Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 4, 2016 - Transfers to Ottawa!!!! New Comp!! Zone Leader!! Picture of Member who knows Finn from Oregon!

Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward
Comp: Elder Jared Nilson (Kaysville, UT)
Zone Leader

"Ottawa, Canada’s southeastern capital, sits in Ontario at the border of Québec. A cosmopolitan city on the Ottawa River, it has at its centre Parliament Hill, with grand Victorian architecture and renowned museums such as the glass-and-granite National Gallery, with noted collections from Canadian and Indigenous artists. The park-lined Rideau Canal is filled with boats in summer and ice-skaters in winter.  
    883,391 (2011)
  • Area code:
      Area codes 613 and 343
  • Area:
      1,073 mi²"

1. What are the details on you skyping us???  
2. What ward and stake are you in?  How was the reception you received?
3. Who is your new comp??  His first and last name and where he's from???  What do you love about him?
4. How did transfers go?? 
5. Tell me stuff about your new apartment.. how is it different from your last two areas? How is it speaking English?  lol
6. What made you laugh??  What was wonderful?
7. Tender Mercies?  
8. How are you feeling about things/your mission?

1- I will be skyping you this sunday between 3-5.. Well before 5 i think and after 3.. So really descriptive but, that is all I got right now sorry! haha

2- I am in the Champlain ward and the Ottawa Ontario stake. IT WAS AMAZING! this ward puts me right at home! It helps that it is in English too. They are so awesome! It is one of the biggest in the mission and they have amazing leaders! I have already met the stake president! I got to talk etc. so many wonferful things! 

3- HE IS THE BEST! I have had so many great companions! and Elder Nilson is another one of those! he is seriously so kind and patient! He is super loving! super talented! Great leader and singer! I love him so much! His name is Jared Nilson and he is from Kaysville Utah. I think i spelled that right. I dont think I could tell you everything I love about him. he is just the best! he is like my twin! We are so effective and we have so much fun together! 

4- transfers were super easy! I took a Metro to Montreal then I got onto a greyhound bus and just headed to ottawa and that was it haha.. Saying goodbye was alright the ward was acutally really sad to see me go! but they understood that it was from the Lord and it was my time to leave! So I was well loved on both ends! The bus ride took about 2 and a half hours and I was greeted by the other wonderful missionaries of my apartment! Except elder buck because he was coming from super far away and so his bus came in later then.. He ended up missing one of his connecting buses because the 1st one was late and well.. we eventually found him haha after lke an hour.. It was a pretty funny experience! he had to call us from someone elses phone. 

5- Speaking Enlgish.. is weird and sometimes I forget words actually it is kinda sad especially praying because I always say my prayers in french and now I have to say some in English and it trips me up,, When I can though I say them in French, because of where we are located I actually still live in Quebec and my area is but the other half is in a different province haha. So I get plenty of French in still. Our apartment is really nice still! I honestly have been blessed with some of the nicest apartments in the mission. the only difference is this one doesnt have a washer and dryer and we have to pay but that is no big deal at all I am still blessed beyond belief! 

6- Well the even in losing Elder Gentillons companion for like an hour and a half was pretty funny.. He had called and left a voicemail that was pretty funny. Saying " hey I am in Ottawa.. I missed my bus... Ummm i am next to this building on this street.. Good luck and well I hope to see you soon.. Do what you can with that. " it was pretty memorable but here was cheerful and bubbly as ever after all was said and done! It was hilarious! other than that we laugh everyday over the smallest of things! I dont think I can name all of them! 

7- Well here is a cool one. So when we travel we travel along of course and so I had said goodbye to the other elders and I had gotten all my stuff on the Metro ( that was a miracle in and of itself haha ) I have a lot of stuff. But I just sat there with my 3 bags and I waited for my stop and I waited.. and waited  it was a pretty long ride and well I got to a stop and I was sure it wasn't mine but I couldnt see exactly what it was and I had a strong impression to ask someone close by which one it was and well.. It turned out it was the one I needed to get off at! SO I like sprinted off the metro as it was closing with all my stuff.. it was a super close call! If i had not asked that man I would have missed my stop been late, missed my bus and would have had no way to contact anyone.. SO! That was a giant tender mercy. I was able to reflect on that later. It was quite the little miracle.

8- I LOVE EVERYTHING HERE! It is so perfect I think I might like the city of Ottawa more than montreal whihc is saying somethings. It is a lot more beautiful and clean it is so wonderful! We must visit both when you come. I am just as happy as could be! I dont think I have been happier my whole mission! I am loving it so much. It scared me that this will end eventually. It is just a part of my life now and I cannot imagine life any other way.. SO with that I am trying to make the best of it! 

Well I think that is all I have to report on this week.. I dont think there is really anything else! Love you have an amazing week! 

-Elder Massé