Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016 - MES FILS! My hair froze! Missionary Conference, Tim Tim Slams!,

c'est beau!

This is what our bedroom window looks like!

Area: Mont-St-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada 
Companion:  Elder Thomas Smith
French Speaking

All is well! and don't freak out or worry! This was such a fun week! we had exchanges we climbed the mountain! It was unforgettable! so to start of! 

Last monday we climbed mont st hilarie again it was a blast! it was so beautiful and there was snow everywhere! It was about -12 degrees and i was in shorts and long johns but, I always get super hot so all is well! In fact I got so hot I had to start taking off layers and I had a hat on and at the top of the mountain it was significantly colder because of wind chill like it was getting into the -20's for sure! But the point being at the top I took my hat off and the sweat on my head almost instantly froze and you can see the frost on my hair in some of the pictures that I took! Even my ears froze! It was pretty fun but we couldn't stay up there too long! Other than that we just passed p-day having fun and staying busy.

wednesday was somewhat stressful but all went well! So we dont have a GPS and have you seen our area.. yeah.. I have gotten pretty good with a map but you can only be so good with a map. We had to drive to montreal to switch our car so that it could get fixed and well.. we didn't have a map of montreal! But in the end we found it! That would have been fine if we had all the time in the world BUT! we had a worldwide missionary conference right after so with a new car that was actually 2 years older and there is no USB jack... yeah we had to get back to Longeuil in time for the conference again without a map! But we did it and all was well and it was great! Lot's of driving then right after I went on exchanges and I went to an apartment with 4 people it was probably one of my favorite days as a missionary! We just worked hard all day then at the end of the day we just had a blast together playing games and doing " Tim Tam Slams" You take this chocolate and you bite of two corners and you suck hot chocolate through the middle and it melts the chocolate then you eat it! SOO GOOD! This was in Granby. Anyways that was soo fun! AND one of the Elder there is new and he is guess where! California but specifically hunington beach and he graduated from the same highschool as KIANA! just one year before her so maybe she knows him I dont know! His name is Mathew Arnold. 

Other than that there wasn't too much else that was big that happened this week! We are teaching this family of 26 Africans who are from the DRC yeah that is right! and whenever we show up they always say " MES FILS!" My boys haha it is such a fun time! Other than that life is good here it did get a little cold hitting almost -20 but all is well! I have my nice warm jacket! well all is well here in Quebec! Hope everything is great back home Anyways love you !

-Elder Masse'