Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015 - est-ce que vous etes la?, "when i woke up this morning it was -6 degrees...yes! " " If you want to change the world, you can't be of the world."

Area: Mont-St-Hilaire (near St Hyacinthe), Quebec, Canada 
Trainer: Elder Ross Rosenlof
Language: French

est-ce que vous etes la?

the weather has been going up and down when i woke up this morning it was -6 degrees # yes! 

Je t'aime - it means literally i you love

1. How was your week?  Tell me everything!  
2. What's hardest about being a missionary in Quebec?  What lifts you up on hard days?
3. What made you laugh and smile?
4. What adventures did you have this week?
5. How is your French coming along?  Can others understand you?  How's your lessons going?
6.  Do you study Spanish & French, or just French right now?
7. What spiritual experiences did you have?  Do you have a favorite scripture or chapter you've been reading?  
8. What do you think was a major thing that prepared you for a mission?

0 - I am great I am slightly jealous of the new house haha moving was always hard but there was always pros and cons it was like starting fresh and that is something that I have come to love so much about my mission is that at 18-19 thats really all you want and that is really what makes the difference that opportunity to start over with all this knowledge you have and really become the person you want to be. The best way to do that is a mission because it humbles you it strengthens you and it changes you into the person you want to be.

1- My week was great haha it was interesting we got dropped by 4 investigators this week buuuut they said we could contact them in December so I am hoping that will work out. umm other than that i mean everyday is basically the same haha there are variations and miracles everywhere but the same general structure! Umm temple dedication yeterday which was amazing there was 5 general authorities including president Eyring and president causee who spoke in the MTC while i was there!

2- umm the hardest thing? well the language barrier is pretty hard but once you overcome that... your success is in the people ...there are always people being prepared and miracles everyday! Umm what lifts me up? I dont know in order for me to be lifted up I have to be thrown down first which is pretty hard I am pretty diligent and optimistic buuuut. All I really have to do is smile and in order to smile I just think of my who I am my family, my friends my memories and I remember why I am here and that I am giving that same happiness to other people so I need to keep going.

3- umm.. Our recent convert Denis always makes me smile.  He always brightens our days etc. umm i think one thing that made me laugh? There is a million things one specifically? Probably when someones told us the story about how they passed a kidney stone.. ( we were just as confused as you are) But it was really funny when it happened. ALSO I found this thing i will show it to you in a picture.

4- umm it was a pretty strightforward week I mean dont really have time for a lot of adventures.. Cause I mean I am working 24/7 to be a missionary so dont know If i have much to say about this one..
5- French isn't that bad I can speak that isnt the hardest part the hardest part at this point is understanding what other people are saying haha there are some pretty bad accents here... BUT i got asked if I was from france twice this week! BOOM thats whats up thank you madame!

6- No I am just studying in french because I can't do both.. I have to learn one then the other I tried in the MTC to do both and it doesn't work it just jumbles and you dont learn anything in the end..

7- What spiritual experiences dont I have? umm this week? Just being guided to find people there was a man walking by and at first he walked by and we didnt say anything and wow ( never let anyone get by you as a missionary ) So i turned around and I asked him if he knew who we were and he ended up knowing us and he had been baptized but he wasn't on the records.. needless to say we found a lost sheep!! I read scriptures all the time haha.. Ether 12;27 my mission scripture we share all sorts of things.

8- I still think the biggest things came from the family Everything that I am is because of our family and that just goes into Being a great missionary. I am who I am because of my family and friends. This is the single greatest tool that has prepared me.

Other things i forgot to mention so we had zone conference this week with surprise flu shots haha.. President didnt tell anyone until they were there so there was really no escape haha so we got those and that was just funny and yeah other than that zone conference was good and life as a missionary is just fantastic! okay well  I love you all and I hope you have a good week. Stay strong and remember " If you want to change the world, you can't be of the world." - Elder Masse'


- from Elder Vanaquer, Elder Masse's companion from the MTC (from France):

"Hey Sister Masse ... Ive just received you letter ... thank you so much, this is so nice!!

I miss your sone elder Masse haha Im serving in ottawa in spanish, its kind of hard because of the language but I keep courage! We have jsut 10 members spanish, its a groupe! So, its interinsting ahha sorry for my english sister, but I really want to thanks you for your letter, really, thanks you.

Avec amour"