Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25, 2016 - New Comp! Elder Chou! Transfers! Pics!

So the first one is with the primary! We got to teach in their and they loved us! Of course we love them too! 

Last trip to Montreal on the bus! 

This is the squad or.. Exchanges with the assistants haha. 

This is on Mount Royal in Montreal super beautiful sight! 

This is.. Just something cool in montreal I forgot the name.. 

Some of my favorite Elders! 

Anyways i think that is good for this week love you! 

Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward
Comp: Elder Chou (Texas)
Zone Leader

1- hmm. Well I have a new companion.. There is a new elder in our apartment and well life is as good as ever I dont know if there is too much else new to report on! Things are as good as ever just really busy all the time like usual! We will be driving to Montreal again tomorrow we will have driven like 4000 klicks by the time this month is over haha. Lots of practice!

2- So his name is elder Chou he is from texas and he is a total boss! his mom is from Taiwan and his dad from china and he speaks Mandarin. He is a super good cook and an extremely hard worker! He is just the best to be around we really compliment each other and we have just been working so hard these last couple days it has been awesome! He is about my height, really good sense of humor! Has an extremely strong testimony of the gospel and we just have loads of fun together! What can I say more? :D 

3- haha I dont even know it is all just super vague at this point. Transfers were really crazy because we had like 14 missionaries leaving and 12 coming in and I had to help coordinate and drive and make sure that everyone got home safe and a lot of it was by myself haha. So that was pretty crazy I was pretty tired after that day we were so busy that we had to cancel our dinner appointment because we didnt have time to go eat with them. Sorry this week wasnt too exciting just lots of packing and recieving new missionaries and cleaning. Very very busy.

4- laugh - having 2 new missionaries in our apartment makes for quite the adventures we have been able to grow and learn together these past couple days and it has been a blast so we have obvious ly passing the time joyously dont know if I could pinpoint a single instance where I laughed though haha. Cried? Seeing elder nilson leave was pretty sad. I didnt quite cry but if we would have had more time to say goodbye I might have. we got up at 4:30 that morning so my eyes were kind of tired as well.

5- haha. Well do you want french or quebecois? lol non c'est bien.. alors je t'aime beacoup ma mere tu es le meilleur et j'esperes que vous avez passé une tres belle semaine! apart de ca.. je ne sais pas. c'est bien plus facile a parler quand il y a quelque chose que je peux dire en reponse. tu peux fair quelque chose avec Google translate et je peux repondre mais c'est a toi a decider haha. 

6- Well Brian is back on date and Devon is going to get her interview this week so those are two things that are super amazing! We should have 2 baptisms coming up and so I am really excited for that we have been working really hard with them so I am excited to see what will happen when they are baptized and how they will further change! 

7- Well almost everyday we sing in french.. I sang in church with a couple missionaries like 3 weeks ago but other than that just little things here and there in the apartment. Well I mean 179 in the french hymn book is always a classic cant go wrong with that one but I think I just like singing the hymns more in french now haha. So basically all my favorite hymns in english are now my favorite in french! 

8- Life is good It has just been really hot so I am sweating constantly but all is well! Had a crazy busy week with elder nilson leaving and elder chou coming in there is no senior companion with zone leaders but when a new missionary comes in you do have to lead the area for a while because the other missionary doesnt know what is going on so I have been very busy with that setting up lessons etc. Just the usual stuff. This week was really just a by the book week. Everything went very smoothly all the fundamentals were performed but it definitely wasnt too exciting sadly. Sorry! 

I think that is it for this week! 
Elder Masse

1. What's new?!?!?  How are things?
2. Tell me all about your new comp AND HIS NAME!  LOL  Where's he from?  What's great about him?  
3. What was the craziest, unusual or outrageous happening this week?
4. What made you laugh and cry?
5. Tell me something in French! 
6. What are your successes as of late?
7. Have you sang lately?  I really miss hearing your beautiful voice!  What's your favorite?
8. Tell me anything!