Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 30, 2016- "Great faith comes with great sacrifice", Easter, "Elder Masse...looks happy, he’s got a great companion who is willing to work and they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Thank you for sharing your son "

Comp: Elder Udave (Elder Navaret & Elder Shumway)
Area: Laval, Quebec
French & Spanish Speaking

You sound very happy! It sounds like your new area is great! Who are the other elders in your apt? How big is your ward? You only ride the metro and no car?

The other elders in my apartment are Elder Navaret and Elder Shumway! Elder Navaret is going home this transfer and Elder Shumway follows soon after in 2. They are soooo cool! we have so much fun! It is not as big as our other ward,  but in overall enlistment I think there is close to 400 with about half of them being active. 

So we have 1 metro but it really only leads to Montréal so we just use our car. Love you mom! Sorry we had a change in our Schedule due to easter and this is why I am emailing late.

1.  How do you like Laval?  How is it different from Mont St Hilaire?
2. Tell me the names of all the missionaries in your apt!  
3. Is your ward bigger?  How is it different? 
4. How do you like riding the metro?  What places do you go most often?  
5. What made you laugh?
6. Tell me about your apartment, the new apartment you're moving to (when?) and the elevator ?? 
7. Where did you go and who did you see this week and/or teach??
8. What is something you love about your family and being a Masse?
9. What are you looking forward to?

I GOT IT TODAY! He was soooo happy! yay!

1- IT IS SO AWESOME! I love it so much! We have a big ward and I am right at home! We are super close to Montréal so there is a lot of people and a lot of diversity and everything is just so perfect! There is a lot more people here and I find that they are a lot more open it is more "wild" Here so to say. It is not really a retirement community where as Mont St Hilaire was so it was a pretty quiet closed of town. Here there are people everywhere and just soo much to do all the time! Along with every language you could ever think of.

2- So there is Elder Navaret who is from Wisconsin and he is the best! He is so funny and We laugh so much together! I am quite sad though because this is his last transfer but, because of this he is going out with a bang and we have been having so much fun!
 His companion is Mission famous Elder Shumway! He is the sweetest missionary you will ever meet all the sisters fall for him. He has more money than anyone else in the mission almost Canada because he is very thrifty AND! He is also known as the cleanest Elder in the Mission so our apartment is quite on point! I love them both so much!
 They are also both fatastic cooks so we eat quite well!
Elder Udave oh I could write you a book about how amazing he is! He similarly is a good cook and I don't think I have met someone that has made me laugh so much! We have so much fun together! He is really good at French, he also speaks Spanish and English so we are able to speak in different languages all the time and put in good practice! Our apartment is the BOMB! We are also moving soon so that will be quite the job but with Elder Shumway we will probably end up with a mansion for like $500 a month haha.

3- It is a lot bigger than mont st hilaire but not bigger than back home. There is only like 3 Young men but there is like 12 Young women. Pretty good ratio for them I guess but every week we get to help with the sacrament because of this. There is a good ammount of all the other Quorums though! It is so fun! our bishop is like 33 and all his children are Under... 11 I believe. But he speaks English and he is a boss! Our ward mission leader is also super awesome! Ahh I love our ward.

4- I dont ride them too often but.. When I do beri-ucam. It is the biggest station and there is just underground malls and stores and it is so cool! I love them a lot though! Well when they arent just super super packed. Because then you can talk to people and just go wherever you want. It is pretty fun! They arewell organized as well so and there aren't as many people as Paris so it is perfect. They are a lot more relaxed than the ones in Paris.

5- Everything? Every day I smile and laugh. I was able to find an old cribbage board in our apartment! So we have been using that but seriously every moment is spent laughing we tell stories and make jokes it is so fun! Sorry I am running out of time because we have an appointment soon so i might end up responding with shorter responses.. I will try and get photos but If I dont I will send you a bunch next monday first thing.

6- It wasn't the elevator for the apartment but for the Metros.
 Our apartment is really nice but I am sure we will get another nice one but ours doesn't have an elevator it is only 2 stories.

7- My companion was still sick this last week so we didn't get to do as much as we wanted but! We still get to do some teaching. Our area is super dense soo.. Honestly I am still pretty lost even though I am driving haha.. But, I could really only tell you some of the poeople that we visit.

8- EVERYTHING! It is what has made me who I am and it has been defining me even more as a missionary. Everyday I am asked about my name and everyday I get to tell them who I am where I come from. Does it get any better? Oh I also found some a Massé Family here in Laval but.. that story will have to wait until next week!

9- Everything the future! To learn spanish and more of French to find teach! Everything! Sorry I am out of time but next week I have a lot of stuff for you

Okay so I have a lot for next week because well I went to Montréal and I got to spend the whole day with elder vanaquer and my last district! How much better does it get? as well as I got a whole night with Elder Vanaquer because he went on exchanges with the other Elders! It was so cool I will tell you all of it next week Love you!

-Elder Massé

Hello, Sister Masse – There was a change in P-day this week because Easter Monday is a holiday in Quebec and the libraries would not be open for the missionaries to email home. Tuesday was to be P-day, but what I think happened with E. Masse   - His companion had a doctor’s appointment in Montreal on Tuesday, they left early and got home in time to be missionaries again at 6.  
I saw Elder Massé on Tuesday as they ran in to the office to make sure medical bills would get paid and ran out again. He looked GREAT!!! He looks happy, he’s got a great companion who is willing to work and they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.
Thank you for sharing your son –
Sister Hatfield
Canada Montréal Mission Office

Dear Dad, 
 I have always respected your great faith dad. I hope that one day i will be able to have a similar faith but I know that it has come with sacrifice.

Thank you dad. You always know what to say!

I have some stuff coming for you in the mail soon I just need to buy a box first to get it there. I love you dad Have a great week

-Love Elder Massé 

Hi Son,   It's not clear to me yet why we are here.  All I have is the trust I give my Heavenly Father. That trust is based on every other experience where he's seen me through and made my life great. Where he's turned everything for good and in most cases made it a wonderful story too.

I don't know how most people deal with change and adversity without that strength.

I'm sure you face these challenges on your mission. I have the feeling the people there aren't as hopeful or open. That must be difficult. I do know however that the lord prepares people everywhere under all circumstances and from all walks of life to hear the gospel.

So somewhere right now someone is being prepared.  Whatever adversity and disappointment you face that 1 person will more than make up for it. All it takes is 1.

I love you son. I pray for your safety and success.