Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, January 30, 2017

** January 30, 2017 - PICS!! Elder Buck!, Being Sick, To the Boys,


Comp: Elder Mullen

1 This is what we call Chocolat favoris.. It is heavenly..

2 I was showing Elder Mullen how to tie a full winzer

3 the squad! 

1.. How's your week?  What are the highlights?
2. How are you feeling about things?
3. How's the weather been treating you??
4. Any special message for the boys?
5. What are your successes and/or tender mercies?
6. What made you laugh??
7. Tell me something in French
8. Do you need anything??

I am doing great! I was sick this week as I told you but not things are better and I have some of my energy back! 

I havent yet but I should get it this week if you sent it last week.

Only 17 days man that is crazy! I love additions to the family! 

1- Highlights! Well I will say the highlights and explain in number 2 about me being sick! but I got to go on exchanges this week with the zone leaders and my zone leader currently is.. ELDER BUCK! Whom I love! so I was super ecstatic and we got so much stuff done! That may have been why I got so sick actually because we just went crazy hard and found a bunch of potentials and taught a lot and helped someone move and I probably over did it but it was so nice to see an old friend and work hard! Other than that we had Anne Marie come to church again! She is the sweetest old french lady you will ever meet and she loves the missionaries! I am sure she will be baptized soon. I love her to death! Other than that! We had a world wide missionary broadcast and the missionary schedule changed as well as the key indicators which was really cool! Change is awesome! 

2- I am good! Things are great now! This week was interesting though. Last Sunday my thoat started to hurt and then I woke up monday and my voice was really low and almost gone. Then I started to get really bad headaches and I started too feel really weak. Then I got a pretty bad fever, but up until that point I wasnt really taking any breaks cause I didnt have time but I was starting to get really exhausted. Then around Wednesday I was having chills and I lost my appetite then I had litterally no energy what so ever on top of that I was super congested and couldnt break out my nose. I kept trying to power through with Dayquil and Nyquil then finally I called the Mission nurse friday and she told me to finish what I needed to that night and then just sleep. She told me not to set the alarm and just sleep until I naturally woke up. Well in the end I slept for 16 hours straight haha.. I was so dead. I took it easy the next couple days and if I wasnt teaching I was basically at home resting and sleeping. Elder Mullen took care of me though so we are good now! 

3- It has been pretty nice here actually! It has been a little bit cold this morning was -10 but not bad. It has been snowing and raining and melting. It has been very bi polar but you have to love it! 

4- If there was something that I wanted the boys to know.. I would want them to know how much I love them and how proud I am of them. I wish I could take the rest of my time to just write them each paragraphs on paragraphs but sadly I dont have the time right now. I would be like Alma writing to his sons. I just hope they know how proud I am of them and how hard they work! Who the lord calls he qualifies. Families are a celestial pattern and whatever the Massé family does we do it together. So as I am serving now or as Dad is serving as Bishop and Mom in her calling in the stake. They play a roll in that as well, Heavenly Father needed them to come to our family at this time because of the strength and the support that they would bring us. I feel their love hear and their prayers. They give me a strenght that is not my own and I am a better missionary because of them. Stay strong! and Jacob 6:12 :)

5- Well despite sleeping more than being awake we were still able to teach quite a bit and find a new investigator! He is a bit odd but he is still a child of God. He believes that the earth is flat and that we were lied to by Nasa that the earth is round. But hey we cant all be perfect haha.

6- Hm.. Well have you ever heard of a neti-pot? Well it is pretty gross haha.. but it is the most amazing thing ever when you are sick because it gets everything out of your sinuses. When I got sick the mission nurse told me to go out and buy one so I did and well.. It was pretty funny but gross. You have to stick this nosel in one nostril and basically this hot salt water goes in one nostril and well.. Everything goes out the other nostril! You can only imagine.. When I tried it the first time I choked and got water and nasty stuff everywhere and made a mess. I had to disinfect the bathroom afterwards.. 

7-Oh bien! cette semaine c’était intéressante à dire le moins. Mais Je suis toujours ici alors c'est bien! Donc.. Je sais pas quoi dire! Je t'aime beaucoup! vous êtes le meilleur mère du monde et j'espere que vous allez passez une tres bonne semaine! 

8- I dont think I need anything at the moment!