Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016 - Spicy Thai Food!!, My mission is the best mission in the world obviously..there are more reasons that I can count. definitely because it just fits me. IT is cold, it is in french there is rain it is green. It has everything that I could have ever asked for. It has the culture. I still have bits of oregon as well I got everything."

Area: Mont-St-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada 
Companion:  Elder Thomas Smith

French Speaking

1. What stuff/activities/teaching did you do this week?
2. What's your favorite lesson/discussion/principle to teach people?
3. Did you get Gpas Jesus the Christ and the music from dad 
4. What activities do you do (or have you done) for P-day and for district meetings?
5. What made you laugh out loud?
6. Where do you go grocery shopping? What's the biggest city within your area?
7. What are your unique gifts and talents as a missionary?
8. What's one reason that you're glad that the Lord sent you to Quebec to serve?

1-Activities! We went to Longeuil not that you know where that is really.. but we had zone training and that was a blast as always! Always inspired and learn more than I can take in! We also had an awesome exchange this week and we just went so hard and between the 3 teams that where there we taught like 12 lessons in one day it was amazing! We found like 4 new investigators it was seriously the best exchange of all time! Other than that we had a really good week as well. We spent a lot of time in St hyacinthe and we just went hard all day and we found 4 new investigators! I had always thought that i would go to cote d'ivoir on my mission speaking french but obviously that didnt happen haha.. but of those 4 that we found.. yeah all of the were from cote d'ivoir I have taught more africans than anyone else- I am getting a taste of Devins Mission. Other than that is was pretty standard and we just had a lot of fun! Snowed melted rained etc. THe usual.

2- I love teaching about the plan of salvation and eternal families and peoples divine potential in the life to come.  I love giving people eternal perspective and helping give them hope for what is to come. Honestly so rewarding and satisfying few things can compare than giving someone the hope of a better life.

3- I DID! I haven't signed it but it is seriously so cool I will take extra good care of it! I also did get my music from dad! Do you have any recording of the music I sang in symphonic? I am working on the GPS I have an RM who works at best buy who is going to buy me a nice Garmin with his Discount for a little under 100 and I will pay him back.

4- We have played soccer, climbed mountains, gone to the temple, gone to cool book stores, we have a mall as well so we have gone there. WE have gone to montreal and hung out with members. Usually our days are pretty full but we always find time to throw in something special. 

5- Well I dont know about out loud but I laughed at my stupidity this week. We went to this thai restaurant and well the man spoke french obviously and I didn't understand his question so I just went along with it. and well it was about the spicyness of the food.. well i figured out what he meant at the end and well I had ordered the spiciest kind.. Well as you know I am a tiny bit stubborn and they thought I had just messed up and they were doubting that I could do it. Well my competition came out I think and I just went with it and kept telling them that was what I wanted and they just kept asking me are you sure are you sure. ANd finally they were like whatever. they had to take this special sauce out of special drawer because it seems like they dont use it very often and when the chef saw it his eyes got wide and he was like " are you sure?" again I just went for it because at this point there was no going back and well.. I ate it haha and yes it was really hot. It felt like my face was on fire. It was hot enough to get one tear out of me other than that i kinda got used to it because well my mouth was basically numb haha. Do not order the spiciest stuff at a thai restaurant it is not a good idea....

6- the biggest city is st hyacinthe probably or st bruno one of the two. We do our grocery shopping at maxi or super c it is super cheap and they have EVERYTHING! litterally anything you can think of.. the best of all is " Tim Tams' I will have to send some in the mail so you can tim tam slam with the family. 

7-  I don't think there is really too much that sets me a part from the other missionaries we are all just joyous servants in the lords vineyard but if I were to pick something I would probably just pick my ability to be cheerful I love making other people happy depsite all oppostion and I have been able to do that a lot out here. It is a very rewarding work. 

8- Because it is the best mission in the world obivously............. No there are more reasons that I can count. definitely because it just fits me. IT is cold, it is in french there is rain it is green. It has everything that I could have ever asked for. It has the culture. I still have bits of oregon as well I got everything. 

9- I wear the hush puppies my other church ones dont work well in snow and rain they are more summer shoes. The snow will ruin them.

Well I dont think there is really too much else that happened and I dont htink there is really anything too special that happened this week other than that which I have already said so just have an amazing week I love you you are the best! 

-Elder Masse'