Elder Masse

Elder Masse
Serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints August 2015-2017

Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017 - Zone Conferences, Being Sick, Recent Converts, " I have loved my mission so much! It has changed my life!"

Montreal, Quebec
Comp: Elder Carr

1- This last week was good! I actually got pretty sick on Monday I didnt mention that Friday and I didnt really have time to take care of it until Thursday because we had stuff to do so it took me out for a couple days. I again slept a ridiculous ammount I think I got the Flu or something not sure what it was but it wasnt fun haha. Luckily Elder Carr is amazing and he took good care of me! I love him he is a great companion! Other than the finishing up zone conferences was a lot fun! There was a baptism in Mont St Hilaire which was exciting! It was just a good week! Today the whole Phillips family is in town so we went and played basketball with 2 of the sons! They all played including Elder Carr Varsity Basketball so it was an interesting couple of games but I held my own surprisingly and it was a lot of fun! President Phillips even came over and shot a few shots! I love him to death he is such an amazing mission president!

2- Because of zone conferences and me be sick and everything going on we didnt have time to buy groceries really or do everything we needed to besides emails and other administrative stuff that I could do without passing out! But The point being! President and Sister Phillips came by the apartment while I was sick and gave me a carepackage full of fresh fruit and bread and a couple other things that we needed and it was so nice! I will never forget the joy that I felt that day! They are truly amazing and if there is one thing I will never forget it is that President and Sister Phillips truly love their missionaries.

3- So the one on the right was Mathieu! He is a recent convert and he is so funny! I love him so much he makes our lives interesting! The one on the left is Pierre he is a less active that we had actually just met that day but we asked him to join in the photo with us! He walked into church and sat down and we went and talked to him and spent the day with him! He was very kind and he should be coming more consistently now! He is from Cameroon and he had an amazing french accent, but he was perfectly bilingual as well.

4- I have loved my mission so much! It has changed my life! It has made me happier than anything else in the entire world I wouldnt trade it for anything.. I wish I could just stay and be here forever! I wish I could live the rest of my life and just do missionary work all the time! I would just need enough money to maintain myself! It would totally work and I know that I would be so happy! But I know God has a will for me and I will accept that will but if only right? 

5- Everything! Elder Carr is so funny we joke around and mess with each other a lot! I love him to death sorry no time! only 30 seconds! 

6- There are so many things! I have an entire book devoted to the things that I have learned from him and his trainings! He knows so much and he is so kind and loving when he teaches I love being around him! Specifically this week.. I would say the importance of being aware! It is such an important principle to learn and it effects the rest of our lives! I wish I could expound upon it more but I am running out of time! 

7- I am.. I suppose you could say I practice it all the time but I have been trying more lately to practice my Spanish before I go home! I want to be at least functional before I go home.. so we will see! I have a little ways to go! 

Love you! Have a great week!

-Elder Massé

1. What are the highlights of your week?
2. What is something that happened that you don't want to forget?
3. Who were the men in the picture that was sent on Sunday?
4. Tell me about your thoughts on your mission and personal progression to this point
5. What made you laugh?
6. What is something you learned from President this week?
7. Are you still working on your French?