Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016 - Splits, fender bender, Elder Smith is THE BEST!, amazing week of miracles!

Area: Mont-St-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada 
Companion:  Elder Thomas Smith
French Speaking

1. Tell me something you don't want to forget this week!
2. Tell me something about your comp
3. What were some spiritual experiences or miracles? or What have you been praying and fasting about?
4. Tell me something in French (oh how I love your French!!!) 
5. What made you laugh?
6. Do you ride the ferry everyday?  How far do you drive on a "normal" day?  
7. How do you know your Heavenly Father loves you?  How would you explain/teach that to someone?
8. Tell me something you have learned about yourself
9. Tell me anything!!!  

1- this week? haha.. this week was a long week it was so fun though! There was a baptism in St. Jean that was pretty unforgettable! Oh and elder cichos and I had a little uhh well not so fun thing with the car this week! So you may or may not here about this eventually so I will just tell you now because well.. you will probably here about it one way or another! SO i was driving and hit a patch of ice and well things happen and skidded against a guard rail and dented the bumper right fender and back fender BUT! all is well we are fine and I am not black listed, ( i dont think ) it was a miracle that the guard rail was there and it was pretty unforgettable because I was pretty upset myself not that I could do anything but they are really small dents because I was able to maneuver the car enough to just have it skid against the guard rail so yeah! All is well car is well! yeah Dont freak out just laugh haha. 

2- Elder Smith is THE BEST! He is a great leader and he is always so happy and funny he inspires me to do better and he makes everything just fun! we can just go knocking and have no success for like 2 hours but at the end of it all we are both smiling and laughing because we just have fun together! He is swetT and smart and he is a really fun guy to be around! I will miss him when he leaves! 

3- I think definitely this week just finding people to teach! We do not have a very big teaching pool but this week we were able to find 2 new people and we also got like 2 more return appointments with some people from Cameroon and Mozambique! this was an amazing week of miracles in finding people! There is a lady whose daughter recently passed away and we found her and she is so ready for the gospel and I got to bear a really strong testimony about eternal families and it was just sooo cool! 

4- Je sais que tu aime le francais.. il y a beaucoup de chose que je peux dire mais vraiment je t'aime beacoup ma mere et je suis tres reconaissont for toute le chose que tu fait pour moi! Passez une bonne semaine! 

5- We had splits this week with Elder CICHOS! We had such a blast we laughed so hard and just had a blast together! At the baptism we also had many good laughs I love our district sooo much! they are seriously the best and whenever we are together we have the best time! 

6- A normal day we drive about 60-80 kilometers depending on where we are going. I have actually only riden the ferry once and during the winter it is pretty hard to cross the river because the only 2 places that are in our area are in sorel and mont st hilaire to cross the river so that can make things pretty difficult with teaching appointments on different sides but all is well! we are good at planning! 

7- Because I AM HERE! everyday I see that manifest through the little things he does for me! through answers to my prayers to seeing miracles! being protected and having things just work out! Just like our earthly fathers we have a spiritual father in heaven that loves us so much! He has given us this life so that we can learn, and progress and one day return to live with him again! 

8- I learned how much I love to learn haha. How much I love to study. If i dont pick a job that requires me to learn for the rest of my life I will not be happy! Out here I have just been soaking it all in! this is my first area and already my book shelf is filled with books about French about the gospel! you name it ( all approved of course ) but It is a necessity for me to always learn! 

9- this week was a good week as I said there was a baptism and we went on splits! I just had a great week of fun! It hasn't snowed too much like maybe half a foot or snow but it has been a little colder! it is supposed to get to like -15 tonight which is good! Maybe I will finally use more of my snow gear! We are going to go hike the mountain today again and I am so excited so you will get lots of pictures of that next week! other than that It was a pretty good week and we will be going to montreal next week so I should get your package etc. 

Anyways love you so much have a good week!
-Elder Masse'