Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016- Pictures!! Montreal!! Masse street sign!! Met Sister Masse from St Hyacinthe, Old district & New District! Gen Conf,

Comp: Elder Udave (Elder Navaret & Elder Shumway)
Area: Laval, Quebec
French & Spanish Speaking

last district selfie haha

 look how small this little guy is!

 Massé street sign!!

 New District

The other Crew. me, Vanaquer, Navarrette, Huckabee, Udave, Shumway

Found this little guy in our backyard.. I think he ate too much McDonalds..

 The Crew

This is what happens when you play with razors..

1. What was memorable this week?
2. What is something you love about your new area?
3. What made you laugh?
4. Where do you shop for food and do you take turns cooking with your roommates?  How often are members feeding you?
5. What message have you received in training lately; when did you last see your mission president?  What kinds of things do you tell him in your weekly letter?
6. Tell me about the Masse's you met!
7. Tell me about going to Montréal and spending the whole day with elder vanaquer and your last district!
8. Where did you watch conference?  What was your favorite talk?

It is called the island of Jesus haha Dont know if you knew that. It will be very fun just you wait!
1- this week.. Well general conference as a missionary is always memorable. As a missionary I just see it through knew eyes. I have set questions I am looking for certain revelation Everything just speaks to me more and I take so much more out of it. Other than that. Montreal is always memorable I cant tell you how awesome it is. It is like being in france all over again. The streets the people the culture! I love it so much. Eating baguettes and nuttella haha  Sorry I am using a french keyboard so again things may be spelled weird watch out!
2- I love the ward so much! We have a bunch of solid members. The area is much more industrial than my other area but it make up for it with the different culture that comes with it. Nothing can compensate for the 3 other elders I live with either they are the best and I love them so much! I can't tell you how much fun we have all the time. Everyday is just energetic and excited and full of laughter.
3- Well seeing Elder Vanaquer this last week was pretty memorable! so the 2 other elders in our apartment are not even in our district or zone haha. So they have a whole different set of missionaries so I figured out that elder vanaquer was in their district and that he would be coming over so I told him to not tell him that I was here. But I finally got to see him when he came to the apartment and we just talked and played games the whole night and morning we laughed and sang together and we talked about how we had changed. It was fun just as it was memorable.
4- I shop at........ Walmart haha. So exotic right? We also have a costco in our area so we are debating trying to shop there we are not sure which one will be cheaper in the long run. We buy all our groceries together and we also cook together. It makes it a lot easier! We have 4 hands cooking and we get it done super fast and we have pretty extravaguant meals! We get fed by our members pretty regularly! no worries there!
5- training.. Well the last training I had was over a month ago haha. But it talked about being more concecrated to missionary work. Our next training is this week actually so I could tell you more next week. The last time I saw president was... like 2 months ago? I think.. I think a little less than that. more like 1 month. haha i tell him how our area is doing, how our companionship is doing and how I am doing and they are always postive.
6- So I met sister massé this last week! She has ancestors that also come from St Hyacinthe but she was having problems with here account so we werent able to get much progress done to see where our lines connect. I will be able to tell you more information this next week but, we met with her father who is not a member and he is like 80 years old and we have a return appointment so there is a lot to come in the future! I will be able to tell you more next week.
7- I will have to send you the pictures I took but it was so fun! We just ran around Montreal and took a bunch of pictures we bought stuff we laughed I got this super cool bible in french!! It was just so fun! We ate we laughed, we didnt quite cry when we left though we knew we would see eachother again. So all is well!
8- We watched it at our church! I dont know there was a lot.. I might have to pick one of the ones that elder Uchtdorf gave though because both of them were pretty amazing. The one sunday and the priesthood session one. What did cam and dad do for that? Well I will get to your photos!
Other than that I dont think there is too much else that happened this week it was just amazing with conference and I came out of it very enlighted.
Well love you mom have a great week!
-Elder Massé