Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017 - Pics! New Comp! I love Elder Shakespear, Elder Mullen is a stud, "Life is good! Couldn`t be happier!"

New Comp!
Elder Mullen (from Calgary Alberta Canada)
Laval, Quebec
French Speaking

1- Elder Shakespear and I ​

​ 2- Did I send you this video al ready I dont remember it was cold haha. 
3- This is Elder Lazo Elder Chicos got sick so he spent the whole day in the apartment going back and forth ot the dinner table and eating food haha.. 

Yeah it was cold. Like-35 or so haha. Elder Shakespear is hilarious he really became one of my best friends I miss him! Currently I am with Elder Mullen he is also a stud though so all is well!

Awesome! I cant wait to go back and see how much of a stud camdeyn is at swimming I will have to race him! I will be out of shape so he will probably win.. Haha that is awesome! Keep inviting them over I am sure that they love it!

1- He is a stud so like I said ( I think ) He was the MTC companion of Elder Shakespear so again he is young and he is awesome! He is from Calgary Alberta. So he is canadian and everyone here loves canadians! We have been working hard and having a blast as usual so all is well I couldnt ask for anything more than I already have! 

2- So he is on the BYU rugby team who is one of the best in the nation so yes he is a giant.. 6 foot 3 290 pounds.. so to say the least he can hold his own. He has been out for about 5 months now he is a super confident and fun missionary! He loves to work and we have been getting a lot done! He has a good balance though he is one of the funniest companions I have had so far on my mission! <

3- Hm.. We are doing pretting good with finding lots of new investigators that is usually a struggle that we have in the mission but we have just been rocking it! are current difficulty is getting ni contact with all of them! With holidays and christmas/New years everyone has been gone so it has been a little difficult to teach lessons other than that everything here is Golden!

4- Not really well kinda.. When there is a bunch of snow and freezing rain it takes us longer to drive places which is basically the only time weather affects the work. Or people cancel and dont come to church because of the road conditions. So not too much, and as for us we go out no matter what temperature it is haha.. Good thing we have a bunch of layers! 

5- ben le.. Alors, qu'est-ce que je peux dire de plus.. toutes les choses vont très bien à le moment! la vie c'est simplement parfait. Dehors il fait foid mais à cause de vous ma mère j'ai pas fois vous m'avez donné toutes les choses que j'ai besoin. Pas juste les Vêtements mais si vous regarder toutes les choses que je possède c'est grâce à vous que je les ai. Merci beaucoup et je t'aime!   

6- There are so many awesome families here! I dont know if I ould name all of them but I love the bishop and his family he is young and we have a lot of fun being in his ward. I am sure it is similar to how the missionaries must feel there he is young and chill and wants to just get work done! That is the Tremblay family. Other than him we have the estrades who come from Haiti they are just so funny and sister Estrade is exactly like you! She is so funny and she always almost gives the missionaries hugs because we remind her of her son who just got back from his mission. The Riverin family is awesome! We will go visit all of these families when you get here and you will get to attach names with faces!

7- Hm.. Well getting Elder Mullen of course was an adventure! Going through the metros with him was funny imagine a 6 foot 3 280 rugby player holding 3 suitcases in an enclosed space surrounded by people. It was a funny image! Other than that well Elder Mullen sleep walks and talks and so one time I woke up to him holding a fan in front of my face and telling me to grab the Pamphlet and teach someone the doctrine and I was so confused then everyone elder woke up and we had a good laugh about it.

8- Life is good! Couldn`t be happier! The work is going well and I am sure that many of the people that we have found recently will be baptized! We found this woman on thursday and I think and we committed her to coming to church she is from France and has such a beautiful accent! She loves the missionaries and we have been having so much fun teaching her! I am confident she will be baptized she already said she has no problem with it and she goes on and on about how much she loves us haha. 

Love you have a great week!

-Elder Massé

1. How are things with your new comp?
2. Tell me some things about your new comp!
3. What successes/challenges are you having in this area?
4. Has the weather been affecting the work?  We look everyday and see how frigid it is in Laval!! 
5. Tell me something in French!
6. Who are some of your favorite people/families in Laval?
7. What made you laugh??
8. Tell me anything!