Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, May 30, 2016

May 30, 2016- Pics! MLC, "accidently made the power go out.. " "Elder Nilson is my best friend!", "The blessings are endless!"

Area: Ottawa Ontario Stake, Champlain Ward
Comp: Elder Jared Nilson (Kaysville, UT)
Zone Leader

 I love our elders! this is Elder Buck!

1, What are the details of you being in the hospital ?!?!  
2. Spiritual experiences that stand out?
3. Who did you visit this week?  Where did you go?
4. What made you laugh?
5. Tell me something about your apartment and something about your comp!
6. What’s one reason you’re thankful to be a missionary?
7. What do you see everyday outside - when you leave your apartment?  

1- haha.. a Mother love never dies! It was nothing I was just having problems swallowing because of bad it hurt.. so eating and drinking was yeah.. and I was coughing a lot I had a fever and a loooooot of Mucus so I finally went to the hospital and they said I had some kind of infection thingy.. They were really unspecific and they used big doctor words that I haven't learned yet so bascially I got drugs and left haha. All is well now though so no worries! 

2- I think one thing in particiular that has been amazing so far in the time that I have spent here is the progression that I have seen in our area since I have gotten here. I know that this tranfers specifically in our zone was really inspired and there are so many amazing missionaries in our zone. It is reflected through calls as well as key indicators. In our area specifically when I showed up there were 0 people with baptismal dates but then within 2 weeks Elder Nilson and I went super hard and we had 5 people on date by the end of the second week. I have never had more than 2 people on date at a time so this was a prettu big deal. They were all progressing as well and the 1st one that we put on date  ( my second day here ) will be baptized this friday which is super cool! It will be the first one on my mission so I am looking forward to it! 

3- So this week was pretty crazy.. we Had MLC  ( missionary leadership council ) in Montreal so we had 6 hours worth of driving WHOO! and exchanges with the Assistants so yeahhhhh.. .Things were crazy! It was amazing to see Montreal again and driving for 6 hours was fun as well. So  much MOTAB.. but exchanges were super fun and I got to see Elder Udave and Elder Smith at MLC! 3 of my 4 companions were there and it was so amazing! Other than that we just visited our normal people. One Specifically that was cool was Brother lloyd who is a very old man now but he is the sweetest and cutest old man that you will ever see! He cant read anymore and we have been working really hard with him and now he is finally going to get the Melchizedek priesthood this sunday then we will get to take him to the temple! We are soooo excited! 

4- haha this one gets me everytime I never know what to say because we are just laughing all the time.. I think one of the hardest times that we laughed was when we accidently made the power go out.. When you are running a million fans and an air conditioner and the fridge.. it happens. But It was all fine until someone tried microwaving a burrito.. that was the funniest part. but in the end The burrito was heated up so it is okay!

5- Hmm. well our apartment is a 4 and a half I believe ( I am like 37% sure of what that means.. ) it is extremely hot! Because it is very humid and it has been in the 90's the past couple days so that has been fun but it is really nice! We have a smaller kitchen and bathroom but totally big enough for 4 missionaries and it meets all of out needs I will have to send you some pictures of what it looks like next week! If I can send you a 1 minutes video that I have i will you will get to see us celebrating the Elders Birthdays! Elder Nilson is my best friend! It is like having john with me it is so great! we mess with each other all the time and just have so much fun! but at the same time we are super effective as well he really is one of the best he knows how to hasten the work and be a great missionary. I am learning so much from him and it has been the best! I love my area and him so much!

6- I think one thing specifically is the knowledge that I attain. My greatest desire all the time is to learn and well.. that is what I do everyday! I learn how to manage everything! groceries, cars, apartments, schedules, time,  I know how to study, I know what to study, I know when I need a break, I know how to talk to people, how to fulfill callings, I have say in stake councils, in Pec, Mlc, ward council. Everything I just learn so much everyday and all these experiences would not be possible if I was not a missionary. It is like having  a limited free trial in life and then going back to the real world with everything that you have learned and becoming even better! The blessings are endless! 

7- GREEN! It is so green here.. Like sometimes I think it might compete with Oregon.. It is crazy! I will have to show you some pictures so you understand I am starting to forget how green oregon is though so i might be totally crazy but compared to all my other areas this is by far the most beautiful it is a perfect city! I could totally live here. No joke. but there is always amazing weather here the clouds are spectacular! I cant even describe them! Better than I have ever seen! Other than that.. roads and lots of cars! There are a million parks here as well as rivers it is like a little Oasis and the big city you can see for miles around. It is a very peaceful place by far my favorite area so far.

I will try and send pictures more consistently because well I realized that pictures are basically the best part of emails so I will try and return the favor!  ( you are the best) 

anyways I think that is all for this week! I love you so much! 

-Elder Massé