10 degrees Celsius haha.. it also SNOWED yesterday like no other and it was so awesome! well kinda it prevented us from doing what we scheduled because the roads were frozen and we tried driving and we were just slipping all over the place..

I am amazing as ever haha Again always happy always smiling! what more is there to say?? 

1- umm.. Great question probably when our crazy recent convert started describing this lady and I could understand what he was saying it was pretty funny but I was also very confused about the context of the story.. Other than this! Just life! There is laughter everywhere people act funny, talk funny! Everything is worth laughing about!

2- umm.. this week? I thought about a lot of things.... some things specifically as always is home but not in a " I want to go home" More of just like a thankful and happy kind of thought. It was thanksgiving this week after all so I thought a lot about what I was grateful for and it really came down to 3 principle things Family, Friends, Jesus Christ. There are many many others but I truly so thankful for my family and I thought about everyone a lot this week and how they are doing and what Gordon, John and Craig must be feeling like and how their missions are going etc.

3- Well specifically this morning when I walked out everything was blanketed in WHITE! whooo! and It is really cold but there is a stillness and peace and you can smell a campfire kind of smile from the chimneys! It is so so so amazing I absolutely love it that is one of my favorite things!

4- Gordon* haha Yeah I write them each week! It sounds like they are amazing haha Dealing with them same stuff I am dealing with here just a couple thousand miles away. I miss my two bros and after 2 years all the just missing and love is going to be rekindled and I think the three of us may just explode when we see each other..! ! !

5- Today? today is just a normal p-day we will go to the store buy groceries relax maybe make some sweets... chill in our nice warm apartment and read the scriptures etc. haha. But a normal day is we leave around 1 from the apartment because we have an hour of personal, and language study with 2 hours for companion study and an hour for lunch! along with getting ready, eating breakfast, and working out. After that! Then we go and visit members, less actives, we teach, we find, we walk! We eat dinner we drive to places! It is just a constant finding and teaching effort all day everyday haha. 

6- Probably when we went into a house to teach a lesson and it was nice blue skies and not too cold and then when we walked out there was like an inch of snow the skies were overcast the sun was gone haha and it was just snowing like crazy! I was SO HAPPY all I had on was my light rain jacket and it was like -3 degrees and I went out and all the snow from the roof fell on me because right as I stepped outside the wind just blew it all right on me! I just laughed though it is really really dry powder it would be so nice for snowboarding! 

7- who hasn't haha? I thought about this a lot my senior year and i mean really it is my family, and all my close friends, john gordon, alenka, josh, craig, david etc. All the people  that I have grown to love so much! Out here? Denis and My companion elder Vanaquer Elder Baldabinos etc. Everyone! I LOVE EVERYONE haha! 

8-  it would be extremely useful would be like quick meals to make that are simple! like a bunch of just quick recipes. You could ask natalie and devin what they cooked and write them down and send them to me that would be amazingly useful! Other than that I believe I am good for now! I Would like Madams email though and also mr. hawthornes is you can get it to me I would like to email them!

Well other than that. i hit 100 days on my mission this week which blows my mind.. that means I am 1/7th done how is that possible! it snowed!  Well love you so much! have a good week!
-Elder Masse'