Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017 - Transfers!! PICS! "I love Elder Sprague, Elder Tueller and Elder Chambers!​​", cold font water, new missionary training, goals,

Montreal, Quebec
New Comp: Elder Baldobinos

1- Went on an exchange with some elders so here are some pictures! I love Elder Sprague, Elder Tueller and Elder Chambers!​​

1- Elder Tueller.

2- I cleaned the stove with this stuff and it basically chemicaly burned my hands.. but I got through it haha and the stove was clean!

Things are great! This week was transfer planning so it was busy but very humbling! It is amazing to sit down with president for hours and just look at each one of the missionaries think about them and their future what we can do to help them! It is nothing short of amazing! That took the bulk of our time this week so this weeks letter might be a little bit shorter.. I will just send some pictures and videos and probably leave you with that because basically in my other email I described everything haha. 

1- Here is our district. Did I send this to you? I dont remember.. haha

2- This is the care package that president brought when I was sick!

3- this is what happens to your car when it snows in québec

4- I feel weird without my glasses now.. I love Exchanges! 

Well I love you both sorry there wasnt more this week I guess this was the most interesting thing catually one of our recent convert tried to 'quit' the church and go Islamic so he went out and tried to convert and we lost contact with him for a little while well then finally we got a hold of him and he said that being Muslim wasnt for him.. So he asked us to go and take all of the stuff we had aquired so now all of this stuff is in our apartment and we are not totally sure what to do with it.

5- All the things we acquired..​


1. What were the highlights/successes of the week?
2. What made you laugh?
3. What are some things you are focusing on for zone conferences?
4. What are some of the things you teach to the new missionaries that come in?
5. What have you been thinking about??
6. What is this week going to look like for you?

1- Hmm.. well we had some investigators come to church which was super exciting! transfers are this week and I will be receiving a new companion which is also exciting because I have known him for a very long time! Umm We got the chance to go to a baptism and we brought an investigator! Also there was a cool experience at church where a man decided randomly to walk into the church. All 3 sets of missionaries were on him in a heart beat haha. I am sure there is more but that is all I have for now!

2- Oh man.. Let me think.. This week was very busy! Hm I think something funny but sad was at a baptism that happened this week! We showed up and we noticed that the 2 missionaries having the baptism were trying to heat up giant pots of water. We were slightly confused but basically this is what happened. They had used all the hot water filling the font and it was fine, BUT they didnt plug the plug all the way so the water drained.. Well now there is no more hot water only cold water so they are trying to fill the font pot by pot with hot water so that the soon to be recent convert doesnt freeze to death! Well they did what they could but in the end the water was heating in time so they had to fill it with cold water and lets just say that when nicholas was baptized he definitely felt something! He is younger though 20ish so we had a good laugh about it later! It was still an amazing experience though!

3- We are really focusing on how to help people progress. It is interesting every person in the world is either growing closer to God or distancing themselves from him every moment. Us too even as members of the church are in the same boat so we need to know what we can do to constantly grow closer to him and have a greater conversion! So we have been focusing on how we can help the missionaries help the people they are teaching! There is always something that we can do to help! 

4- I love teaching the new missionaries! We tell them how amazing they are because they truly are amazing! Each one is so special! They bring so much to the table! So we help them realize that they were really called here for a reason by a prophet of God! That they are not alone! Those first couple of days are a blur though so we try not to overload them but 2 other things that are mentioned are about Companionship unity and Vision! We want them to make goals for what they want to do to change and become better!

5- I have been thinking about goals a lot! President is really keen on his missionaries knowing 2 things. 1- how to make goals and 2 - how to accomplish goals. So I have been really thinking about goals for the rest of my mission! What I want to accomplish and what I want to do to change before I go home! I have high expectations for what my life will look like after my mission but the only way that will be possible is with energy, focus, and faith! 

6- Haha this week will be pretty fun! I am getting a new companion this week! Elder Baldobinos! I love him so much! He is one of my favorite missionaries in the field so I am so excited to serve with him! We came out together so things are going to be great! But here is what our week should look like! Tuesday we will go to the Airport with President and pick up the new missionaries! I am super excited! I love new missionaries! We will spend the day with them help them get everything figured out and eat dinner with them! Then Wednesday we will have transfers we will help train the new missionaries and make sure that everyone gets to their new area safely. I will get my new companion! Then Thursday we will take the dying missionaries to the airport and then planning a training for Friday because we have zone conference Friday! On the South shore in Longeuil! Then Saturday and Sunday is General conference! So this week will be pretty busy! I am excited though!

Well I love you! 

-Avec Amour Elder Massé