Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Friday, September 25, 2015

September 25, 2015 - I'll get to talk to you in just a few days! 4 days until leaving for Montreal!!! -accidentally switched the words: " physically pure" and they said " physically mashed potatoes", I am so excited for the cold and the people and the food!!!!!!!!,

Elder Walker & Elder Masse - Provo Temple

I loved your letter it was of great comfort to me! I am not scared to go to montreal i am so excited I know that so many amazing things await me there and I am ready for my next adventure. I know it will be hard I think the french especially but I wouldnt be going there if the lord didnt know I could do it! 

1) I am leaving on the 29th and my plane leaves at 7:50ish so i will board at like 7 but i will get to call you so i am not sure when that will happen.. but it will happen! so yeah I will be getting to call you in a couple days just be prepared its going to be early and I dont have any more information on what will happen that day! and yes my mission ends the 1st of august also I received money for my luggage so its all good but i cannot get a refund for the money it took to get here i believe. That is what i was told.

2) no haha the only fear is that my bags wont get there other than that I have been sufficiently prepared and I have never had a problem with luggage! 

3) umm.. there has been some funky stuff like a toy cat paw thing and a bowling ball kit, candy i cant even name everything super old stuff that has been there for years! 

4) a) there are devotionals every tuesday and sunday on tuedsays its usually a general authority and on sunday its just a "regular" speaker they are both amazing! after sundays we get to watch films or other talks and those are always amazing this is where I got to watch character of christ and many other amazing talks given at the MTC. Other than this its in the gym and there are like 3000 missionaries so it is super packed! most of them do choir so choir is always amazing and i have never been in a choir so big! 

b) just a bunch of dell computers and a big printer there are dividers and everyone is typing as fast as they can to get as much emailing time in their hour. i can take a picture! 

c) Laundry room is really hot and always always super busy everyone is always doing laundry this comes from having 3000 missionaries all trying to do laundry at once so there are just a million washers and dryers going at all times. 

5) I love at all temples i am biased though because of how big and beautiful the portland temple is. I really like the waterfall and the endowments rooms are beautiful. I also really like the celestial room but still portland will always be in my heart. 

6) everything and everyone! I accidentally switched the words for charity and chastity in a lesson so we talked about charity the entire time then i invited them to live with more chastity in their life which was funny!! later 2 missionaries talking about chastity said some words wrong as well.. and well it just went down hill they meant to say " physically pure" and they said " physically mashed potatoes" or something like that so that was similarly pretty funny! Other than this elder hopkins and elder vanaquer fill my life with smiles and laughter! I love them so much i will miss them.

7) What dont i love about aiden and camdeyn! I  miss my two little brothers! i miss their hugs and playing games with them and taking them to taco bell I miss our little adventures and sleeping in the same room with them. I miss camdeyns cleverness and jokes and his huge hugs! I miss aidens tenderness and wrestling and his laugh! I love my little bros! 

8) umm.. how long and fast the last week would go. this was a pretty standard week there was some differences but it felt so long.. But now its already friday and it doesnt make sense! i feel like i just got here yesterday and I am already leaving.. 

9) I am so excited for the cold and the people and the food!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY ah just so stoked for everything i cannot express my excitement! also the opportunity to sleep on the plane haha.. this will be the last time i get an opportunity to sleep! I cannot wait!!!! ahh and the french and to practice spanish all of it! 


1.     So you’re leaving on the 28th and coming home August 1st?  Did you get the package I sent this week?
2.     Is there anything you’re worried about?
3.     What other things have you found in the vents at the MTC?
4.     Tell me about different places at the MTC and what it’s like…
a.     Devotionals
b.     Computer room
c.  Laundry room
5.     What do you love about the Provo Temple?  (it's different from the Portland obviously)
6.     What made you laugh?
7.     What do you love about Cam & Aiden?
8.     What’s something that surprised you this week?
9.     What are you looking forward too?