Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sept 5, 2016- New Comp! Elder Seelos

New Comp:
Elder Seelos (Kaysville, Utah)

Zone Leader
Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward

1- elder bird and I! He is from kaysville and one of my favorite Elders! 

2- visiting a district! Some of my favorite Missionaries! 

3- Look how big that zucchini is.. 

bonjour ma mere je suis ici est-ce que tu es la? 

What did you end up doing for labor day? Was it pretty fun! I would like play by play details on camdeyns swimming career if that is alright.. I really want to know how he is doing. and well swimming is life so I will be able to tell how good he is but by the looks of it he is already a champ. So much potential.. I think you have nothing to worry about haha. I have seriously the best companion in the world and I am always happy. Nothing can throw me down.
My week was SO awesome! I had a blast I will tell you about it in the questions. I did get my heavy package! I was so thankful! That package has everything that I need for the rest of my mission.. Isnt that weird?? 

1- IT WAS AMAZING! It was a really nice drive I got to drive some missionaries there that I was very close to so it was nice to say goodbye etc. At the actual mission office etc. Probably half the mission was there. No joke. There was probably 80-90 people in total so it was insane! I saw every single person that I love and adore! They were all there I got to see elder Vanaquer and Elder Rosenlof and his new trainee! I now have a brother in the mission field! I also got to see elder Udave and Elder Critchlow and spend the most legendary day ever with elder Seelos! ( pronounced seeless  just FYI ) It was so fun! Because we had to stay the night and well it wasnt our area we basically had 12 hours in montreal with nothing to do but eat, plan, and do misisonary work so it was an amazing day! I went to the Banquise which is the best poutine place in montreal and I got the biggest sized poutine they had on the menu and it was a monster.. It was le grand t-rex poutine. It was massive.. but due to pride and my love for food I finished the whole thing in one sitting. Legendary. But honestly probably 2 of the best days in my entire mission. 

2- I dont even know which 3 to say.. There are way to many. 

A- He is the chillest, kindest, most loving, relaxed, awesome, super funny, Elder that I have ever met. It has only been a couple days but it feels like we have been together forever. honestly it is like hanging out with Devin all the time. Or Camdeyn or Aiden. It is just a blast all the time! 

B- He is an absolutely perfectly, flawless person/teacher. He has so much charity and gospel knowledge. He is the bomb in lessons and we have a lot of fun testifying together and teaching together and just letting the time pass by. 

C- He is wicked intelligent and incredibly hard working! He can do it all! We wake up everyday and just hit the ground running we work smart and just get so much done all the time! We have a blast! 

3- I am still in the same area and ward. 4th transfer as a zone leader! Hopefully not the last.. I guess we will see! Crazy thought.. I only have 7 transfers after this one. 

4- I think I am good on everything. As far as worldly things go I have it all! You have been amazing in making sure that I have everything I need je t'aime beacoup! I think what meant most to me is just the fact that you cared and also that you were able to identify any problems even without me having to tell you. Which means you either know me really well or you were prompted by the spirit and I am guessing because I know you pretty well that It was both. So I knew that you cared and also you identified a need that I had and you catered to it and made my day! What more could I ask for? A loving mother far exceeds any other gift in the world. 

5- I think MLC for sure. These past couple days with elder Seelos have been really amazing. Because Elder Buck, Elder Seelos and I all came into the mission field at the same time from the MTC it feels like we are brothers and we have just been having so much fun together! I cant even tell you how amazing it has been! I think that has been the best part of this week just memories that we have made and the time we have passed together! What more can you ask for? 

6- I think one of the most important things that I have learned on my mission about my self and in general is the importance of what I do with my free agency. It is the only gift from God that he cannot take away from. Which gives it a lot of power. It is a very special tool. But what I learned about myself is that I love to learn, progress, work hard and  just keep going. So in relation to knowing more about what I want to do in this life I have learned that If there is ever anything that I want out of life or if there is something that I want to learn. That I have that potential. I just have to take the time and energy and excise my agency. Every person in this world has so much divine potential and I dont want to miss out on what I could become or what I could learn because I am doing things that hinder me from having that potential to become better. Now that may have sounded really confusing but I want you to know that I am typing fast and that it made more sense in my head haha.. Hopefully that is what you were looking for.

7- It was just amazingly uplifting and edifying and I am really grateful for all of the leaders in the mission and it was an awesome experience to just learn and grow :D

8- Life is just great! I couldnt be happier and I am excited to see what the future holds! I know that being with Elder Seelos is going to change me for the better and I am excited to see what will happen this transfer. I am hoping that we get a good amount of time together.. also I can now successfully solve a a rubix cube without any help.  the things you learn on your mission haha.. 

Well I think that is everything.. not too much else that I can think of! Love Y'all! 

-Elder Massé

1.     How was MLC, seeing the 27 new missionaries and driving to Montreal??
2.     Tell me 3 things about Elder Seelos that you love!
3.     You are still in the Champlain Ward, right?  In the same area?
4.     Please let me know when you get your heavy box with the journals.  (Do you need anything?)
5.     What were the highlights of the week?
6.     What’s something you’ve learned about yourself (or as a missionary)?
7.     What were some of the highlights of MLC?
8.     Tell me anything!