Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015 - new comp Elder Thomas Scott, sang at Christmas conference, "All the time every hour we are doing something planning thinking about what we will do next! This is true missionary work!"

Area: Mont-St-Hilaire (near St Hyacinthe), Quebec, Canada 
Companion:  Elder Thomas Smith

Yeah it was fun to skype everyone and call you just right before! Did Devin ever say anything about my French? I am quite curious if he did! 

1. What is your new comps first name, where is he from? (Utah?)  You mentioned something about snowboarding and Warren Miller...

2.  What do you like about your new comp?

3.  Tell me anything!!  

4. Tell me something in French!  

5. Did you do anything else on Christmas?  What are you doing today?  

6. Tell me something you've been thinking about lately.  

1- His name is Elder Thomas Smith, and yes he is from utah haha.. yeah so he skies and from what I have heard he is an amazing skier! He has been skiing since he was young and we talked about warren miller and some other things I didn't know actually that he did and every year he goes to warren miller as well! He tore his ACL about 3 years ago in switzerland skiing and he also has torn his meniscus a couple times. the point is He is awesome and I am so excited to be with him!

2- I love how diligent and fun he is! We are very similar in many ways so everything has just been a blast and we have been working soooo hard! All the time every hour we are doing something planning thinking about what we will do next! This is true missionary work!

3- Umm this week was a really funny week! As I said before we have just been working super diligently so there are always things to do! IT FINALLY SNOWED! It only took forever! we got like half a foot probably not too much but it also fropped like 10 degrees! right now it is -10 and it is the middle of the day so I am sure by the time i email you next that it will be in the -20's! which will be fun I love the cold! So yeah we have been shoveling peoples driveways and just giving service and it has been a blast with the snow and the cold! There have just been a lot of changes this week and I am super happy! Life is good! 

4- je sais que il y a beacoup de chose que je peux dire! est-ce que devin est la toujour? je veux parler avec lui si il y a le temple a fair ca! 

5- So besides skyping we had a lunch and a dinner appointment and for the rest of the time we made little care packages with candy and notes and we drove around and gave them to all the people who were alone this christmas! We tried singing as well and well.. it went both ways haha! But it was super fun! The highlight was still skype of course!

6- I thought about DAD! Because it was his birthday! I hope that all went well with that and I want to know what everyone got for christmas! Other than that I have just been thinking about missionary work! the usual it was a good week! I dont know if I have too much else to report on but it was a really fun week! Oh and we had the mission conference! i Forgot to talk about that! so I sang 2 songs in front of everyone and that was so fun and the food was good and we got 2 new missionaries in our district and life is just perfect! 

I love you so much have an amazing week and tell me when my letters get to you! love you!!
-Elder Masse'