Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Friday, September 11, 2015

Sept 11, 2015- Day 24! MTC, i finished the book of mormon in the email.. it took me 2 weeks roughly i have never read it so fast in my life... , hand stand contests, sand volleyball, pinkie is healed with a big scar, I have never been happier in my life,

Elder Tate Masse & Elder Gordan Walker

Area: Provo MTC
Companion: Elder Corentin Vanaquer (from France)

I am here ma mere!  

dont worry,  I am great.

I have (been getting your packages and dear elders) there are like 2 more things i need but i have been so perfect i will be sending alot of stuff home haha

i left my camera in the apartment... so you may not get pictures this week 

umm.. everything that i packed thus far! I have used almost everything that i thought i would i cant think of anything i havent used! i will need to buy scripture cases for my spanish scriptures but i will do that at the MTC and i am also going to send home the bible that was inscribed i think.. i should have listened to devin because its true i got the exact pair for free... and they are identical. we will see i will probably keep the inscription and send home my spanish ones that arent engraved.

finger is perfect never better completely healed

no BUTTTT i forgot to say i finished the book of mormon in the email.. it took me 2 weeks roughly i have never read it so fast in my life... 

1- I have spiritual experiences every day! between the gift of tongues and promptings from the spirit! there are so many things that happen everyday! for instance elder vanaquer lost his card and he needs it to get around the MTC and to eat etc. and I had a prompting to look inside his planner which doesnt even make sense and that is where it was! 

Another time I forgot to set the alarm and i woke up from my dream but I just tried to fall back asleep and I was prompted to get up and look at the clock and at first i didnt want to because i knew that the alarm hadnt gone off but I decided to listen to the prompting and it was exactly 6;30 which is when the alarm was supposed to go off! there are so many tender mercies out here in the mission field. 

2) I thought that i was getting a new elder this week BUT it turned out there was a switch in the office and so i ended up staying with elder vanaquer ( which i am so happy about i love him so much!) and elder hopkins went with elder hunt. I was sad to see him go but we will be together again for the last like 7-9 days here.

3) I didnt actually get to do that this week which was sad but i am for sure doing it next week which i am excited for! we got 8 new elders in our zone on wednesday and its funny because almost all of them are older than me 19-20 but they still looked shell shocked i feel as if i have been here for so long. 

4) The best part? I dont know haha.. thats like whats the best part of being a mother? the best part is bringing people pure happiness and really fullfilling the doctrine of christ! bringing people into the fold of this gospel and making them live their lives similar to the way that jesus did. There is so much joy in this work.

5) Umm.. well considering i have only been in a room the cafeteria and the gym.. there isnt too many adventure buuut it is always really fun when we get to the apartment at night because we write in our journals and write letters and Elder Delgado and I have hand stand contests and so far I have  gotten 15 and he has 14 but we are getting better! also I played sand volleyball today for the first time which was a blast!

6) Almost everyone in my district is sick except for a couple people I am one of them and so is vanaquer!! woo hoo!! and my pinkie is completely healed there is just a big scar now it doesnt bother me or hurt at all anymore! I work out everyday and I have been mostly been in the weightroom I have been getting bigger and stronger! before i leave the MTC i will show you a picture! and how much muscle mass i gained.

7) umm.. me  gusta tacos! haha there are so many things to say! yo se que le restaurado evangelio de jesucristo es la une verdadero iglesia en la tierra! le libro de mormon es la palabra de dios! I dont know what you want me to say haha!

8) umm.. its cold! and i found the other 2 spanish elder that are going there! they are learning french here so i am the only one that doesnt fluently speak 2 languages haha but i will learn! I get no news or anything soooo.. not much i can especially with how  busy i am all the time. 

9) Not sick. um, everything is just normal haha It is great i have never been happier in my laugh and i really like just being in a companionship as opposed to 3 i do love trio but it just seems to be alot more effective in a duo! I dont really miss too much and i am having loads of fun here! i only have 2 more thursdays and wednesdays in the MTC already that is crazy.. 

10) I have!! I have gotten more dear elders and packages than anyone in my district haha I love it thank you so much! It would be nice to get like 2 more things of that protien powder stuff you sent me.. I already used all of the other one and that one tastes pretty good! also could i possibly get like 3-4 more pairs of our black socks i will send them home before i leave but i only have 7 pairs and i use like 2 per day  soo.. doesnt really work well.. also I might have to give you more instructions but i have these 2 scarves.. they are in the blue package that i got during my open house and i forgot to take them.. you could send them to me here or at montreal.

11) not really any question i will probably think of some.. i forgot my camera in the dorms.. so you may not get any pictures this week so sorry!

12) the cold and actually teaching and the food and AAHHH so excited to get out of here haha

13) umm i know where they are but it might be cheaper just to send a regular box depending on what i send home. do you wand me to use the card to pay for it?

14) I think that is a really good solution and this way we will always have the house and it can be like "The" house because i love that house sooo much.. i think that is the best idea! 

-- i spend 3 days writing dad this like 7 page letter so maybe this is why i needed to write this! i will be sending it today but id i do that then i cant send any others - yours and camdeyns and aidens will come soon too! Yeah i eat the same thing basically everyday.. so the food i am getting used to but there are ways to mix it up! 

No there are 6 of us and i havent once forgotten my tag or my key card i have been pretty responsible there hasnt been anything weird like that yet except elders clog the toilets alot this is both funny and just nasty. 

anyways that is it for this week love you 

-elder masse'

1.      What spiritual experiences have you had this week?
2.      Did you get a new comp this week?
3.      How was it helping the new missionaries on Wed?
4.      What is the best part of being a missionary?
5.      What adventures did you have?
6.      How’s your finger and your health?  (for reals)
7.      Tell me something in Spanish
8.      Have you learned anything about Montreal?
9.      How are you feeling about things?  (are you sick?)
10.  Have you been getting the packages and dear elders?
11.  What questions do you have for me?