Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017- Pics! "we had the trainers meeting for the new missionaries that was pretty amazing as well!"

1- Got to see Renée!

2- This is Quebec city! it is not the best video in the world but you go over this Hill and there are then lights everywhere it is so beautiful!

3- this is the farthest north I have been look how close we were to maine! only 2 hours.

4- Another view with the 3 main cities of the mission​

Montreal, Quebec
Comp: Elder Carr

A good letter to both of you is long over due. I feel like I have been lacking a little bit in my family responsibilities these last couple weeks have been busy and a little chaotic so I have been as stable in taking pictures and writing and doing those other things that I need to do on a regular basis. I said that I would write some hand written letters and I will! I will make sure they are done and sent this week so that you can know how things are going and feel the love and appreciation that I have for you! 

This last week was good! It has been quite the adventure here in Montreal I really do love it. It is honestly one of the best places in the entire world I think. I cannot think of very many other places in the world where I can walk down the street and speak to 10 different people in 10 different languages. Sometimes 1 person in 4 different languages. I love to speak to people in French, English, Spanish, Creole. For people to speak 4 or 5 languages here is so normal they think nothing of it. There are so many cultures and people that everyone is used to it. I feel the culture here running in my blood and as I walk the streets it feels like I am meant to be here. I know I am supposed to be here. I can feel it.

To add to some of the things I did this week. I had the opportunity to go back to Ottawa! We had an exchange with the zone leaders and I got to go back into my own area! It was like going back home I can describe how amazing it felt to walk in those streets again and to see all of my recent converts. I will never forget what it was like to here Reneé's voice again. She helped change my mission I saw the Atonement of Jesus Christ transform her life and in turn it changed mine. I told the zone leaders not to tell her I was coming because I wanted it to be a surprise but in the end we couldnt get a hold of her so I was worried I would miss her! So I called her and left a message and said that I was in town! A couple hours later she called and I will never forget what happened! Elder Lan responded because I was driving and She said " Did I miss him? Is he gone? Is it too late?" All I said was Hello Reneé and she started to cry. It was a very tender moment for me. I almost cried too! We then went and saw her and all of my other recent converts in Ottawa and it was amazing! It was so nice to see them! There were many miracles on that exchange.

I also got to go on an exchange this week with Elder Buck and it was so fun! I feel that Elder Buck knows me and I know him more than almost any other missionary! I love him so much and we saw some pretty amazing miracles on our exchange as well! There was a man in a wheelchair that we went and taught and in the middle of the lesson I felt impressed to ask him if he had felt the grace of God in his life. He said no. We had planned on teaching the Word of Wisdom but after that we changed the entire lesson around and taught about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and Grace and Mercy and at the end he committed to be baptized. The spirit was so strong and we were all fighting back tears at the end! I gave him a hug as we left and he thanked me. 

Other than that this week we had the trainers meeting for the new missionaries that was pretty amazing as well! I was asked to train on Companionship Unity and I was so excited! As you know though we are quite busy and so I didnt have time to prepare my training until the night before it was going to happen! So I sat and pondered and I tried to think of some things but nothing would come.. I didnt know what I was missing! I looked at all the trainers and the trainees and thought what they needed but nothing would go down on paper! I went to bed with not much that night and I prayed fervently that night to know what I could do to help them. 3 words came to my head. Love, help, and edify. I woke up the next morning and it took me 15 minutes to plan my training based on those 3 characteristics. I knew the scriptures and everything that went a long and I felt impressed to use the 'spoken word' Article that Dad had shared with me the week earlier. I read it for everyone and gave everyone a copy before they left. It was again another tender mercy from the Lord. I was very appreciative. It was so nice to see the new missionaries too! I got to see Elder Seelos and a couple of other Elders and Sisters whom I love dearly!

In short! though this is not a very short email things are going great! I feel like I am progressing in the gospel. I have had moment on my mission where I have felt like I have really hit some dead ends. I felt like there was nothing else for me. Each time I am sure it was my pride but each time I pondered and prayed and asked what I could do to become better. Each time I found another door to the gospel that I had never seen before! It was amazing! Recently coming to Montreal I feel the same way! My spanish has been getting better things have just been working out and I have been learning so much! I am so happy! 

Other funny things to know.. Elder Carr and I are known as the most organized and clean elders in the misson. You could eat off the floor. Our apartment is so clean. You both would be proud! 
Funny story when I was cleaning the bathroom I mixed some bleach with some ammonia at least I think those are the 2 things but I basically made mustard gas and I was scrubbing the tub and it got hard to breathe and my eyes started watering and my skin turned red and was itchy haha. Not fun but it worked out the tub was clean. I left and got a fan and took a breather outside so I didnt die! 

Other than that life is just amazing! we knocked an apartment building this last week and the 5 doors that responded were from 5 different countries how cool is that? There are times where we litterally cannot communicate at all with people because they dont speak french, english, or spanish. haha Cambodians, people from Shrilanka, the middle east, all sorts of places in Africa and South America! It is so cool! The entire world is here! 

Anyways know that I love you both dearly you are amazing and I love everything that you do and I appreciate you very much I talk about you often. have an amazing week!

Avec Amour Elder Massé

I will get more pictures next week!