Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017 - #2!! Pics!! "it says in preach my gospel the more you learn and use the atonement the greater your desire increases to share it with others. "

1Here are some pictures from the temple that I never sent when we got to go!

2-I love when the temple grounds are covered in snow!

3-again there is no way that that can be good for you..

4- we each ate 32 ounces of poutine.. it was too much..

5- I love Elder Mullen!

Montreal, Quebec
Comp: Elder Carr
1.       What are some of your favorite things about being an AP?
2.       What places did you travel this week?
3.       How much time do you spend in the mission office, mission home, or traveling with President & his wife?  Does President have an office at home like President Samuelian did?
4.       Spiritual experiences or quote?
5.       What have you learned about yourself lately?
6. Tell me anything!

1- I love serving everyone! It is very humbling and I love getting to know every single missionary and having the opportunity to personal minister to them! My only goal is to just make everyone feel loved and make sure they are happy and in the  right place! So serving is definitely the most amazing thing. It is nice to also learn a lot from President Phillips, he is such an inspired man and definitely a father figure. He is very kind and patient and he teaches us alot! As well as Sister Phillips! They are just so amazing and I love every second that I get to be around them!
2- We went up to quebec city which was nice it took us 4 hours to get there haha.. We use so many klicks! I hope after all this I will have become a pro at driving in the snow! I am already a pretty good driver so we will have to see! Especially with the giant storm on wednedsay everyone was sliding around and getting stuck. The weather was crazy!

3- Definitely on a regular basis! We just need to make sure we are on the same page but when it isnt transfer planning week or zone conferences it is a normal amount! We are in the mission office pretty frequently as well there is a lot of administrative work that we do! But we try to be quick and efficient so that we can really get down to work and help people! He does! It is within walking distance from out apartment which is really nice! It is a very nice home! 

4- What comes to my mind is fruit tasting! It has been a topic that President Phillips has focuses a lot on lately. We know from Elder Bednar that the fruit is the blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and as it says in preach my gospel the more you learn and use the atonement the greater your desire increases to share it with others. When we taste the fruit we want to share it others! Just as Lehi did he tasted the fruit then immediatly wanted his family to taste it as well! But what I learned this week pertaining to that subject is attributes to the sons of Mosiah and alma the younger. When they all finally get back together what happens? They are beyond happy. They are so joyous that they have all grown in the faith and stayed strong to their beliefs. They tasted the fruit together and as Ammon later describes he fins joy in the success of his brethren. I have really come to know that that is true. As we see the people around us succeed and grow and stay faithful we grow and experience that with them. That is why the family is central to the gospel. So that we have people to share the fruit with and grow with. I look forward to the day where I will get to share some of the fruit I have tasted with my fellows servants of God who are in the field as we speak but also for the wonderfully sweet opportunity that I will have to share it with my family. With you and Dad, Camdeyn, Natalie, Aiden, Devin. We will have all grown and it will be amazing to see that growth!

5- Man I have learned so much lately.. I think the biggest thing that has been reiterated over and over again throughout my mission is that the gospel has really brought me more joy than anything else.. It is interesting to think about what might be in the future from here on out. The one thing that I am sure though is that whatever I do the gospel has to be at the head of it all. I know that I will never truly be happy in this life unless I am actively participating in the work of the Lord. It has brought me an immense joy and it has made me a better person in every way possible! I have changed a lot but it has not been on my own merit but because I have applied the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life, used the Atonement for the better and served others around me! So much has changed and I look forward to what else will!

6- Things are just great here! this is going to be a good week I am sure of it! We have MLC coming up which should be really good! I am looking forward to that and just what is to come! Couldnt be happier! 

love you have a great week!

-Elder Massé