Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Friday, September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015 - 11 more days till Montreal! - One month in the MTC! "Elder Massa" , Elder Walker, Marco - committed to baptism, Elder Vanaquer sick, rain!, blanket,

elder beckey 6' 3'' 350 pounds

 elder vanquer being sick haha
 love him!

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alright last one! got to go love you ma mere

 this is marco! i love him

 elder delgado ( pointing i love him! ) and elder hunt smiling -- elder hopkins and other elder hunt in the back

that studying life

I am so great the MTC has gone by with ease more or less nothing is particularly hard here. once you get used to the schedule everything is a breeze I am excited for new food though! As far as the MTC goes a lot of things the people the teachers and the investigators we teach here i will miss everyone in my district when they leave i have really grown to love them and i will miss their companionship! It will be weird walking around and not being surrounded by thousands of missionaries but this is the life and i am so excited for montreal! 

I dont think i need anything else i got your 2 packages and i think thats all i needed i will be sending a box home soon with everything i dont need in it i am sending home my one suit because its too small and i can already feel it gettings smaller. and i am running out of time to get stuff anyways i only have 11 days left here! i will get my flight plans soon and i will tell you as soon as i can. 

Umm other people see me as a missionary a lot of people view me as a mediator. the teacher took me aside and said that for the trio i was the one that had to make the balance between everyone. So i am truly a missionary now i am a hard worker and i am always focused and i am a strictly obedient missionary. Elder Vanaquer said that i looked 18 but i acted much older if that is any indication as well. I have definitely grown as a missionary here i know that what i will face in montreal will be totally different than here but still i have learned so much here i dont even know how i have been able to handle it. I have learned a lifetime of knowledge and i have only been here a month. 

Umm i dont want to forget all the service i was able to give elder vanaquer ( i will explain in my weekly update) other than that i am "packing" and deciding on stuff i will and wont need here. Other than this also hemming my pants! the hemming came out in my grey pants and so i had the opportunity to take out my needle and thread and fix them WOO! you cant even really tell i did it so i dont think i did too bad of a job! other than this.. this week was just pretty normal! OHH actually the tuesday devotional. elder vanaquer speaks english rather fluently but he still has problems with it so this week he got a translator headset but decided he didnt want it! so i ended up taking it and listening to the entire devotional in french and i got alot of it but still.. totally not ready for montreal it was really cool just to hear french though! I think all the time 24/7 about montreal and the people and my companion there are so many things i dont think i could name half the things i think about i think alot about how i could share the gospel with my non-lds friends at home and how i can do better and i am constantly studying so basically spanish and the gospel are always on my mind. 

I miss the rain. this week it rained really hard for 2 days and it was heavenly i never thought i would miss the rain because it was something that i had become so familiar with but i  miss the smell and the feel and so it was really nice that it rained this week. also the green of oregon! but all these things will come as i go to montreal. other than this.. i have tried not really to miss anything... well its music there is so much peace and solace in music so this is something too but c'est la vie.

 I dont think i could come up with any reason not to love you mother. You save my skin out here missionaries come out here with nothing unprepared and not ready for what is ahead of them. Because of you i am ready, i dont have to worry about not having enough stuff or toiletries or if my pants rip. you taught me everything i need to know about being a good missionary i am so ready for what is to come and i am so happy! i get so many letters and packages and i feel so loved and that is a big thing out here a lot of people dont get these gifts and they feel so lonely but i know there is always someone looking out for me and this is you mother. I love you. 

Cool stuff about this week -- so i got to see gordon as he said in his email! loved this i will really miss elder walker when i leave he is my last connection to home! but at one point or another you have to say goodbye. so this was sunday and there was a devotional so that was cool! 

umm monday elder vanaquer starting getting really sick and i kept telling him to go to the doctor but he wouldnt so I went to the store and i bought him medicine.  so i am very thankful to grandma also for this for giving me the money to be able to do this. So i did this and when we woke up  tuesday it was even worse! so we spent 5 hours in the dorm while he slept and i got to personal study which was really nice and it was so good just to be of service to him. wednesday he kept getting worse and worse until finally he said he needed to go to the doctor so i ended up spending 6 hours with him in the "sick bay" watching over him and bringing him medicine and i got to go get him lunch and bring it to him and i also payed for his medicine and medical fees which were like $20 ( and he told me not to do it because he felt bad) but i did it anyways because i knew that he didnt have any american money to pay for this. So this was so nice to just personal study and be of service to him and help him get better! he said he wants me to get sick so that he can help me out haha. But also my favorite experience in all this was probably friday to saturday night. -- as a missionary you do not have very much.. one of things that means most to you is a warm bed and a pillow. Well it has been relatively cold here and elder vanaquer has been freezing and as you know i am a ball of heat so honestly nothing meant more to me this past week than the moment that I gave up the 1 blanket i had so that he could be warm. that night i slept better here than any other night. I absolutely adore elder vanaquer. 

-- investigator -- so we get to do TRC investigators and most of them are members but some of them arent and our investigator for our stay at the MTC was Marco and he has polio and i love him so much we committed him to baptism and taught him all the lessons and when everything was over and done with and we told him that we were leaving soon and couldnt teach him anymore he testified to us about loving the language to learn it and we took a picture with him and he cried! best day every! buuuuut also i didnt get an opportunity to teach him one last time because we went one splits and so i taught another investigator BUUT i committed her to baptism and it was a very good lesson as well! I went with Elder stepp who is the real ladies man of our group! it was fun to get to know him. 

-- other than this it was just a great week of service i had an amazing week! the only other thing i can think of is again about elder vanaquer! so as you know all i have wanted is peace from everything and in life and in elder Vanquers patriarchal blessing it says that on his mission that he will bring his companions peace because he is always a holder of peace. I have grown to love him so much and i will miss him when we part ways in 11 days. other than this just running out of time and i am trying to learn spanish as much as possible! it has been an amazing week! ALSO elder vanaquer is the best dancer every and he is really flexible and really good at handstands ( like he can do pushups while doing a handstand) so i have been practicing and i have gotten 30 seconds which is not bad but i am getting better! 

elder vanquer is with me until next week then i am again in a trio with him and hopkins again so all is well! also my entire life everyone has called me masse and here everyone is like YO ITS ELDER MASSA like how you are supposed to pronounce it and its really cool - we got a new district 2 weeks ago and they are they best i absolutely love them!

OHHH YEAHHH okay so there is this chocolate that elder vanaquer really misses and i have the name.. Cote d'or - almond and salt other than this there is nothing else you have already given so much!-- this is his favorite chocolate and nothing would mean more to him than getting this 

anyways I LOVE YOU ALL have a great week!
love you mom have a good week!
- elder masse'


  1. How are you and what are the hard things you have to deal with at the MTC?
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  6. What do you not want to forget about this week?
  7. What have you been thinking about?
  8. What's one of the things that you miss about home?
  9. What's one of the reasons that you love your ma mere? :)