Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016 - -38 Degrees!! Visiting Montreal, Crazy awesome exchanges in Granby, Planking, "Flung the fish to Elder Arnold"

Area: Mont-St-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada 
Companion:  Elder Thomas Smith
French Speaking

Today I have to go to montreal and so my email time is cut I will only have about 6 minutes to email you so here we go.. SORRY! I will have pictures and stories to tell next week! 

1- I am great! No need to worry all is well! 

2- I dont think so or that I can think of... I will make a finite list next week!

3- Yesterday it got to -38!!! WHOO finally! I have not yet made a snowman because it has been cold with no snow But we are supposed to get quite a bit of snow this week so I will tell you how that goes! And no not quite yet! 

4- um we had these crazy awesome exchanges in granby where we had 6 missionaries together because they changed how exchanges are done and it was such a blast! Also well the fact we are going to montreal today is cool we will spend the p-day in montreal! We are getting a brand new 2016 nissan rogue... That is crazy as well.. That is way too nice for 2 missionaries. haha.

5- When we were in granby we went to a members house who is like 90 years old and she made fish.. Well you know how I am.. Basically while her back was turned I flung the fish to elder Arnold because I could not eat it haha I was getting an upset stomach from just smelling it but that exchange was seriously the best we had a planking contest and I went for 5 minutes! I was sore the next day haha.

6- je n'ai pas beacoup de temps desole ma mere vous savez que je t'aime! With bonjour and a hand shake pretty much haha depends The members here actually do really like the elders so I do get quite a few hugs!only from men obviously..

- Sorry I ran out of time hI have to go but I love you I promise next week will be better! 

That thing with aiden is so cute!

1.  How are you???  How are you feeling?
2.  Do you need anything?
3.  How cold did it get??  Did you make a snowman?  Did you get hypothermia? lol
4.  Did anything crazy happen this week? 
5.  What made you laugh?
6   Tell me something in French and how do people greet you?