Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2106 - pics! Cheesecake! Baptism! ER, Companion 16 year old priest - mini mission,

Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward

Comp: Elder Chou (Texas)
Zone Leader

1. What were your favorite things that happened this week?
2. What's something you love about being a missionary?
3. Do you have favorite places to go/visit in your mission?
4. What were your successes this week?
5. Do you have a favorite time of the day/activity as a missionary?
6. What are you thinking about lately?
7. Tell me something in French!
8. Tell me anything!!

okay this one will have to be quick. It is elder chous last p-day so we are trying to speed things up.. 

1- I think going on 3 exchanges with3 dying missionaries was pretty amazing! I am so untrunkable now haha.. also there was a baptism! What more could you ask for? 

2- I love the opportunity to serve everyone I meet and love the people I serve. as well as to know my savior. 

3- I love ottawa! and of course montreal! 

4- well a baptism is a pretty good success haha.. 

5- all the time! I like the moments where I get to spend time with my companions and get to know them etc. 

6- honestly just goals and what I want to accomplish before I leave

7- je t'aime beacoup! Sorry I have like no time haha.. 

8- well yeah I think you heard about this week, but my companion will be dying this week so I will be going with a 16 year old priest for a week because he wants to serve a mini mission then I will get my new companion the following week so I am excited to train/kill a priest haha it will bve such a blast! Also I brought one of the elders that I went on exchanges with to the emergency room because he choked on some food.. haha. funny story. It was nuts! 

Anyways love you so much! 

Devons baptism

eating at a buffet afterwards! 

cheesecake I made this week! 

Love you!