Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015 - temple, beautiful skies, rivers, trees! My comp, peacoat, "I refuse to be a discouraged missionary", "a woman saw my name and thought i was from france and everything! She heard my accent and everything! (so THANK YOU MADAME!),

Area: Mont-St-Hilaire (near St Hyacinthe), Quebec, Canada 
Trainer: Elder Ross Rosenlof
Language: French

Bonjour ma mere comment ca va?  tu peux dire aussi Bon Journee

When/how did you see Elder Vanaquer?  How was the temple? When did you see President last?

Je suis ici ma mere! and I saw him at this meeting that we have 4 weeks after the new people arrive! There is a trainer and trainees meeting! The temple is amazing! it really fits the quebecois status there are maple leaves everywhere and it is just as beautiful as ever! Its the smallest temple I have been in thought! umm..  So each week we get an email called the trumpet and it varies its always amazing though! and i saw president.
I think haha time is just separating from me!

1- I did not get transfered! Woo haha I get another 6 weeks here in Mont St. Hilaire! elder Rosenlof is also still here with me. I have a feeling he will be transferred soon though because after this transfer he will have been in this area for 9 months.. yeah we got calls saturday night who was being transferred and the zone leaders just called us and they told us that our district leader was being transferred and that one of the AP's was actually coming in to replace him ... and yeah all I know is that it will happen on Wednesday...

2- I am absolutely great! as always I am always smiling always happy! I thought a lot about the family this week. i was praying for you and just everyone! But yeah there are hard weeks but I mean this is the life of a missionary of course its going to be hard! Thats the best part! It makes you better! You just cant dwell on those hard parts or you will never progress just put faith in the lord and take those next steps! 

3- Our area is huge.. So we went to sorel and St hyacinthe and we went to the temple which is in longeuil and st amable and st basile and st julie.. etc. There is a long list! beloeil mont st hilaire. Sorel is the farthest away place so we can only go there one every 2 or 3 weeks because it takes up like an eight of our miles.. its like 200 click days when we go there which is 3 times more than we should use in one day. So yeah we are all over the place it is sometimes hard actually because we cant visit everyone. 

4- haha umm.. what didnt? We had the funniest district meeting this week actually we just our district is awesome and everyone is really funny and we just were making jokes and analogies and  Ithink back and it really didnt make any sense but everyone needed to laugh and it was so fun! But also one of the most tender things happened this week because we have the 2 best sisters ever in our district and sister tuiara from taihiti i believe is so kind1 and she was also called in spanish but is speaking french and she is so kind and they make us these super cool planners and they put the portland temple on it and I was just filled with so much joy! distance really does make the heart grow fonder. I have never realized how much i love oregon and everything else that is gone but how sweet will be that day when i get to see it all again. 

5- Haha no its not nearly as big as ours.. The Newberg ward is HUGE haha we have abuot 60-80 people that come each week it is not bad! there are a lot of less active people though and we work alot with them but the ward is super loving and there are some great families! one family the palletiers i think is how you spell it sister pallieter loves me and she is just like a sister miller! ( but nothing could replace sister miller;)  ) But she is so kind and sweet!

6- What dont I love about my brothers? Devin i mean its devin cmon.. He is my bro! I love his wisdom and our chale attitude! It will be a legendary experience when we come back and are reunited. Camdeyn! My man - camdeyn has so much potential and he could change the world if he wanted to. I miss his jokes and his hugs and playing the xbox with him. He is so smart and i know that he will move mountains in his life. Aiden... Sweet aiden. It was hard to say goodbye to all of you especially camdeyn and aiden. I really miss aidens sweet hugs as well. his little devious mind. He is so smart and he has so much love. I miss his voice and rocking out with him and playing minecraft. I will always cherish those days. 

7- Discouragement is a funny thing as a missionary It can be the greatest tool of the adversary so simply. I dont let myself get discouraged. I refuse. I just dont let it happen I get into gear and i keep going. I refuse to be a discouraged missionary. I have a lot of motivation to be successful and Heavenly Father has called me here for a reason so i will do all that i can to fulfill that calling. 

8- YES! Again! I just picked it up this morning ! I normally wouldn't have gotten it for probably 2 weeks but! a sister from the office was coming to visit a friend where we live and she dropped it off!!! how kind is that! so it had everything i asked for it was perfect! Though i must have to say i think i have all the french materials i need now though.. But i don't think i really need anything i will probably buy a hat today but other than that.. I am truly perfect... umm.. yeah if i think of something i will ask you. Music actually would be nice. some of the sheet music that john and i sang but i think that is at the house and no longer accessible and you can just send that to me over email. Other than that! I am perfect I mean i can just buy stuff like deodorant and stuff so thats not a big deal! I will think of things i can only get in the United stats and i will send you a list! 

9- so we live right next to a big river and so we were trying to get to the other side and it was just faster to take the ferry i believe that was in Sorel though. it cost like 2 dollars but it was awesome! I truly do miss the water though haha.. but thats the life!

10- Okay let me tell you just a little about my comp! One he is super smart i really do appreciate him so much! He speaks  french very well and he really just has such control over what he says and how he directs lessons and I truly appreciate this about him it is a characteristic that I want to learn from him. I truly do love him and i am glad i get to spend another 6 weeks with him!

Other cool thing! one of the younger men in our ward came up to me and gave me this suuuuuuper nice jacket.. Just like that its like a peecoat but longer and less pockets and its super classy and wow.. I am excited! i dont know why either it was so kind he said i could have it if i wanted it!

 Umm other than that i got to give someone a blessing and i went to the temple like 3 times this week and yeah it was a great week! As always haha we are finding new people and yeah.. Something hard actually was we have a progressing investigator and we were teaching the word of wisdom and well.. he said that coffee was a part of life lol. so that will be a tough nut to crack lol. but its all part of the fun!  love you have a good week! ( this is just cool i thought of this a women saw my name and thought i was from France and everything! She heard my accent and everything! That was so cool! I dont speak very much but i am told i have a pretty good accent so THANK YOU MADAME! ) 

love you 
-Elder Masse'

1.       Transfers Week??  Are you getting transferred?  Do you find out on Saturday who is being transferred?  How do transfers work in your mission?
2.       How are you??
3.       Where did you go this week?
4.       What made you laugh and smile?
5.       How are things in your ward? How big is your ward?  (is it the same as ours?)
6.       What do you love about your brothers?
7.       What do you think about when you get discouraged?
8.       Did you get any of your packages?  Do you need anything?
9.       Where was the ferry you rode on that you sent the pics of?
10.   What do you like about your comp?