Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015 - pics! transfers! "It was so nice to work out I love chopping wood it brought much peace", " I am so great! I am so happy this was probably the best week I have had on my mission so far !"

Area: Mont-St-Hilaire (near St Hyacinthe), Quebec, Canada 
Companion:  Elder Rosenlof.... new companion Elder Thomas Smith

Sorry that emailing was sparatic we had interviews with the mission president etc. so it was crazy schedule but it is time for me to go ! love you see you soon elder Masse'



this is why i got a haircut.. going crazy..

Guess who ate all the protien powder..

these are my planners! Our sisters are the best!


where the magic happens!


this is our amazing kitchen ! so much food!


 view from the church this is mont st. hilaire!! love you have a good week! sorry about the trees. haha

I am so great! I am so happy this was probably the best week I have had on my mission so far it was soooo fun! It was busy and we did so many things just WHOO! So fun ! That is way cool! Tell the Christensens I say hi :)

  1- anytime I get a package it is christmas 2- I havent really sent you a list 3- I got 1 package so far and IT WAS A TREE!!! haha that was pretty funny.. not going to lie! I also got the Life of Jesus christ and his apostles THANKYOU SO MUCH! I love you! so I guess to tell you what I want for christmas or in general and I think I already gave you most of these things. 1 - this is kinds from dad you and natalie but You should ask Dad to find the biggest USB he can find and just load it with talks and with music - vocal point, motab, classical other church approved songs.  I really like hugh b brown, and hartman rector jr, both amazing speakers! 
2- as I said just an album FULL Of a billion pictures of the family and just everything!
3-Could you also get me some of the songs that we sang for choir that are approved? you could probably put them on the USB but i really would like some recordings of john and I singing and some of the songs we sang in choir.
4- as always protein powder .
 5- a new oil vile with maybe a little container of oil they sell at Deseret store. I think that is it..

 Anyways so this week!

0- Skype so.. it will probably be between 1-4 on christmas.. just be prepared.. The lady has not called us back so that we could finalize the information so.. yeah.. just be ready throughout the day.

1- I did not get transferred BUT! elder rosenlof did.. so we will change this tuesday during our mission christmas devotional. So i will stay here and My new companion is elder smith! he has been out a year and a half I think? not sure but yeah that is transfers haha elder rosenlof will be going to the island of montreal.

2- see # 0 

3- We went to sorel that was pretty special because well it is just super far away.. it takes us like 200 kilometers round trip which is ALOT. cause we only have 1900 per month and we try and go there twice a month.. yeah not easy haha. But this week was so fun we were all over the place in st julie, st hyacinthe, sorel, contre-coeur, beloeil etc. You name it! This next week we get to go to montreal! etc.  BUt I had an amazing week I will elaborate on it more at the end of this email.

4- What Dont I LOVE ABOUT MY FAMILY! I always think about you I think a big thing is just how close we are! I know that now matter what it is there is always 6 other people that have my bag at all times. I miss my family dearly and I look forward to the time when we will all be together again laughing and playing games! making fun of each other and just having a good time! I have truly come to cherish the importance of family out here Nothing means more to me now. 

5- I love that it is a rather relaxed city it is very similar to Newberg. Not too busy but there is traffic and there are people walking everywhere and it all just seems familiar! The Members are GREAT!! and it is really sooo beautiful here it puts me right at home. 

6- Haha.. Which one? I have done that quite a few times now! The last time was this saturday to a man that had a problem with horses in the book of mormon lol. It's okay we will help him get over that problem! A lot of people say that they will be baptized because they will! They say they will if they know it is true. Just need persistence! 

7- DISTRICT MEETING! I loved this past district meeting we got 2!!! new missionaries in our district from the 10 that arrived 1 sister and 1 elder! It was so fun there is now 8 of us in our district so it is such a blast we laugh and learn and it is seriously so fun! 

8- 1 of  the new missionaries told a really cool story in the MTC about a man that had gone to see 5 doctors to get different opinions on his cancer and they all said that he needed to start treatment immediately because it was malignant and so this man asked for a blessing from this missionary in our district and so he gave him one and the next day he went to the doctor and the cancer was gone.. HOW COOL IS THAT! that is a pretty amazing miracle. 

SO this was such a fun week! let me tell you a little why!  so 1- I GOT TO CHOP WOOOOOOOOOD YEEEEES! I was so happy when one of our investigators said he needed help chopping wood I was stoked and when we got there it was real wood chopping I am talking like these huge 5 foot diameter 2 feet thick stumps and we only had axes and wedges! we worked for 3 hours and we were going hard too! He kept just calling me out like " Elder Masse is a mad man " Just all this funny stuff because I was just going at it! It was so nice to work out I love chopping wood it brought much peace but something happened as well while we were doing all of it. This was my journal entry :  SO the very last piece of wood to chop everyone else is stacking the rest of the wood so I know that I can cut it in one swing so I lift the axe over my head and with the thundering power of Masse' strength I brought the axe down. The air exploded with wood! I chopped the piece on the stump into 3 and i cracked the bottom foundation stump and I shattered the handle of the axe... I completely destroyed everything haha.." I felt pretty bad.. I wise father once taught me though if I borrow something to always restore it in better condition than I found it;) love you dad. So I am going to go buy him a new axe cause well that is who I am. SO that was that experience! So fun! I was pretty sore afterwards for a couple days.

2- I will be singing in front of the entire mission with our district leader.

3- our relief society is the best and they bought us an entire box of presents! I have a picture of it but it was seriously the nicest thing ever! there was like 25 presents plus cards in each of our boxes! I LOVE OUR WARD! 
That was basically it for this week but the members really loved elder rosenlof so they were sad to see him go but it was a really good sunday yesterday! I had an amazing week! well I love you hope you have a good week! I want to know everything! 
-Elder Masse'