Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016 - HAPPY 19TH ELDER MASSE!!! Temple, transfers, birthday presents, talk in church,

Comp: Elder Udave (Elder Navaret & Elder Shumway)
Area: Laval, Quebec
French & Spanish Speaking

1.  Did you have a happy birthday?? 2. Did you like your presents? And packages?  What did you like best?
3. What did you do? How did you celebrate? Did you have cake and ice cream?
4. Transfers??
5. When will we hear from you on Mothers Day & skyping!??
6. What made you smile?
7.  Where did you go this week? Meet any interesting people?
8.  Are you sending me pics?

alright I poorly balanced my time so i will try to do this as fast and thorough as I can! I love you mom!

1- I cant even tell you how amazing my week was! I still cant believe that I am 19 and I am just happy beyond belief! My presents were AMAZING! THEY were exactly what I needed! My oil vial had just broken and Elder Navarrete has just lost his so it worked out perfectly! THAT TIE! Oh my gosh I loved it so much I think it is my new favorite tie it is sooo cool! Whoever picked that out has good taste. I mean I liked it all you are going to make me pick haha? The protein of course is always a plus. Natalies stuff was amazing Grandma and Grandpas was amazing! sister millers was amazing! It was the best birthday every! I cant thank you enough! It was exactly what I needed! 

2- So check this haha.. So I actually got to give a talk on my birthday in church in french! and the night before we received transfer calls! Elder Udave and I are both leaving.. He is becoming a zone leader in Montreal and I am changing provinces and languages and going to Ottowa in English! So we didnt tell anyone we were leaving and during my talk in sacrament meeting I told everyone and It was pretty legendary haha.. Everyone was actually really sad to see us go. This ward was seriously the best! Everyone came up afterwards and gave us hugs and took pictures and everyone was sad to see us go. But besides this for my birthday! I woke up and opened presents I was so surprised! Then After churhc I came home and Elder Navarrete and elder Shumway had made me a CAKE! and they had made my favorite food! SO I had a super good lunch and for dinner we went over to my Favorite members house and their family stuffed us.. I thought I was going to die! they are Haitian it was so fun! She gave me a present and she wanted to give me a hug super bad! It was the best day ever! 

3- See the beggining of 2. 

4- I have no idea haha.. I havent thought that far ahead. We havent started planning yet.. I will tell you soon though! 

5- What didnt make me smile! We got to play pool today for p-day and we were having so much fun! It was at a members house not at a bar or anything so its okay haha. But definitely opening my presents and just messing around with the other elders in the apartment on my birthday! They made my day! They made me a super amazing card as well with all my favorite elders on it! they got elder Vanauer to sign it! How cool is that! OH! I almost forgot I also got to go to the temple this week for the first time in a little while and that was also spiritual beyond belief Life is just so perfect! 

6- I went to Montreal the temple Longeuil, Lasalle, You name it haha I was all over the place this week for some reason. I Wrote some letters and they will be coming in a package that explains this week more clearly! 

7- I dont think I have time this week I am sorry! They are coming though dont worry! 

ANyway well my week was pretty crazy especially transfer calls but all is well and I am excited for what is to come I will tell you more about it next week! I love you have a great week! 

-Elder Massé